Descendants - Recollections of An Old Soldier - the Life of Captain David Perry (1741-1826)

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Revolutionary soldier by A. Chappel


of Capt. David Perry
(known as of 2 January 2007)
compiled by D.G. Jones from ongoing research, both original & that of other descendants & researchers. (Sources.)
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for Capt. David PERRY & his wife Anna BLISS

jumpAPT. DAVID PERRY married Anna BLISS, daughter of John and Rebecca [Whitaker] BLISS of Rehoboth, MA, on 12 January 1764 in Killingly, CT.•   His brother Capt. Sylvanus Perry married his wife's sister Rebecca Bliss also in Killingly, CT, five years later -- both David and Sylvanus having moved to Killingly, David in 1763, Sylvanus about 1765.  (See Killingly, CT, Church records, film #1451024 Item 2; also the Biographical History of Tolland and Windham Counties, CT.).  
Anna BLISS was born 1 Apr 1739 or 1740 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. (a municipal copy of her christening record says 1739, numerous other sources list 1740; this is currently under investigation). 
David and Anna [Bliss] Perry were living with youngest son Nathaniel Green Perry [photo] and his family in Ira, Vermont, when David Perry died.  N.G. Perry's first wife, Roxanna [Hutchinson] Perry, died 2 Jan 1826 and is buried beside her father-in-law Capt. David Perry in the Riverside Cemetery in Ira.  
It is as yet unknown with whom Anna [Bliss] Perry resided after her husband's death in 1826, and sources differ as to her place of burial.  She died on 12 September 1835, reportedly in either Cornish, Sullivan, New Hampshire or across the river in Windsor, Windsor, Vermont.  Death and/or burial place given in sources varies and has not been conclusively documented; her grave has yet to be found, and such a search is difficult as there are many unmarked graves in the region.  Hopefully research will eventually reveal more information.  
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of Capt. David PERRY & his wife Anna BLISS

1. Sarah [Sally] PERRY, born 20 Oct 1764 in Killingly, Windham, Connecticut.
[PAF Files]
2. Sylvanus PERRY, born 3 Jan 1767 in Killingly, Windham, Connecticut.
[PAF Files]
3. Anna PERRY, born 17 Jan 1770 in Killingly, Windham, Connecticut.
[PAF Files]
4. David PERRY, born 4 Aug 1772 in Killingly, Windham, Connecticut.
[PAF Files]
5. Lucy PERRY, born 19 Jan 1774 in Killingly, Windham, Connecticut.
[PAF Files]
[6. Mary [Polly] PERRY was born 24 Sep 1776 in Killingly, Windham, Connecticut.
[PAF Files]
7. Hannah PERRY, born 3 Nov 1779 in Plainfield, Sullivan [then Cheshire County], New Hampshire.
[PAF Files]
8. Lt. Nathaniel Green PERRY, born 12 Feb 1782 in Plainfield, Sullivan [then Cheshire County], New Hampshire.
[PAF Files]
NOTE: If you know anything about the death, marriages, or etc., particularly of Anna, David, Lucy, or Mary [Polly] please share information. Futher information on and children and/or descendants is welcome and appreciated!

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of Capt. David PERRY & his wife Anna BLISS 

At the time he completed his Recollections of an Old Soldier, Capt. David Perry and Anna Bliss had (at least) 51 direct descendants.  Among the descendants of David Perry and Anna Bliss are the following (in alphabetical order, according to surname) :

