Admon of John Loveland, 1639

Translation of the Grant of Letters of Administration for the Goods of John Loveland, 1639?

New information has come to light which allows us to pin-point more closely the probable date of the emigration of Widow Loveland of Connecticut and her children. The following Grant of Letters of Administration appears in the Calander of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. It appears to set the date of the death of John Loveland, the Widow's husband at sometime before 3 February 1639, somewhat earlier than the date suggested by other evidence. The likelihood is that Mary Loveland (mentioned in the medical records of Dr Winthrop) was not in fact the daughter of John and Widow Loveland. This earlier date for John's death is also more in keeping with the suggested 1631 date for the marriage of John to Elizabeth Busfield.

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Translation from Latin Text

"John Loveland ,

On the twenty-fourth day [sic, see note below] a commission was issued to Robert Loveland, the natural and lawful brother of John Loveland, lately having deceased in parts beyond the seas ["in partibus ultramarinis"), etc,

[Who] was sworn to administer the goods, debts and credits of the said deceased well, etc,

[right-hand margin: "In parts [i.e. beyond tne seas) [The feast] of St Blasius [= 3 February], sworn to show [i.e. an inventory, or perhaps an account] the 12th, [the feast] of St Andrew [= 30 November] 1639."] "

Notes concerning the text:

1) The month and year are not given.. It would probably be quite early in 1639, giving Robert Loveland several months to produce his inventory or accounts by St.Andrew's Day that year.

2) All "etc"s occur in the original test: nothing has been omitted.

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