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Formed 1819 from Conecuh, Montgomery
Lowndes formed 1830 from Butler, Dallas, Montgomery
Crenshaw formed 1866 from Butler, Coffee, Covington, Lowndes, Pike


1830 Butler Co. AL Census
Pg.284  Mark? Dunklin?      1000,02   - 3000,1
          (MAD: indexed Mess Dunklin)
   306  Edward H. Scrugs    2000,1    - 1200,1
          (MAD: looking for Edward L. Scruggs, wife Jane Duncan
            probable sister of Marcus M. Duncan whose wife was
            Harriet Allen ca 1829, from Cumberland Co. VA;
            not this one)

1840-1850 Butler Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Butler Co. AL Census
Pg.239, #1710, J.B. DUNCAN (m) 41 TN farmer $560-$796
                  S.A. (f) 44 GA
                  J.T. (m) 16, T.J. (f) 12 AL
                  H.A. (m) 9, M.A.C. (f) 7 AL
                  G.W. (m) 6, J.B. (m) 3, A.C. (m) 1 AL
                  (MAD: Julius Bennett Duncan, 1850 Lowndes Co. AL census; 1870 Crenshaw Co. AL census; Julius B. Duncan mar. Sarah Ann Dean 1/12/1843 Lowndes Co. AL, mar. 2nd Elizabeth Edwards)

1870 Butler Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1880 Butler Co. AL Census (pg.338C also from Jane Winfree Beattie 7/1999)
McBride's Beat 6, Pg.27, S.D. 4, E.D. 37
Pg.338C, #366-366, DUNCAN, G.W. (m) 25 AL AL AL, farmer, married
                  Elizabeth J. (f) 18 AL AL AL wife keeping house
                  Columbus N. (m) 1 AL AL AL son
Pg.338C, #367-367, DUNKIN, H.A. (m) 30 AL AL AL farmer married
                  Sarah (f) 29 AL AL AL wife
                  Sarah (f) 6 AL AL AL dau.
                  Jesse B. (m) 5 AL AL AL son
                  Zula (f) 2 AL AL AL dau.
                  (JB: 1900 Bastrop Co. TX census; MAD: see 1870 Crenshaw Co. AL census)
Pg.338C, #368-368, DUNKIN, J.B. (m) 24 AL AL AL farmer married
                  Frances M. (f) 23 AL AL AL wife
Dead Fall, Beat 8&7, Pg.28, S.D. 4, E.D. 38
Pg.374D, #270-285, DUNCAN, James W. 31 AL AL AL, works on railroad, married
                  Eliza E. 26 AL AL AL wife, keeping house
                  James R. 7 AL AL AL son at home
                  Edward S. 4 AL AL AL son at home
                  William H. 2 AL AL AL son at home
                  Wiley J. 2/12 AL AL AL son at home
                  (MAD: ?? one James W. Duncan mar. Eliza E. Day 12/9/1871 Lowndes Co. AL)


Butler Co. AL Marriage License (copy of page 350?, top part of number cut off, from Jane W. Beattie 7/1999)
      License for marriage of Mr. H.A. Duncan 27 and Sarah D. Baily 29, dated 18 July 1877; return by J.H. Slayger, JP, the above parties were married by me at James H. McKinzie's on 22 July 1877.
      (MAD: her Family Group Sheet for this couple indicates Butler Co. AL Marriage Records 1887, pg.538)


Butler Co. AL Deed Indexes; Direct & reverse, vol.1, 1853-1881 (FHL film 1,618,197 item 2-3)
      No Duncan through 1867, only Dunklin, not copied


Butler Co. AL Wills, v.1-2, 1853-1880 (FHL film 1,290,262 item 2-3)
      No Duncan Vol.1 or Vol.2


AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, James M., Private, 3rd Bat. Hilliard's Legion. Enlisted March 1862 at Greenville [Butler Co.], AL, captured at Chickamauga Sept. 1863, paroled at Nashville, TN, May 1865. Born 15 Nov. 1834, Sumpter Co. GA. Address 1907-08 Theba AL Route one. Authority: Census, tax assessor, Crenshaw Co. AL 1907-08.
      Duncan, James M., Private, Co.B, 3rd Bat. Hilliard's Legion. Age 26, Pike Co. AL. Authority: Record roll, July 4, 1862.
      Dunkin, James M., Private, Co.A, 60th AL Regt., one time Co.B, 3rd Bat. Hilliard's Div. April 7, 1862, Clay Hill, AL. Absent on furlough at Chickamauga, Sept., present at Knoxville, TN, Nov. 29, 1863, present at Bean Station, TN, Dec. 14, 1863. Born in GA, farmer, Elba [Coffee Co.], AL, age 26, married. Deserted Dec. 17, 1863, at Bean Station, TN. Authority: Historical Record Roll, Petersburg, VA, Dec. 31, 1864.
      Dunkin, Jas. M., Pension 11267, Crenshaw Co., Private, Co.B, 60 Regt. (3 Battn. Hilliards Legion) AL, enlisted May 1861 at Elba, Coffee Co. AL, discharged April 1865, wit. Miles Thrower, W.T. Knowles.
      Duncan, John, Private, Co.A, 17th AL Inf. Regt. Julius B. Duncan, father, Butler Co. AL. No des. list. Claim filed June 25, '62. Authority: List, Condition of claims, 2nd Aud., C.S. Treas.

