Penpont 4
CHURCHES and GRAVEYARDS in Dumfries and Galloway
Penpont Village & War Memorial
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After leaving Penpont and heading for Thornhill you can't miss seeing this object on a hill.
In the shape of an egg, and carved from a cairn of red sandstone, it was erected to
commemorate the the Millennium.  You wouldn't know that unless you were told.
Like me you might just see it as a bit of graffiti going under the guise of landscape art.
Further along the same road you might just notice this monuments standing in a field to the right of the road.
To my way of thinking this ancient cross, probably dating back to early Christian times of the 4th-5th century,
 is much more worthy of your attention.  Pity that some of the money spent on giving access to the egg monument could not have been spent making this artefact more accessible to the public.
Penpont Village & War Memorial
Last Revised September 05, 2008