My DeVore/Swanner Branch
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The Genealogy of Some American Mutts

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My DeVore/Swanner branch is my father's ancestors.You can view all of his ancestors via the Ancestor chart of James Noah DeVore (use your browser back button to return here), OR, you can view a specific surname report listed below. Each report begins with my earliest known ancestor for that line and proceeds forward in time one generation per page, ending with either my grandparents or great grandparents generation..  Eventually I will have everything indexed, but for now you will have to use your browser's find button to search the pages.  Please come join us, cousin, in our search for the original great American heroes, our emigrant ancestors. PLEASE EMAIL me if you think we might have a connection!

rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)KY, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Jesse Cravens   B4 1765 -B4 1830                 rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)NY, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Silas Daily/Dailey   1759-1841                        rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)NY, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Thomas Gannon                                               rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)James Ivey   abt 1790 - abt 1853                     rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)includes Correll
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Samuel Slavens
abt 1818 - 1860                    rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)includes Stewart
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)MO, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Martin Leon Swanner
1832 - 1904                rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)includes Hallmark
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)William H. DeVore   1850-Aft 1880                rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)VA, IN, IL
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Henry Funk Sr   B4 approx 1730-unk             rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)NJ, NY, IN
rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)Vincent Rongion   abt 1645 - 1713                 rwbBULLET.GIF (950 bytes)


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If you are might be a part of this family or are a fellow researcher please email me if you have any questions, notice any problems or so that we can share information. 

This work encompasses  hundreds of years of effort by myself and other contributors. The purpose of this site is to share our  history with our extended family and to exchange information between researchers.  It is NOT to be republished in commecial ventures. Feel free to copy these pages and share them with family and friends and add the info to your database, but  all materials are copyrighted and CAN'T BE REPRODUCED  FOR PROFIT.