St. Jacob's Stone Church


St. Jacob's Stone Church was founded in 1756 in Brodbecks, PA. The DeHoff family appears in the early records of the church.

The current church building was erected in 1889 with an addition in 1958. Lutheran and United Church of Christ congregations share the present building. The Christoph DeHoff family in Flomborn, Germany was listed among the Reformed Lutheran in a religious census of the village so the DeHoffs were most likely members of the Reformed congregation.


Brodbecks is located in York Co, PA about 12 miles from Hanover. Maryland is 5 miles away; so it is no wonder that the DeHoff family is also numerous in that state.

This is hilly farmland. A farmhouse with an old tobacco barn also sits on the same property as the church. The original churchyard is adjacent to the church, but in 1890 a new cemetery was built one-quarter mile away from the church. John Georg and Anna Elizabeth Dehof are buried in the churchyard.

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