Descendants of Henry Funk, Sr.

Our FUNK's of: Switzerland; Strasberg PA.; Shenandoah Co., Va; Hardin/Nelson Co., KY; Harrison, Crawford and Knox Co., IN; & Lawrence Co., IL

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Descendants of Henry Funk, Sr.

Generation No. 2

2. HENRY2 FUNK, JR. (HENRY1) was born Unknown in Pennsylvania or Virginia, and died September 22, 1815 in Harrison Co., IN. He married ELISABETH MILLER (or Mueller) Abt. 1774 in near Stoverstown, VA. She died September 13, 1844 while living with her son Peter in Lawrence Co. Ill..

Notes for H
Although Henry's pension file is the source of much of this info, I wouldn't even know Henry and/or his pension file existed if it were for the work done by Mac Elaine MacFarland Elliott. I can never thank you enough, Mac!! I have also used the Funk Ancestral File, the records of  Dale Hopkins (primarily to confirm info on Henry's children Catherine and Daniel), my own research and the4 Funk Family, Inc., edition 2000 to gather as much basic family info as I could for you here.  Thanks to my sister Judy SIngleton I have some more real world war records on Henry Jr., gathered at the historical war memorial in Vincennes, IN.

Henry Jr. was the son of Henry Funk per Henry Jr's Rev War Pension File #W23075. He was married in Shenandoah Co., VA and was living there when he enlisted in the Revolutionay War to serve under George Rogers Clark . After the Revolution, they moved to Bardstown (Hardin/Nelson Co.) Ky and later on to Harrison Co., IN. Although Peter signed papers with 'his mark', he mentions his father writing down the dates of his childrens births in a 'German Almanac' that was destroyed before Peter reached adulthood. Henry died here on either Sept. 22 or Nov. 1, 1815.

I do not yet have the full pension file on Henry Funk, Jr., but it is interesting to note that Henry and Elisabeth never drew a pension during their lifetimes. Evidently the five youngest children of this union pursued pension money and/or land near Louisville, KY that they believed should have been granted to their father Henry Funk, JR. There is also an act of July 4, 1836 that came into play as well. I will keep researching...

Nine of the eleven offspring of this union are listed below in the alledged (from Peter's statement in Henry's pension papers) order of their birth. Rebecca and Henry and probably the missing two died either in infancy or childbirth.

Notes for E
After the death of her husband Henry Funk, Jr. in Sept or Nov of 1815, Elisabeth Miller Funk then went on to Crawford Co., IN with her children. She then went on to Lawrence Co., Russelville, IN with her son Peter, dying there Sept 13-14, 1844 at the home of her son Peter Funk. Out of the original 11 children born to Henry and Elisabeth Miller Funk, the following five children were still alive at the time of her death in 1844: John Funk, Elisabeth Funk Potter, and Joseph, Peter and Isaac Funk.

More About H
Marriage: Abt. 1774, near Stoverstown, VA

For more on Henry at the FUnk family website (but bookmark this page first please ;?)
Children of H

5. i. CATHERINE3 FUNK, b. Unknown; d. Bef. 1797, Kentucky.
ii. REBECCA FUNK, b. Unknown; d. Bef. September 13, 1844.
Rebecca died in infancy or childhood.
iii. HENRY FUNK, b. Unknown; d. Bef. September 14, 1844.
6. iv. DANIEL FUNK, b. Bet. 1782 - 1783; d. Bef. September 13, 1844, Harrison Co., IN.
7. v. JOHN FUNK, b. Abt. 1786; d. Aft. May 08, 1848.
vi. ELISABETH FUNK, b. Unknown; d. Aft. May 08, 1848; m. WILLIAM POTTER; d. Bef. May 08, 1848.
In 1854 she was "of Crawford Co., ILL and the widow of William Potter". Peter refers to her as Elisabeth Potter living in Crawford Co., ILL on December 20, 1854.
vii. JOSEPH FUNK, b. Unknown; d. Aft. May 08, 1848.
Notes for JOSEPH FUNK:
Joseph is listed in Peter's declaration in his father's pension file on December 20, 1854 as being a resident of Iowa.
8. viii. PETER FUNK, b. January 13, 1797, Kentucky; d. February 11, 1862, Russellville, Lawrence Co., Ill..
ix. ISAAC FUNK, b. Unknown; d. Aft. May 08, 1848.
Notes for ISAAC FUNK:
Isaac is listed in Peter's declaration in his father's pension file on December 20, 1854 as being a resident of Crawford Co., IN.

3. JACOB2 FUNK (HENRY1) was born Unknown.
Children of J

i. ?3 FUNK, b. Unknown; m. JOHN PURKHISER; b. Abt. 1783.
"of Harrison co., IN"
ii. ISAAC FUNK, b. Abt. 1888.
Notes for ISAAC FUNK:
"was of Harrison Co., IN aged 66 in 1854."

4. ?2 FUNK (HENRY1) was born Unknown. She married ? AMENT.
Child of
? FUNK and ? AMENT is:

i. JOHN3 AMENT, b. Abt. 1788.
Notes for JOHN AMENT:
in 1854, John Ament of Hardin Co., KY stated his mother was Henry Jr.'s sister.

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