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Formed 1809 from Washington, part of FL
Washington formed 1800 from MS Territory, Baldwin
Escambia formed 1868 from Baldwin, Conecuh

1830-1850 Baldwin Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Baldwin Co. AL Census
Pg.276, #773, James DUNCAN 26 IRE RR laborer $0-$0
                  with other railroad laborers

1870 Baldwin Co. AL Census
Bay Minetti P.O.
Pg.244, #22-22, MOORE, Richard H. 34 AL (white) farmer $700-$2000
                  Carrie E. 37 AL keeps house
                  Duke G. (m) 20 SC at home
                  Mary L. 8, Ella A. 5, Theodore 4 SC at home
                  DUNAM, Elizabeth 5 SC (white) at home (not Duncan)
                  DAVIS, Richard 46 SC (white) farm hand

Baldwin Co. AL Marriage Records 1845 & later (FHL film 1,839,621 item 4-7; no marriages cataloged 1836-1845)
      Vol. 1845-1856 - no index (item 4)
      Vol. 1856-"56" (1866) - no index (item 5)
      Vol. 1866-1885 - no Duncan groom indexed, no bride index (item 6)
      (MAD: in published books of marriages, no Duncan listed until 1893)

(Baldwin Co.) AL Probate Court, general index to all records, Vol.A, 1810-1904 (FHL film 1,838,965 item 2 and 1,838,966 item 1; cataloged under general AL court records, not under Baldwin Co.)
      Index to deeds
      No Duncan to Deed Book I, 1872

Baldwin Co. AL Probate records; general index 1810-1930 (Direct index v.A (p.1-612) 1810-1904, FHL film 1,838,798 item 2, and p.612-end, FHL film 1,838,845 item 1)
      No Duncan to Book I (see FHL film 1,838,965 above)

Baldwin Co. AL General index to probate records 1820-1930 (FHL film 1,839,620 item 2)
      No Duncan

Baldwin Co. AL Wills Vol.A, 1809-1884 (FHL film 1,838,797 item 1)
      No Duncan

Formed 1847 from Sumter, Washington

1850-1870 Choctaw Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

Choctaw Co. AL Will Records 1871-1922 (FHL film 1,788,071 item 1-2)
      Vol.A, 1871-1917 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1917-1922 - no Duncan

Formed 1818 from Monroe
Butler formed 1819 from Conecuh, Montgomery
Henry formed 1819 from Conecuh
Escambia formed 1868 from Baldwin, Conecuh

1830-1850 Conecuh Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Conecuh Co. AL Census
P.O. Sparta
Pg.1092, #973-937, Jno. DUNCAN 31 AL farmer $2000
                  Louiza 30 AL
                  Thompson (m) 7/12 AL

1870 Conecuh Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

Conecuh Co. AL Deed Indexes (no earlier deeds)
      Direct Index 1866-1874 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,630,472 item 1)
      Direct Index 1874-1898 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,630,472 item 2)
      Reverse Index 1871-1898 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,630,472 item 3)

Conecuh Co. AL Probate Court Records; most vols. individually indexed
      Final Settlement records v.A-B 1871-1916 (FHL film 1,630,952 item 3-4)
            Vol.A, 1871-1889 - no Duncan
            Vol.B - no Duncan
      Probate Inventory Record v.A-B 1867-1916 (FHL film 1,630,953 item 1-2)
            Vol.A, 1867-1902 - no Duncan
      Probate Order Book 1866-1906, v.A-B, (FHL film 1,630,953 item 3-4)
            Vol.A, 1866-1893 - no Duncan

1881 "History of Conecuh Co. AL" by Benjamin Franklin Riley (SUTRO book F332 C7 R5, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL book 976.126 H2r and film 1,035,524 item 6)
      No Duncan indexed

Formed 1821 from Henry
Dale formed 1824 from Covington, Henry
Crenshaw formed 1866 from Butler, Coffee, Covington, Lowndes, Pike

1830-1870 Covington Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Covington Co. AL Census
Red Level P.O., Twp.2 Range 16
Pg.473, #3-3, DANKIN, E. (f) 50 SC K.H. $0-$0
                  George W. 29 AL farmer
                  Sarah J. 27 AL
                  Mary Ann 23 AL
                  Wiley B. (m) 19 AL
                  Rachael L?. 16 AL
                  William T. 7 FL
Twp.6 R17, pg.16/72, taken Aug. 16, Rose Hill P.O.
Pg.503B, #82-82, DUNCAN, Martha 45 GA (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  Edward 18 GA farm lab.
                  Mary 16 GA
                  (MAD: bottom of page)
Pg.504A (pg.4/16), SHANGLOR?, William 13 AL
                  Edwin 11 AL
                  (MAD: top of page; next household was numbered #103-103)
Pg.504B (pg.13), Eva Ann 14 GA
                  " (ditto mark) William 11 GA
                  " (ditto mark) Alexander 8 GA
                  (MAD: top of page; next household was numbered #83-83; page 504A-B was probably reversed in binding and numbering, and Eva Ann [Duncan] continued household #82)
                  (MAD: Martha the widow of Edward Y. Duncan of 1850-1860 Heard Co. GA census)

