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Descendants of Johannes Hassinger

First Generation

1. Johannes Hassinger was born in Germany. He died in 1797 in Snyder Co, PA.

Johannes Hassinger died in what is now Snyder Co, PA in 1797 and was buried at Hassinger's White Church located outside Middleburg, PA. He arrived with his family in Philadelphia on the ship Judith September 15, 1748. He and his son Johann Jacob both signed the ship's list as having taken the Oath of Allegience.

This is probably the Johann Hassinger who left Schornsheim, Germany, "with wife and children" on March 23, 1748, traveling to Rotterdam. Judith departed Rotterdam and made a stop at Cowes, England before arriving in Philadelphia, PA. The departure is noted in "Auswanderungen aus Rheinpfalz und Saarland im 18. Jahrhundert", by Werner Hacker. The arrival is noted in "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" by Strassburger..

Johannes married Maria Catherina Reinick. Maria was born in Germany. She died in Snyder Co, PA.

They had the following children:

  2 F i Christina Elizabeth Hassinger was born on 14 Oct 1729 in Schornsheim, Germany.
        Christina married Michael Unger.
+ 3 M ii Johann Jacob Hassinger Sr.
+ 4 M iii Johann Herman Hassinger
  5 M iv Johann George Hassinger was born on 14 Nov 1739 in Schornsheim, Germany.
+ 6 M v Johann Dietrich Hassinger
  7 F vi Anna Catharina Hassinger was born on 6 Feb 1744 in Schornsheim, Germany.
  8 F vii Maria Felicitas Hassinger was born on 11 May 1746 in Schornsheim, Germany.
  9 M viii Johann Peter Hassinger was born on 1 Nov 1748 in Richmond twp, Berks Co, PA.
        Johann married Eva Maria Fuchs on 26 Dec 1775 in New Hanover Lutheran Church, Montgomery Co, PA.