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St. Michael's ~ Views from the Street
Views of St Michael's graveyard with monuments lining the high retaining walls
The photograph above was taken before 2004 when this statue to Jean Armour, wife of Robert Burns, was erected.
St. Michael's Kirk and the graveyard surrounding it are located on a low hillock not far from Dumfries Town Centre. Two of the main town through roads meet at right angles beside the main  gates to the church and graveyard.  A service road for an area of housing runs along a third side.  These roads have been cut into the side of this hill, probably in the late 1800s, with the result that the graveyard has high retaining walls on these three sides.  The top of the graveyard retaining wall supports some very large grave monuments which are prominent in the following photographic survey.
Photo left - 1900 Photo right - 2000
St. Michael's ~ Views from the Street