Introductory Notes
CHURCHES and GRAVEYARDS in Dumfries and Galloway
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Holywood Church and Graveyard
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General Introductory Notes:
These pages were original compiled in August 2003 as part of a CD ROM available from the Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society and provided a complete textual and photographic archive of ALL the monuments in Holywood old graveyard. The full content of this CD is too large for a website.  Here I have provided only the full list of MIs and a selection of photographs.
The main navigation bar buttons appears at the top of the screen below the Title.  The buttons down the right-hand side of this page provide links to an alphabetical names index. This index is in the form of abstracts of the MIs. This abstracts page provides links to the full text of the inscriptions appearing on the monuments.  The CD, mentioned above, also offered further links to photos of the actual gravestones.
The MIs listed here are based on the transcription from a survey in the 1970s by teams funded through the MSC Job Creation schemes. For the purposes of this record I have rechecked this survey against the available photographs.  Corrections and additions have been made to the lists given here..
Genealogists today owe a debt of gratitude to all of the earlier teams of transcribers who recorded memorial inscriptions in graveyards throughout Dumfries and Galloway. Photographs taken in recent times show that many stones are now virtually unreadable, are damaged or missing altogether. But for the diligence and effort of earlier transcribers we would not have a record of the inscriptions from many monuments in these old graveyards.
Holywood Church and Graveyard
Click HERE for a brief History of Holywood Kirk
A visitor to this graveyard will note that many of the table stones in this graveyard are in stacks making it impossible to access the inscriptions of those lower in the stack. Moving such stones would require specialist heavy lifting equipment and the skill to use them. 
The inscriptions from at least twenty table stones are lying hidden in these stacks.  These inscriptions have not been transcribed and are are not likely to be.
Stacking appears to have happened earlier than the 1970s when the last record was made because only the 'top' stones are recorded in the 1970s survey.
The inscriptions not yet matched to monuments may be of stones in these stacks, but that seems highly unlikely since most table stones or flat stones were referred to as such in the 1970's transcription.
Sandy Pittendreigh Sept. 2007


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