Millard Fillmore, Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland and Gerald R. Ford Jr.

My Relation to Presidents Millard Fillmore, Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland and Gerald R. Ford Jr.

Here's how I am related to Presidents Millard Fillmore (6th cousin, 5 times removed), Ulysses S. Grant (7th cousin, 5 times removed), Grover Cleveland (8th cousin, 4 times removed) and Gerald R. Ford (10th cousin, twice removed):

Robert WHITE
chr. 1560, Messing, Essex, ENG
and his wife
Bridget ALLGAR
chr. 11-Mar-1651/52, Shalford, Essex, ENG

Anna Rosanna WHITE
  chr. 13-Jul-1600, Shalford, Essex, ENG
  d. 1647, Windsor, Hartford, CT

                                  Mary WHITE
  b. 1590, Shalford, Essex, ENG
  d. 23-Aug-1652, Windsor, Hartford, CT

Samuel PORTER Sr.
  b. 1635
  b. 1689, MA

     Mary PORTER
  b. about 1638

     Sarah PORTER

  b. 1-Mar-1614/15, Braintree, Essex, ENG
  d. 26-Jun-1687, Windsor, Hartford, CT

     Sarah LOOMIS
  b. about 1617, Braintree, Essex, ENG
  d. 1667, Hartford, Hartford, CT

Samuel PORTER Jr.
  b. 6-Apr-1660, Hadley, Hampshire, MA
  d. 29-Jul-1722, Hadley, Hampshire, MA

Samuel GRANT Jr.
  b. 20-Apr-1659, Windsor, Hartford, CT
  d. 8-May-1710

  b. 1664, Stratford, Fairfield, CT
  d. 1744

  b. 31-Oct-1669, Windsor, Hartford, CT

Elizabeth OLMSTEAD
  d. 12-Oct-1681, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT

  b. 19-Jul-1689, Hadley, Hampshire, MA
  d. 24-Jan-1721/22, Medford, Middlesex, MA

Noah GRANT Sr.
  b. 11-Dec-1693, Windsor, Hartford, CT
  d. 10-Oct-1727, Tolland, Tolland, CT

  b. 29-Jan-1696/97, Hartford, Hartford, CT
  d. 2-Apr-1731, Lyme, New London, CT

Matthew LOOMIS
  b. 25-Oct-1703, Windsor, Hartford, CT
  d. 31-Jul-1764, Bolton, Tolland, CT

  b. about 1670, Waterbury, New Haven, CT
  d. 17-May-1744

Susanna PORTER
  b. 26-Apr-1716, Medford, Middlesex, MA
  d. 1-Mar-1788, Salem, Essex, MA

Noah GRANT Jr.
  b. 12-Jul-1719, Tolland, Tolland, CT
  d. 20-Sep-1756, Tolland, Tolland, CT

Wells ELY
  b. about 1729, Lyme, New London, CT
  d. before 1-Sep-1804, Lyme, New London, CT

Christiana LOOMIS
  b. 5-Feb-1735/36, Bolton, Tolland, CT
  d. 6-Oct-1801, Bolton, Tolland, CT

Ebenezer HOPKINS, Jr.
  b. 24-Jun-1699, Hartford, Hartford, CT
  d. about 1784, Shaftesbury, Bennington, VT

  b. 2-Feb-1743/44, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT
  d. 21-Sep-1815, New Haven, New Haven, CT

Noah GRANT 3rd
  b. 20-Jun-1748, Tolland, Tolland, CT
  d. 14-Feb-1819, Maysville, Mason, KY

  b. about 1777, probably Lyme, New London, CT
  d. about 1876

  b. 6-Oct-1757, Bolton, Tolland, CT
  d. between 1830 and 1840, NY

  b. 16-Oct-1745, Harwinton, Litchfield, CT

William CLEVELAND 4th
  b. 20-Dec-1770, Norwich, New London, CT
  d. 18-Aug-1837, Black Rock, Cayuga, NY

Jesse Root GRANT
  b. 23-Jan-1794, near Greensburg, Westmoreland, PA
  d. 29-Jun-1873, Covington, Covington, KY

Elizabeth Ely GRIDLEY
  b. about 1819, Clinton, Oneida, NY
  d. after 1912

  b. 29-May-1789, Bolton, Tolland, CT
  d. 11-May-1865, Carlton, Orleans, NY

  b. 12-Aug-1781, Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA
  d. 2-Apr-1831, Aurora, Cayuga, NY

Richard Falley CLEVELAND 4th
  b. 19-Jun-1804, Norwich, New London, CT
  d. 1-Oct-1853, Holland Patent, Oneida, NY

Hiram Ulysses GRANT
a.k.a. Ulysses Simpson GRANT
18th President, USA

  b. 27-Apr-1822, Point Pleasant, OH
  d. 23-Jul-1885, Mt. McGregor (near Saratoga Springs), NY

Amy Gridley BUTLER
  b. 1848, NY

  b. 22-Feb-1833, Carlton, Orleans, NY
  d. 1-Oct-1893, Gaines, Orleans, NY

13th President, USA

  b. 7-Jan-1800, Locke (now Summerhill), Cayuga, NY
  d. 8-May-1874, Buffalo, Erie, NY

Stephen Grover CLEVELAND
22nd and 24th President, USA

  b. 18-Mar-1837, Caldwell, Essex, NJ
  d. 24-Jun-1908, Princeton, Mercer, NJ

Adele Augusta AYER
  b. Dec-1867, Youngstown, Mahoning, OH

James Henry HOBBS
  b. 11-Dec-1851, Hartland, Niagara, NY
  d. 16-Feb-1929, Carlton, Orleans, NY

Dorothy Ayer GARDNER
  b. Jul-1892, Harvard, McHenry, IL
  d. 17-Sep-1967, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

Edd Harrison HOBBS
  b. 13-Mar-1878, Carlton, Orleans, NY
  d. 3-May-1955, Gaines, Orleans, NY

Leslie Lynch KING Jr.
a.k.a. Gerald Rudolf FORD Jr.
38th President, USA

  b. 14-Jul-1913, Omaha, Douglas, NE

Fern Loretta HOBBS
  b. 13-May-1906, Kenyonville, Orleans, NY
  d. 20-Oct-1996, Greece, Monroe, NY

(living) MURPHY
  b. 1931, NY

Douglas John MURPHY
  b. 1962, NY

Many of the presidential lines listed in these pages are derived from:

Ancestors of American Presidents, a 456-page book
 compiled by Gary Boyd Roberts, is available from the publisher, 
Carl Boyer, 3rd, 

$37.50 postpaid*
 *(California residents must add sales tax).

RootsWeb also has its own section containing extracts from his work.

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