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Formed 1850 from Dallas, Ouachita


1860 Calhoun Co. AR Census
Jackson Twp.
Pg.634, #35-35, Elizabeth RICKS (f) 33 MD farmer $2000-$14,000
                  Charity B. 18, James A. 16 NC, Sarah 1 AR
                  William DUNCAN 10 LA
                  Edward 8 AR
                   (MAD: Elizabeth Ricks was widow of G.A. Duncan, 1850 Concordia Par. LA census; bur. Ricks Cemetery as Elizabeth A. Harrell, 12/4/1824 - 2/9/1889, wife of Bennett Harrell)
Pine Prairie
Pg.663, #225-225 G.P. DUNCKAN (m) 33 NC farmer $6000-$2000
                  Amanda 23 AL
                  James 5, Susan 3 AR
                  (MAD: George Duncan, 1850 Bradley Co. AR census, 1870 Henderson Co. TX census)

1870 Calhoun Co. AR Census (No Duncan indexed)
Jackson Twp. Pg.79
Pg.632, #549-549, HARRELL, Bennett 45 NC farmer $3500-$1000
                  Thomas 21 AR
                  Mollie 17 AR
                  Jethro (m) 16 AR
                 BRADBERY, Brazil (m) 20 (white), (born:) Brazil, "F. labor" parents of foreign birth
Jackson Twp. Pg.80
Pg.632, #554-554, HANNEGAN, Jas. 37 "MA" farmer $0-$260
                  Martha 22 AL
                  Thos. A. 3 LA
                  Bennett (m) 1 AR
Pg.632, #555-555, HARRELL, Elizabeth 40 MA farmer $2000-$1000
                  William 20 LA
                  Edward 18 AR
                  Sallie 11, James 6 AR
                  (MAD: William and Edward were sons of Abram Duncan and Elizabeth (Hannegan) Duncan Ricks Harrell)

1880 Calhoun Co. AR Census (partial; from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987)
Pg.79C, #161-161, William DUNCAN 28 AL AL AL farmer
                  Mary 27 AR TN TN wife keeping house
                  George 7 AR AL AR son
                  Ezekiel 5, Wily 3 AR AL AR sons
                  Tillitha (f) 2 AR AL AR dau.
Pg.88C, #57-57, Marvin J. DUNCAN 34 MO (blank, blank) farmer
                  Nancy J. 34 AR TN TN wife keeping house
                  William M. 9, Sabra (f) 7 AR MO AR son & dau.
                  Luella 5, Martha 3 AR MO AR daus.
                  Wiley 6/12 b.Dec. AR MO AR son
                  (MAD: Marvil Duncan, 1870 Clark Co. AR census; 1850 Ozark Co. MO census)
Pg.88D, #67-67, John DUNCAN 30 AR AL AL farmer
                  Mary M. 25 AR AL AL wife keeping house
                  Mildred L. (f) 5, Laura 3 AR AR AR daus.


Government Land Office Records, Land Patents, Calhoun Co. AR
      http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/asp/response.asp?SearchType=1 (index, search AR by Duncan surname)
      Pg.398, #3585, Patent 1 Sept. 1856 to William K. Duncan of Bradley Co. AR, 46.54 acres, E fractional 1/2 of NE fractional 1/4 Sec.32 Twp.16S Range 12W and NE fractional 1/4 of SE fractional 1/4 of Sec.32 Twp.16S Range 12W; county of land not given but indexed under Calhoun and Union Cos. AR, Champagnolle Land Office (Accession AR2130__.398)
      Patent indexed: #3159, 30 June 1884, AR1530__.072, to William T. Duncan. (also indexed under Bradley Co. AR)
      Patents indexed in Bradley Co.: 20 patents from 1 Sept. 1856 to 1 Sept. 1860 and 20 Aug. 1869, to William K. Duncan, including three also indexed under Calhoun Co. AR, and one indexed only under Calhoun Co.
      Patent indexed: #2960, 10 Sept. 1883, AR1520__.388, to Mary M. Duncan.

Calhoun Co. AR Deed index 1851-1894 (FHL film 980,947 item 1)
      No Duncan to ca 1871, quit


Calhoun Co. AR Probate Records; index 1851-1911 at back of Book C
   Probate Court Record Book A 1851-1860 (FHL film 980,959 item 1)
      Duncan, G.J., administrator of Benjamin J. Penkston, pg.535, 450, 451, 452
      Pg.451: Bond of George J. Duncan, security A.L. Black, for $150, 16 May 1859, administrator of Benjamin J. Pinkston. (other references not copied)
   Probate Court Record Book B 1861-1875 (FHL film 980,959)
      No Duncan indexed
   Probate Court Record Book C 1875-1911 (FHL film 980,960)
      No Duncan indexed in Book C

Calhoun Co. AR Probate Minutes Book A, 1851-1860 (FHL film 980,965)
      A-287: George J. Duncan applied for Letters of Administration on estate of Benjamin J. Pinkston, May 16, 1859.
      A-297: Bond filed Aug. 1, 1859.
      A-393: Aug. 9, 1860, George J. Duncan filed annual settlement.
      A-393: Aug. 9, 1860, Estate of James Ricks, decd, James W. Strong, admin.


