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Gravestones -- 2
Greenhead Old Graveyard in Morton Parish
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There are four inscription panels on the square obelisk shown above, because of the closeness of the red granite monument it is impossible to photograph one of the panels.  The ful transcription of all four panels is given below.
In memory of Nicholas McLAUGHLAN
daughter of Gilbert McLaughlan Gatelawbridge
died 30 Dec 1815 aged 3 weeks.
John died 5 July 1818 aged 2 years.
Agnes died 5 Dec 1821 aged 5 months.
John died 6 April 1826 aged 9 months.
George died 15 Nov 1827 aged 2 years.
Jean KELLOCK their mother died
 24 Feb 1830 aged 44 years.
And also James McLAUGHLAN who died
 19 April 1850 aged 36 years.
Hannah Welsh GLENCORSE wife of
Gilbert McLAUGHLAN died
27 Oct 1850 aged 40 years.
Gilbert McLAUGHLAN draper died at
Baintree Essex 9 Sep 1859 aged 36 years.
Thomas McLAUGHLAN died at Gatelawbridge
27 Jan 1860 aged 26 years.
Also Gilbert McLAUGHLAN son of the
above Thomas died 22 Sep 1861 aged 2 years.
Jane McLAUGHLAN died
12 March 1863aged 26 years.
Also of the said Gilbert McLAUGHLAN
late builder in Gatelawbridge who died
25 Dec 1865 aged 74 years. “Deeply regretted”.
Also Nicholas McLAUGHLAN his daughter
who died at London 25 March 1881 aged 61 years.
Also Adam McLAUGHLAN his son
who died at Wellington New Zealand
4 March 1881 aged 31 years. 
Also of William Gilbert McLAUGHLAN
his grandson who died at Florence
North America 29 July 1863 aged 1 year & 11 months. George Augustus McLAUGHLAN his grandson
who died at the same place 
9 Aug 1863 aged 6 months.
Hannah McLAUGHLAN his daughter
died 1 April 1864 aged 19 years.
General Views Church Ruins Gravestones 1 Gravestones 2 Gravestones 3