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Last revised May 10, 2009

Formed 1818 from Cherokee Turkeytown Cession
(Originally "Cotaco Co." until 1821)
Cullman formed 1877 from Blount, Morgan, Winston


1830-1840 Morgan Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Morgan Co. AL Census
Pg.218, #301-288, Wm. W. DANIEL 23 AL overseer $0
                  Mary 20 AL (not mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: William W. Daniel mar. Mary Ann Duncan 12/27/1849 Lauderdale Co. AL)
Pg.260, #295 Charles MOONEY 70 VA, Francis 70 VA
                  ch. 24-21 b. VA, 19-10 TN
Pg.260, #298 Wm. LAWRENCE 30 TN & fam. b. AL
Pg.260, #299, Jane DUNCAN 40 TN (blank) $0
                  Mary A. 18, Rachel C. 16 TN
                  William 12, Amanda 10, Berry 8 TN
                  Winston (m) 6, Clarinda 4, Anna 16 AL
Pg.260, #300 Wm. WEST 38 KY, wife 35, ch. 15 & younger b. TN
Pg.260, #301 Joshua WEST family in TN 1833-39, AL 1841
Somerville Division 9
Pg.267, #390 John LENOX 30 TN & family b. 1840-1842 TN
Pg.267, #396 William TERRELL 31 VA farmer $0
                  Mary A. 26 AL
                  James F. 6, Mary J. 4, Isah (m) 2/12 AL
                  (MAD: William Terrell mar. Mary A. Duncan 1/21/1843 Marshall Co. AL; 1860 Marshall Co. AL census)
Pg.267, #397, Jane DUNCAN 40 TN (blank) $0
                  Sarah J. 18, Rachel C. 16, Anna 16 TN
                  William 12, Amanda 11, Granberry 8 AL
                  Henry W. 6, Clarinda 4 AL
                  (MAD: 1860 Marshall Co. AL census; 1870-1880 Giles Co. TN census; ?? widow of Benjamin ?? in 1840 Marshall Co. AL census; dau. Sarah Duncan mar. Aaron Cryer 1/25/1852, dau. Mary Duncan mar. Reuben Long 4/10/1851)
Pg.267, #398, Gabriel TYLER 51 MD, wife b. SC
                  dau. 15 b. TN, others b. AL

1860 Morgan Co. AL Census (pg.443b from Faye Blacklock 7/2003)
Pg.433, #5, Robt. WILSON 48 TN blacksmith $50-$300
                  Sarah 40 TN
                  Julia DUNCAN 7 AL
                  (MAD: Robert Wilson mar. Sarah Fan 2/1/1838)
13 June 1860, P.O. Valhermoso, 13 June 1860
Pg.443b, #85-83, CRYER, Aaron (m) 30 TN farmer $50-$175 (illiterate)
                  Sarah J. 26 TN (illiterate)
                  Jessie (m) 7 AL
                  Mary E. 6 AL
                  Lavinia C. 4 AL
                  Nancy J. 1 AL
                  (FB: daughter of Jane Duncan of 1850 Morgan Co. AL)

1870 Morgan Co. AL Census
Weavers Mill (handwritten pg.5)
Pg.42, #36-36, JULIAN, Henry 30 TN farmer $3000-$500
                  Mary 35 AL
                  James 33 TN farmer
                  Marsina (f) 2, Dixey (f) 10/12 Aug. AL
                  DUNKIN, John 15 AL laborer
                  Sarah 12 AL
                  (MAD: next page has household #53, handwritten pages 8-9, stamped page 43; handwritten pages 6-7 may not have been filmed or given a stamped number)
P.O. Decatur
Pg.92, #240-259, DUNCAN, Jno. H. 46 GA farmer $0-$860
                  Martha 34 SC
                  Henderson 17, Jos. J. 15 GA
                  William 13, Fredonia A. 7, Mary L. 1 AL
                  (MAD: 1860 Walker Co. AL census)
Pg.104, #436-474, DUNCAN, William 38 GA farmer $0-$625
                  Ellen 33 GA
                  Barbara 15, Ellen 13, Wm. F. 10 GA
                  Charles 8, Lonie (Lanie?) (m) 5 AL
                  Thos. L. 7/12 AL b.Nov.
                  (MAD: 1860 Blount Co. AL census; 1880 Limestone Co. AL census)
Pg.104, #437-475, DUNCAN, Robt. 35 GA farmer $0-$200
                  Absalom 13 GA
                  Robt. 8 AL
                  GAMBLE, James 30 AL farmer $0-$125
                  (MAD: 1860 Walker Co. AL census)


Morgan Co. AL Probate Court records 1820-1930; General index, probate records, 1820-1888 (FHL film 2,314,711 Item 2; SLC 6/2008)
      Duncan, Edward C., admx Sarah J. Gilbert, Book 46, pgs. 24, 48, 163, 49, 1, 2 (MAD: Vol.46 is ca 1905)