Calhoun Co. AR Chancery Court Records, includes index; Book A, 1851-1881 (FHL film 980,968 item 2)
      No Duncan

Calhoun Co. AR County Court Record & Index, Books A&B 1851-1872; index to book A partially destroyed (FHL film 980,961)
      No Duncan indexed Book B


Concordia Par. LA Deed (FHL film 858,700)
      N-291: 3 May 1858, notarial deed before Charles S. French recorder, came James Ricks, guardian of minors William and Edward Duncan, "children" of William Duncan decd, herein represented by this agent Edward D. Hannagan of Carroll Par. LA, by power of attorney annexed, who declares that for $50 paid him by Joseph C. De La Hoste of Concordia Par. LA, he sells the said De La Hoste, land on E. Bank of Black River, being NE fractional 1/4 of Sec.35, Twp.4, Range 6E, in District North of Red River, containing 31-80/100 acres. De La Hoste dispenses with certificate of mortgage. Wit. John Janney, Albert H. Brenham. Office in town of Vidalia.
            James Ricks, guardian, power of attorney to Edward D. Hannigan, Calhoun Co. AR. At a probate court in courthouse in town of Hampton, Calhoun Co. AR, on Monday, 30 July 1855, the following order was made: application of James Ricks for Letters of Guardianship in names of William Duncan and Edward Duncan, minor heirs to the estate of William Duncan, late of Bradley Co., decd; it appearing to the court that the minors had become residents of Calhoun Co. AR and were legally possessed of an estate, and that their property was scattered; the court ordered James Ricks appointed guardian of said William and Edward Duncan upon filing bond; he filed bond, approved, letters of guardianship issued. James Ricks petitioned for sale of land in LA, court agreed, order issued to sell the land, certification by Clerk about proceedings 17 Nov. 1857. (MAD: does not say the minors were children of William Duncan, only that they were heirs)
            Power of attorney from James Ricks of Calhoun Co. AR as guardian of William and Edward Duncan, minor heirs of William Duncan decd, per order of Probate Court of said Co., appoint E.D. Hanagan of Carroll Par. LA to sell the land and make a deed, 17 Nov. 1857.

Jackson Co. AL Will Record, Vol.T, 1876-1877 (FHL film 1,018,427)
      T-59 to 61: Mathew Duncan decd, accounts; final settlement 24 April 1876, incl. cash recd. from W.D. Parks, admin. of H.L. Parks decd, per decree against him in Probate Court, $923.35; payments made, leaving $718.39 to be divided into three shares of $239.46-1/3 to heirs John L. Duncan, Marval G. Duncan and William J. Duncan, all of age, who reside in Calhoun Co. AR.

Jackson Co. AL Deeds (FHL film 1,018,420 item 2)
      8-212: 23 Nov. 1875, Marval G. Duncan and William J. Duncan of Calhoun Co. AR appoint John L. Duncan of Calhoun Co. AR attorney to receive money due us from the estate of Matthew Duncan decd. late of Jackson Co. AL, and pay debts; wit. O.H.P. Richardson, Wiley J. Burns; reg. Calhoun Co. AR; rec. May 6, 1876. (MAD: Matthew Duncan in 1850 Ozark Co. MO census)
      8-214: 27 Dec. 1875 (written over 1876), John L. Duncan heir and distributee of Matthew Duncan decd. for myself and as attorney in fact for Marval G. Duncan and William J. Duncan appoint Jessee Duncan my attorney; ack. in Jackson Co. AL, May 6, 1876. (MAD: no locations given)


"Footprints to Wildcat Ferry (And Beyond)" [Henderson Co. TX] by Koma Jo Baker, 1981 (from Ann Johnston 7/1999)
      Pgs.190-209 refer to the families of William K. Duncan of 1850 Bradley Co. AR, G.P. Dunckan (George Joseph Duncan) of 1860 Calhoun Co. AR, and George Duncan of 1870 Henderson Co. TX. The book also has information about William Thomas Duncan and Edward Franklin Duncan, sons of Abram Duncan and Elizabeth Hannegan, of Bradley and Calhoun Co. AR.


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