Reflections? of an Old Soldier by Capt. David Parry?


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N.B. This page was created in response to false statements brought to
my attention by people who contacted me in search of the facts.--DGJ

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Contrary to reports by Glenn Kimball and Bill Knell, Captain David Perry (not "Parry") wrote Recollections (not "Reflections") of an Old Soldier, published in 1822. Read more...
Capt. David Perry was not one of George Washington's "closest friends and soldiers," contrary to recent claims. Perry did not "know" Washington. In his book, Perry mentions Washington only in passing. There was no close association or personal connection between them. David Perry NEVER mentions "an odd even which occurred at Valley Forge in 1777." Perry was never at Valley Forge. Read more...
David Perry wrote his autobiography himself, in his own words, by his own hand, expressly for his posterity. It was not written as a response to the 1790 Copyright Act passed by Congress. Perry contaced the printer personally; he was not solicited for his story. No "writer" wrote it for him. The printer, Simeon Ide, printed the manuscript free of charge due to its lasting worth and the author's poverty. The book was not financially successful, nor was it expected to be. Neither was it sold to the government, although the Library of Congress had acquired a copy by 1867.


David Perry never uses the phrases "Son of the Republic," or "most dreadful and fearful day," or the words "dreadful" or "fearful" in any context whatever. His account in no way corroborates Anthony Sherman's tale. Read more...

The only vision to which Perry refers is his own during his near-death experience in 1762...
Perry mentions "that ever-memorable eleventh of September" only only as he describes the remarkable American victory that day in 1814 over a vastly superior enemy invasion force on land and lake. Sept. 11th marked one of the decisive battles of the War of 1812. Read more...


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