Montgomery Co. AL Deed from index (FHL film 1,753,610)
      B-111: Covington Co. AL, 22 March 1823, Matthew Duncan of afsd appoint William A. Hewett and Jesse Evans Jr. of Covington and Montgomery Co. AL my attorney to act for me in suit in Circuit Court, Montgomery Co., Duncan is plaintiff and Jacob T. House & Howell Rose are defendants; wit. H.D. Stone, J.C.C.C.

"AL State Militia 1820-1865" alphabetical card file in AL State Archives, Clyde - D (FHL film 1,462,799; mostly in alphabetic order, Dunkin cards found later in file)
      Dunkin, W.V., Capt., 42nd Regt., Pike; Com. Feb. 9, 1827. Authority: Military Register, State Militia, 1820-32. (MAD: ? William V. Duncan of Covington Co. AL)

Information about William V. Duncan:
      MAD: William V. Duncan had land surveyed 12/11/1823 in Sec.11 Twp.4 R15 and Sec.35 Twp.5 R15 in Covington Co. AL (from "Original Land Sales & Grants in Covington Co. AL" by Ward, FHL book 976.127 R2w)
            William V. Duncan had land in 1835 in Sec.8 Twp.16 R1W in Sumter Co. AL (from Tract Book Records, pg.83, "Sumter Co. AL Records" Vol.2, by Nelle Morris Jenkins, FHL film 1,731,974)
            William V. Duncan, John J. Duncan, and Mathew Duncan signed a petition by citizens of Walton Co. FL on 1/24/1832 (from pg.638-640 of Vol.XXIV, "Territorial Papers, Florida Territory, 1828-1834," CA State University, Sacramento)

Formed 1868 from Baldwin, Conecuh

1870 Escambia Co. AL Census
Parker Beat, P.O. Brooklin
Pg.198, #42-42, DUNCAN, William 55 SC BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Harriett 50 GA BLACK at home
                  Julia 15 AL BLACK at home
                  Robert 24, Charlotte (f) 20 AL BLACKS laborer
                  Mariah (f) 4 AL BLACK at home

Formed 1815 from Creek Cession of 1814, Washington
Montgomery formed 1816 from Monroe
Bibb formed 1818 from Monroe, Montgomery
Conecuh formed 1818 from Monroe
Wilcox formed 1819 from Monroe, Dallas

1830-1870 Monroe Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

Monroe Co. AL Tract Book, 1817-1900; from General Land Office (FHL film 1,547,984 item 2)
      In order by Township and Range, and Section; no alphabetic index.
      No Duncan page by page; only Dunnam plainly written.
      (MAD: one Eliza Duncan was on the 1816 census in Monroe Co. AL, 1 white male over 21, 3 white males under 21, 1 white female over 21, 1 white female under 21)

Monroe Co. AL Orphans Court Record of Orders, this the only known record for Monroe Co. to have survived 1833 courthouse fire; most vols individually indexed; incl. guardian records, wills, estate papers, etc.
      Order Book 1816-1821 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,548,209)
      Order Book v.1 1833-1847 - no index (FHL film 1,547,702 item 3)
      Order Book v.2-4 1847-1870 - no Duncan vol.2, 3, 4 (FHL film 1,547,840)

Monroe Co. AL Chancery Court Minutes, 1909-1919 (FHL film 1,547,984 item 1)
      No Duncan complainant indexed.

Monroe Co. AL Deeds & Wills, indexes 1833-1908; reverse index; direct index (FHL film 1,289,616 item 2-3)
      Duncan grantor starts 1884, grantee starts 1889, not copied

Monroe Co. AL Inventory Records
      Inventory Records 1833-1859 (FHL film 1,547,978 item 2-3)
            Vol.A - no index
            Vol.B - no Duncan
      Inventory Records 1849-1860 (FHL film 1,547,979)
            Vol.C - no Duncan
            Vol.D - no Duncan

Monroe Co. AL Will Record Vol.1 (FHL film 1,547,702 item 1)
      No Duncan


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