CHURCHES and GRAVEYARDS in Dumfries and Galloway
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St Mungo's Old Graveyard
This is a record of a visit to St Mungo's old abandoned graveyard on Tuesday 3rd  June 2014.
Graveyards found near a town or village are usually regularly maintained by D&G Council Gounds Staff.
  In recent times, and in the so called the interests of cost cutting, graveyards in remote locations
like this one are often totally neglected.  As a result of his neglect, as you can see in this photo tour,
they get taken over by wild grasses, briars and brambles and other scrub growth.
This old gravestone has fallen and will soon be lost from sight as the mosses and grasses decay and cover it.
By way of a contrast we have here a single modern gravestone with a path leading to it trampled through the grass.
The artificial flowers indicate that here is a family somewhere who still make occasional visits. 
This is the only indication that any family with a connection to the memorials in this graveyard.
St Mungo's Old Graveyard