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1908 Josef, Maria (Trontelj), and Mary Oven

Josef, Maria (Trontelj), and Mary Oven


1939 Maria (Trontelj) Oven and family

b: Mollie Scanlon, John Oven, Rose Witcraft, Maria (Trontelj) Oven, Mary Lushene, Josephine Mihelich, Joseph Oven; f: Ann Kramar, George Oven


The Name

We pronounce it OH-ven, but I believe it is AH-ven in Slovenia. Family members that have travelled to Slovenia say that the telephone directory indicates the name is as common in Ljubljana as Johnson is in America.

Slovenia was controlled by Austria when the family arrived in America. Then it was part of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes before the area became Yugoslavia. Anna Scott found the names Jacob and Frances (Poznik) Oven in the family bible. We know they had at least three children. They were Josef and Anton who came to America, and a sister in Yugoslavia.

Coming to America

According to his naturalization papers, Josef Oven was born in Strahomer, Austria (Slovenia) on 3 Oct 1875 (his obituary states Oct 4). He left Bremen, Germany on 3 Jan 1900 and arrived in Baltimore, MD on 27 Jan 1900 on the vessel Baltimore. His obituary states he arrived in Eveleth, MN from Ely, MN in about 1907. He married Maria Trontelj, a fairly recent arrival from Slovenia, on 21 Jan 1907 in Eveleth. He petitioned for citizenship on 28 Jan 1919 and was naturalized on 21 April 1923. Josef was employed from his arrival in Eveleth until his death from cancer in 1937 by Oliver Iron Mining. On 4 Nov 1930 at the Fayal mine, he lost his right thumb in an accident with a drill. Josef and Maria are buried in the Eveleth Cemetery.

Anton Oven was born in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (Slovenia) on 12 Mar 1886 according to the naturalization papers of his wife, Elizabeth (Glavine) Oven. According to his own papers, he was born in Austria in about the 1860s. He married Elizabeth on 23 Jan 1910 in Ljubljana. She left Havre, France on 17 Oct 1913 and arrived in New York, NY on 24 Oct 1913 aboard the vessel France. His intention papers of 24 Sep 1906 say he arrived in New York in Apr 1901. I assume he returned to Slovenia to marry Elizabeth. He became a citizen with Josef on 21 April 1923. Anton and Elizabeth are buried in the Eveleth Cemetery.

Frank Oven (relationship unknown) was born in Austria in 1868. He arrived in New York in May 1892 and filed his intention papers on 29 Oct 1894. He became a citizen on 12 Jul 1898. I don't know what became of this fellow, and I hope someone out there does.

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