The Jeffries Family of Whitley Co, Indiana

In the 17th and 18th centuries there was a community of Indians who lived in what came to be known as Greensville Co, Virginia. These Indians were descended from Southeastern Siouan tribes and were settled at Fort Christanna by Governor Spotswood in 1714. In the mid 1700's, many of these Indians moved to New York or to less populous areas of Virginia and North Carolina. The Jeffries family was a part of the small community that stayed in Greensville Co, VA. Beginning about 1800 and continuing into the 1830's, conditions deteriorated for people of mixed Indian and white blood. In Virginia, increasingly harsh laws were passed against "people of color", as they were classified by law because they were part Indian. By 1830, the Greensville community had broken up and different elements had moved to North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. This is the story of the members of the Jeffries family that lived in Whitley Co, Indiana.



Mortimor's Lawsuit

Descendants of James and Ruth Jeffries
The Occaneechi Saponi

Migration of the Jeffries and related families

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