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Welcome to the Loveland Family History Home Page. The site has been established as an informal resource for anyone researching the name Loveland anywhere in the world. It was inspired following collaborative efforts by US and English researchers to discover the circumstances surrounding the immigration of the Widow Loveland and her sons to New England in the mid-17th century. Since it may be this aspect of Loveland genealogy which may be of most interest to American visitors in particular, it is this we shall concentrate on first.

These pages were created in October 1997 by (John Howard ([email protected]). All material and research behind these pages is John's work, except where specifically noted otherwise.

In December of 1998, John's ISP could no longer host these pages. The current host, Doug Murphy ([email protected]), a US descendant of the widow Loveland, has volunteered part of his webspace at to preserve access to this work. We will try to keep the spirit of the site alive by attempting to add new information to the site as it is shared with us. But since the owner of the site also has a full time job and more to maintain, please be patient as we may be slow to add new material.

We hope that others who may have additional (or conflicting) information will be willing to submit it for inclusion in the evolving story. Also we welcome comments or suggestions on how the site might develop for the benefit of those engaged in particular areas of interest.

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Pages not yet linked are probably still in preparation. If you have a specific question concerning an unlinked topic, please feel free to e-mail John or Doug, and we'll do our best to help.

How to submit information for inclusion at this site:

Since this is essentially a spare time effort, we would like to keep things simple. Details as to how to get included in the Contact Details and Interests sections can be found on the appropriate pages. If you have information you are willing to share with others, then please e-mail the text to Doug (preferably in htm/html format) and I'll do the rest. It is not our intention to maintain large searchable databases at this point since our service provider only provides us limited disk space. You can however post information about any such files that you hold in the Further Information section.


This site is maintained strictly for the enjoyment and hopefully assistance of other family historians. While we will take reasonable care to ensure that any information appearing here is accurate we can of course accept no responsibility whatever for loss, expense, inconvenience, etc. however caused which may result from the use of information found at this site.
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