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The Perkins name

The New Dictionary of American Family Names by Elsdon C. Smith defines Perkins as "(Welsh) son of little Pier, pet form of Peter". The name seems to be fairly common.

Our history

Hiram L. Perkins signatureHiram L. Perkins (1825-1894) was apparently born in Mallorytown, Canada and the son of Israel and Polly (Mallory) Perkins. He lived in Theresa Twp, Jefferson Co, NY through 1860 before serving in the Civil War as a private in Company C, 10th Heavy Artillary, New York Volunteers. He enlisted at Philidelphia in August of 1862 and served in Washington for the first 18 months. He then served under Butler near Petersburg and with Sheriden in the Shenandoah Valley. He was discharged 26 Jun 1865. Hiram lived in Rossie Twp, St. Lawrence Co, NY until 1871, and settled in Frankfort Twp, Pepin Co, WI in 1872.

Hiram's first wife was Amelia French (d. 1862) by whom he had children James (1851), Emily (1857-1862), and Wilson (1859-1916), born in New York. His second wife was Susan Bishop (d. 1867) by whom he had a son, Adison (1867), in New York.

Hiram's third wife was Sarah McCrea (1841-1881). Their children Lucy (1868), Israel (1870-1955), and Rufus (1871-1948) were born in New York. Children Henry (1873), George (1874), Lucy (1876), and William (1881) were born in Wisconsin. Sarah apparently died while giving birth to William. Henry was adopted by the Fitzsimmons family, while Lucy was adopted by the Meehan family of Eau Galle.

Kate (1883-1959) was the child of Hiram's fourth wife, Melissa McCrea, a sister of his third wife. After Melissa died, Hiram married Margaret J. (Freeman) Bishop who finally outlived him. Five wives and twelve children. Hiram and Sarah are buried in Round Hill Cemetery in Pepin County. Israel and Wilson are buried in Porcupine Cemetery, Rufus is buried in Arkansaw Memorial Cemetery, and George moved to Alberta, Canada.

Hiram's parentsCensus records indicate that Hiram's father was born in Massachusetts, while his mother, Polly Mallory, was born in Canada. His father's name was Israel, but you wouldn't know if from this name on his marriage registration to Margaret.

Perkins links

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