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Dryfesdale Cemetery
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The Flowers of the Forest

I've seen the smiling of Fortune beguiling,
I've felt all its favours and found its decay;
Sweet was its blessing, kind its caressing,
But now 'tis fled, tis fled far away.

I've seen the forest adorned the foremost,
Wi' flowers o' the fairest, most pleasant and gay;
Sae bonnie their blooming, their scent the air perfuming,
But now they are withered and a' wede away!

I've seen the morning wi' gold the hills adorning,
The dread tempest roaring before parting day;
I've seen Tweed's silver streams glitt'ring in the sunny beams.
Grow drumlie and dark as they roll'd on their way.

O' fickle fortune! Why this cruel sporting?
O' why thus perplex us, poor sons of a day?
They frowns cannot fear me, thy smiles cannot cheer me,
For the Flowers of the Forest are a' wede away!

Alison RUTHERFORD                           Traditional Air

On Saturday 21st December, 1988 a terrorist bomb destroyed Pan Am Flight 103 over the
small Dumfriesshire town of Lockerbie. The plane carried 259 passengers and crew.
All on board and eleven others from one street in the town lost their lives that night.
As well as this garden and the Memorial Room at Tundergarth there is a Memorial Window is located in the Townhall Council Chamber and a plaque bearing all the names of all the victims is located in Holy Trinity Church.
These pages are offered as a respectful remembrance of all who died..
Dryfesdale Cemetery