Parents of Confederate Soldiers 1862-1864 (FHL film 1,653,242 item 1)
      Duncan, Julius B., father of John Duncan, Private, Co.A, 17th AL Inf., Butler Co. AL; claim filed June 25, 1862. Authority: List, Claims, 2nd Aud., C.S. Treas. 1862-64. (MAD: see Crenshaw Co. AL)

HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "The history of Butler County, Alabama, from 1815 to 1885 : with sketches of some of her most distinguished citizens and glances at her rich and varied resources" by John Butler Little (FHL film 416,770; from Jane W. Beattie 7/1999 and Donna Little 8/1982)
      Pg.61: The Duncan Hotel was built between 1870 and 1880. It had 20 large rooms and a wide veranda. It was owned and operated [by] Thomas Jefferson [Duncan] and his wife, Eliza, for more than 50 years. They charged $1.00 per night. They also owned two other hotels in the county -- Alliceville and Carrolton. Thomas Jefferson Duncan was an avid checker player.
      Pg.87: The Presbyterians are supposed to have established a church here some time before 1830; .... The lot on which the church was built, was given by William Kirkpatrick, in 1825. This church has never been a strong one in Greenville, .... The pastors of this church have been the following highly esteemed servants of God: J. Bradshaw, James Stratton, E.O. Martin, S. McKee, D. Swift, Dr. Nall, Robert Keer, M.M. McCoy and John C. Duncan. The last-named gentleman has done a great deal to revive the cause here, and has managed to receive enough subscriptions from the members and friends of the church, to build a handsome brick structure as an earthly temple in which the generations to come can assemble and sing praises unto the Giver of all good and holy gifts.
      Pg.91: The Greenville Male High School was established through the instrumentality of Rev. B.H. Crumpton, about 1876. The principal teachers have been Professors M.M. McCoy, L.R. Graham, B.H. Abrams, George W. Thigpen, W.R. Mustin, Thomas J. Howell and John C. Duncan. Prof. George W. Thigpen has been the Principal since 1878, and has now limited the number of pupils to thirty. This school was originally a branch of the South Alabama Institute, and under the control of the Baptist denomination.

1921 "History of AL and Dictionary of AL Biography" by Thomas M. Owen, Vol.III, pgs.516-519 (FHL fiche 6,048,243 to 6,048,246; from Donna Little 8/1982)
      DUNKLIN, DANIEL G., ... born October 28, 1823, at Greenville; son of James and Catherine (Lee) Dunklin, natives respectively of South Carolina and Leesburg, NC, the former of whom came to Alabama in 1818, and was among the first settlers of what is now the town of Greenville, ....
      DUNKLIN, JAMES HILLIARD, ... born November 15, 1834, at Greenville, Butler County, and died May 20, 1877, at Greenville; son of Joseph and Mary Christian (Judge) Dunklin, the former a native of Greenville, S.C., who lived at Greenville, Ala., ....; grandson of James and Elizabeth (Bolling) Dunklin, ....


Lowndes Co. AL County Court Estate Papers, Dulany, A.B. to Evans, Peter (FHL film 1,544,208)
      DUNCAN, ANDERSON. Inventory 25 Oct. 1866, admin. John A. Duncan. J.B. Duncan bought Anderson Duncan's land. (MAD: see also estate in Montgomery Co. AL)
            Petition of John A. Duncan, that Anderson Duncan died intestate on or about 11 April 1862 in said county, being a citizen of said county, and left property consisting of land and personal effects at about the value of $1650, that the heirs at law of Anderson Duncan are petitioner John A. Duncan, and Lydia W. Douglass wife of F.M. Douglass, over the age of 21 residing in Lowndes Co., Mrs. Martha E. Johnson wife of E.P. Johnson over the age of 21 of Lowndes Co., Frances E.A. Duncan under 21 residing in Montgomery Co. AL, Julius B. Duncan in Butler Co. AL over 21, Charles B. Duncan over 21 in AR ("Arkansas"), James M. Duncan over 21 who when last heard from resided in Louisiania, and Wm. W. Duncan over 21 who when last heard from resided in TX, all children of said decd, and (blank) Smith and (blank) Smith over age 21 children of Jane Elizabeth a dau. of decd. now decd. who married first John S. Smith and afterwards Willm. Page, and the following named minor ch. of said Jane Elizabeth under age 21 years (6 children, first names blank, surname Page), all ch. of said Jane Elizabeth, all of whose children reside in MS; 23 July 1869. (frame 121-122)
            Deposition of William Martin (Maslin?) 17 Nov. 1866, that he knows the heirs at law of Anderson Duncan decd. are J.B. Duncan res. AL, Jane (blank) mar. woman res. LA, J.A. Duncan res. AL, Thomas Duncan LA, Wm. Duncan LA, Martha Johnson AL mar. woman, Charles Duncan AL, Lydia Douglas mar. woman AL, Francis Duncan single woman AL; he knew the lands belonging to the estate of said Anderson Duncan decd; that the land could not be equally divided but should be sold. (frame 123)
            Interrogation of B.R. Ingram, 17 Nov. 1866, that he knows the heirs at law of Anderson Duncan decd. are J.B. Duncan, Jane "I do not know her other name" married woman & resides in LA, J.A. Duncan AL, Thos. Duncan LA, Wm. Duncan LA, Martha Johnson married woman AL, Charles Duncan AL, Lydia Douglas married woman AL, and Frances Duncan AL, all of full age; he knows the land belonging to the estate of Anderson Duncan decd, that it could not be equally divided and should be sold. (frames 124-125)

