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Cairn Holy  (Ancient Burial Sites)
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This ancient burial site dates back to Neolithic times of around four to six thousand years ago.
Our very early ancestors lived and farmed this area of Kirkcudbrightshire and all that remains to mark
their presence is burial mounds like this and these crudely fashioned stone monuments.
Behind what is a carefully constructed curved facade are two burial chambers comprising stone cists (chests).
The archaelogists in 1949, who excavating the site for Historic Scotland, did not find any human remains.
This was not totally unexpected because of the acidity of the soil.  Other artifacts were found in particular
part of an axe made from a stone called Jadite, the source of which is mainland Europe in the Alps.
The archaelogical evidence has determined that the curved facade was added after the burial mound was constructed.
The location and the sloping forecourt suggests a site where some form of religious rites or ceremonies were enacted.
This view show this postion on a the hill above Kirkdale and overlooking Wigtown Bay.
Cairn Holy  (Ancient Burial Sites)
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