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I support my living relatives' right to privacy!

This web site is dedicated to the study and sharing of our Family History. I became interested in exploring this history after we began having children of our own. It seemed really important to me that I be able to explain their heritage to them when they were older. I began by asking questions of relatives, and discovered that some of our family lines had already been researched. Soon, I had acquired alot of information and a genealogy program to track it. As the next step is to begin the painstaking task of verifying the data that I do have, as well as continuing to follow lines back in time, it seemed only natural to publish this information on the Internet for others to review, comment on, and add to it. This site contains the basic genealogical information as it relates to our direct ancestors such as birth dates, occupation etc. In addition, I have attempted to provide information about the history and historical setting of each line as I understand it. It seems to me that the study of genealogy is made more substantial when one has an understanding of the historical happenings surrounding our ancestors' lives. As our history is primarily one of immigration to the New World, an understanding of the reasons behind soemone leaving everything they know to pursue a life in a foreign land is imperative. Most of the time, these reasons are rooted in the belief that they will find a better life for themselves and their decendants. The least we can do to honor their courage and sacrifice is collect and preserve our genealogy.

Site Organization

I have divided the site into two primary areas. The first area is the narrative history and Register Reports of each family line ending with my children's Great Great Grandparents. The surnames I am tracing are those o fthis generation. Why this generation? No reason other than that information was readily available back to this point. To see how my children are descended from these people, check out the Pedigree Chart .

The second area contains the full database of basic genealogical information organized along family groups, and presented in a web card format. Most of this content is generated directly by my genealogy software, Reunion 5.0 by Leister Productions . I highly recommend this software to all Mac users. Also provided are an index, and source citations where available.

I have only just begun the arduous process of verifying and documenting this data. Unless a source is noted, assume the data to be unverified, and use it cautiously.

Contact Information

Please email me at dean at de-freitas dot com with any comments or information you may have.