Crenshaw Co. AL Deeds
      11-540: Butler Co. AL, 8 March 1884, John P. Thompson admin. estate of N.W. Barsett decd for $10 quit claim to J.F. Barsett and Mary N. Duncan my interest in E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.17 and NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.20 and W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.22, all Twp.9 R17 in Crenshaw Co., being 2/3 undivided interest to Barsett and 1/3 to Mary N. Duncan, subject to mortgage this day to Herbert Buell to secure payment of $82.50 due Oct. 1, 1884; wit. D. Buell, A.C. Duncan. (FHL film 1,302,457)
      12-433: Butler Co. AL, 23 Nov. 1886, Joseph A.C. Duncan and wife Mary N. Duncan to D.G. Dunklin & Son, for $53, one undivided third of E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.17 T9 R17 and W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.22 T9 R17, in Crenshaw Co. AL; /s/ J.A.C. Duncan, M.N. Duncan; no wit.; recorded Oct. 18, 1887. (FHL film 1,302,458)
      12-434: Butler Co. AL, 16 May 1887, D.G. Dunklin & Son, per mortgage to us by Joshua F. Barrett and wife M.A. Barrett of Crenshaw Co. AL, on 28 Feb. 1884, did on 14 May 1887 sell at auction the E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.17 T9 R17 and W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.22 T9 R17 except 1/3 interest, containing about "--- acres", as property of said Joshua F. Barrett and wife M.A. Barrett, to John P. Reynolds the highest bidder for $136; /s/ D.G. Dunklin Jun.; wit. S.J. Bolling Jr., D.L. Milton. (FHL film 1,302,458)
      13-586: Butler Co. AL, 28 Oct. 1889, we, M.L. Barrett, J.C. Day, G.W. Day, F.H. McBryde, J.J. McBryde, E.J. Duncan, G.W. Duncan, M.H. Barrett, W.D. Barrett, P.M. Barrett and C.A. Barrett, for $75, to C.M. Sims, SE 1/4 NE 1/4 and N 1/2 NE 1/4 SE 1/4 of Sec.29 T10 R17 in Crenshaw Co. AL; all signed, full names never given, all appeared 28 Oct. 1889; recorded Dec. 9, 1889. (FHL film 1,638,422)
      15-256: Butler Co. AL, 3 Jan. 1890, M.L. Barrett widow and relict of "Andred." J. Barrett decd, and M.H. Barrett and wife M.D. Barrett, C.M. Sims and her husband S.O. Sims, E.J. Duncan and her husband G.W. Duncan, J.C. Day and her husband G.W. Day, P.M. Barrett, C.A. Barrett, and F.H. McBride and her husband J.J. McBride, heirs at law of "Andrew" J. Barrett decd. and distributees of his estate and residents of State of AL, for $125, to T.J. Pollard, the NW 1/4 NE 1/4 and NE 1/4 NW 1/4 of Sec.31 T10 R17E, 80a, in Crenshaw Co. AL; all signed; no wit.; they appeared before F.M. Black, JP; recorded Dec. 8, 1891. (FHL film 1,638,423 item 1, vol.15, pg.200-end)


Henry Andrew Duncan Family Bible (from Jane Winfree Beattie 7/1999 with permission to share 9/2001):
      The New Testament of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, ... New York, American Bible Society, 1874.
      H.A. Duncan was Born June the 25th 1850
      N.R. Duncan was Born Apr the 28th 1850
      Sarah S. Duncan was Born Jan the 15th 1873
      Jesse B. Duncan was Born June the 21st 1874
      Oliv L. Duncan was Bornd Sept the 23d 1876 (MAD: the "76" was in the margin, not on copy received)
      S.D. Duncan was Bornd Oct the 12th 1847
      Zuella Duncan was Bornd Apr the 9th 1878
      Bulah Duncan was Born Sept the 19th 1880
      Bethel Duncan was Bornd June the 1st 1883 (MAD: the "83" was in margin, not on copy received)
            Births (page 2)
      Aner Duncan was Bornd March the 24th 1886 (MAD: March 26 given on family group sheet)


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