Morgan County, Alabama, Probate Court estate files, ca. 1820-1915 (SLC 2/2009)
      FHL catalog: Loose estate files are organized in rough alphabetical order with some files missing. Most files have file numbers appearing on the outside of the file. In some cases there are several numbering systems used, primarily to link small groups of folders together. File numbers are listed in the film notes when they follow the pattern established in the early file numbering system. File numbering systems that apply to a small group of folders are not listed in the film notes.
      Loose estate files, ca. 1820-1915; no. 749-775 Draper, Dan - Dunlap, Marilyn (FHL film 2,224,445)
      Image #1670+. Duncan, Edwin, #770 (25 pieces). Admin. Sarah J. Gilbert, 7/12/1889. Docs: Mrs. Johanna Brownwell, Sylvester (no 2nd name), Sarah J. Gilbert, Mary Bentley. Maj. E.M. Duncan, decd. Bill by doctor, March 5, 1889. Reference to Sylvester F. Duncan. (image #1674) The undersigned heirs at law of said Edwin C. Duncan decd, desiring to provide for Mrs. Joan Brownell, the mother of said decd, hereby release all their right etc. in favor of Mrs. Joan Brownell. /s/ Sarah J. Gilbert, Mrs. Helen A. Sanford. Wit. Lewis P. Newman, Chellie? Newman. Feb. 23, 1889. Includes Decatur land. List of heirs:
            Brother: Sylvester Duncan, aged over 21, residing in Chicago, IL.
            Sister: Sarah J. Gilbert, wife of Samy? Gilbert, over 21, residing Decatur, Ala.
            Sister: Mary Bently, over 21, residing Chicago, IL.
            Half-sister: Marcia Brady, over 21, residing Dubuque, Iowa.
            Half-sister: Helen Sanford, over 21, residing Decatur, Ala.
            Niece: Mary Gillam "(a niece)", over 21, residing Dubuque, Iowa, age about 30 years.
      All transferred their share to Mrs. Joanna Burwell, the mother of the deceased, 10 April 1893. /s/ Mrs. S.J. Gilbert, admin.
      The mother of Decatur, Ala.
      (MAD: Brownell and Burwell as I copied them, but ?; cannot identify family in 1880 census)

Morgan County, Alabama, Orphans Court records, 1830-1844, 1851-1853, 1868-1874, 1830-1874 (SLC 2/2009)
   Orphans Court minutes v. 3-5 1826-1841 (FHL film 2,313,221, items 1-3)
      Vol.3, 1827-1832 - no Duncan indexed
      Vol.4, 1833-1841 - no Duncan indexed
      Vol.5, 1833-1841 - no Duncan indexed
   Orphans Court minutes v.10 pg.1-310 1848-1851 (FHL film 2,313,221, item 4)
      Vol.10, "1848-1832" - no Duncan indexed
   Orphans Court minutes v.10 pg.310-478 1851-1853 (FHL film 2,257,434, item 1)
      Not looked at
   Orphans Court final record v.6-7 1830-1844 (FHL film 2,257,434, items 2-3)
      Vol.6, 1830-1837 - no index
      Vol.7, 1837-1844 - no index
   Orphans Court letters v.9, 1841-1848 (FHL film 2,257,434, item 4)
      Vol.9, 1841-1848 - no Duncan indexed
   Orphans Court registers (labeled as Cotaco County) (FHL film 2,257,435, item 1 and 2)
      "Cotaco County" Orphans Court Register Vol.1, 1818-1873 - no index
      "Cotaco County" Orphans Court Register Vol.2, 1818-1827 - no Duncan indexed


Morgan Co. AL Deed Records (SLC 6/10/2008)
      Direct index to deeds, 1820-1880 (FHL film 2,314,218 item 20)
      K-428: Dunkin, J.H. to J. Gunn, deed
      L-205: Duncan, W.S. et al to Wm. Grizzard, deed
      L-481: Duncan, Wm. S. et al to Wm. Grizzard, deed
      M-220: Duncan, J.H. to J. Gunn, mortgage
      Supp. L-124: Duncan, J.H. to Jackson Gunn, deed (Supplement to Deed Book L)
      Supp. L-168: Duncan, W.S. to Scott & Co., deed
      Supp. L-187 (189?): Duncan, W.S. to Scott & Co., deed
      Indirect index to deeds, 1820-1880 (FHL film 2,314,218 item 21)
      I-523: Duncan, John H. from Hurd & Williams, deed
      K-267: Duncan, Wm. S. from Wm. Grizzard, deed
      M-278: Dunkins, Serila from W.F. Orr, deed
      I-523: Hurd & Williams to J.H. Duncan and others. Articles of Agreement. 1 Jan. 1868, E.O. Hurd & W.H. Williams, doing business as Hurd & Williams, parties of 1st part, and John H. Duncan, Wm. S. Duncan, R.D. Duncan, H.L. Davison, and John (X) Allen, parties of 2nd part, agreement about cutting and hawling; they to raise crops. Wit. Rebecca Williams, Geo. M. Taber. Lease or rent of land. Similar in deed K-267, not copied. (FHL film 2,313,796)


AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, A. Wilmer, Pvt., Co.A, 8th Conf. Regt; age 27; Aug. 13 at Decatur, AL, 1 year, weight 137, height 6-1, shoe 8, hat 7-1/8, Alpine, Talladega, AL. Authority: Muster in roll, John S. Lanier, Aug. 13, 1861, at Decatur [MAD: Morgan Co.], AL.


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