Henry Bradley Alden of Boston, Ionia, Michigan.  Mary Emma [Bogue] Alden (Mrs. John Ferriss Alden) of Rochester, NY;   Alden Tilden Ayers of NH & Cleveland, OH;
George B. Baron of Perugia, Italy; Edward Franklin Bingham, Chief Justice of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (appointed by Pres. Grover Cleveland); Erastus Bingham (after whom Bingham Canyon, Utah, is named, and who has many descendants in UT, AZ, CA, etc.); Judge George Azro Bingham (Justice of the Supreme Court of NH), Judge Harry Bingham; Sanford Bingham, and William Bingham (whose descendants include judges, attorneys and doctors surnamed Gudmundson); Virgil G. Bogue of Seattle, WA (not to be confused with distant Bogue cousin Virgil T. Bogue of Seattle); Virgilia Bogue Baron, who served as the 1909 Portola Festival Queen in San Fransisco; Samuel Russell Bogue born of Lima, Peru, & Brooklyn, NY, and Samuel Russell Bogue, Jr., of CA; David Perry (or Perry David) Bogue of Brooklyn, NY, Westcott, Surrey, England, & Greenwich, CT; Frank Tefft Bogue of NJ & West Palm Beach, Florida; Abbie Mattocks and Charles Frederick Boswell of IL;
Adaline Adella Chase of Cornish, NH; Lucy C. Day of Kankakee, IL and Owen Lester Day of IL and VT; Annie Maria "Rye" [Bingham] Gudmundson of Riverdale and Logan, UT;   Effie M. Hart of Claremont, NH;   Arthur Halsey Kinsman & Darwin Bryant Kinsman, both of NH; Rev. Edwin Selden Lane of Rochester, NY; Oscar Chauncy Marshall of NH;
Albert George Perry of Randolph, VT; David and Martha [Durham] Perry of IL; Representative James Madison Perry of Kankakee, IL and Chicago; Eben Butler Perry of Ira, VT; Sylvanus Perry & poss. Nathan Perry of Morristown and Eden, VT (Sylvanus prob. lived for some time in Montreal, Canada; Nathan Perry's son Sylvester Perry was born in Canada or Vermont); David & Nancy [Gay] Perry and their daughter Mary Wealthy Perry (descendants of whom include Bogue's [above], and VanTassell's of MA); some Perry's in Herkimer and St. Lawrence Counties, NY;
Malcolm Perry Ross, Isaac Mann Ross and Ira Eugene Ross all of IL; Lois [Perry] Wetmore of VT; Joseph Danforth Willey of VT;
Also included are Morton's and White's in VT, and OH or IL; possibly Chamberlain's (Chamberlin's) of NH, VT & IL; and a number of members of both the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and the New England Historical and Genealogical Society (NEHGS).  Descendants of "Grandfather David" Perry still live in Ira, VT, where he died and is buried.

(NOTE: Further information and genealogical sources will be forthcoming.)

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(in alphabetical order, according to surname.)
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N.B. Relationship & generation given below is to Capt. David Perry & his wife Anna Bliss*.   Brief biographical information is included with each image (images and information © by Denise G. Jones).  
ALL PHOTOS and IMAGES ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT except those that are pre-1923 (which are in the public domain). © Denise G. Jones, 1999-present. Any use of information, images, or photos, without permission and acknowledgment is a violation of copyright laws. For contact information, click here. Note: IMAGES that state "COURTESY OF" are still COPYRIGHTED by Denise G. Jones, editor, the courtesy being extended to her only; permission to use must still be sought by contacting the editor. To do so click here


Henry Bradley Alden, grandson -- through Hannah* [Perry] Alden(2).
    (PAF Data on Henry Bradley ALDEN.)
Olive Ann [Wheelock] Alden, Eunice V. Alden and Miranda J. Alden,  wife, daughter and granddaughter of Henry Bradley Alden, son of Hannah [Perry] Alden(2).
Mary Emma [Bogue] Alden  (Mrs. John Ferriss Alden.)  2nd great-granddaughter (through Sylvanus Perry[2]); editor of the 1912 edition.  (Bio.
    (PAF Data on Mary Emma [Bogue] ALDEN.)

BINGHAM -- all through Sarah or Sally* [Perry] Bingham (2)
Edward Franklin Bingham, great-grandson. 
    (PAF Data on Edward Franklin Bingham.)
Elisha Erastus Bingham, 2nd great-grandson. 
    (PAF Data on Edward Franklin Bingham.)
    History of Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho.
Erastus Bingham, grandson.
    (PAF Data on Erastus Bingham.  Electronic edition of
    The Descendants of Erastus Bingham and Lucinda Gates.)
George Azro Bingham, great-grandson.
    (PAF Data on George Azro Bingham.) Other info•.
Harry Bingham, great-grandson.
    (PAF Data on Harry Bingham.)
Sanford Bingham, great-grandson.
    (PAF Data on Sanford Bingham.)
   Read about Thomas and Sanford and the Bingham Copper Mine in Utah
William Bingham, 2nd great-grandson.
    (PAF Data on William Bingham.)
    Photo of Bingham group: (Right to Left) William Bingham, daughter Annie Maria Bingham Gudmundson and her husband Arthur Daniel Gudmundson (and either her sister-in-law and brother Lafayette "Lafe" Bingham or sister-in-law and brother Lewis Bingham).  
Virgilia Bogue Baron,  3rd great-granddaughter -- through Sylvanus Perry(2).
    (PAF Data on Virgilia Bogue.)
1st cousins Abbie Mattocks Boswell & Lucy C. Day,  2nd great-granddaughters -- through Nathaniel Green Perry(2).
    (PAF Data on Abbie Mattocks Boswell* and on Lucy C. Day.)  

Lucy C. Day, 2nd great-granddaughter -- through Nathaniel Green Perry(2).
    (PAF Data on Lucy C. Day.)

GUDMUNDSON -- all through Sarah or Sally [Perry] Bingahm(2)
Annie Maria "Rye" [Bingham] Gudmundson, 3rd great-granddaughter, & her husband Arthur Daniel Gudmundson, Sr.
    (PAF Data on Annie Maria "Rye" [Bingham] GUDMUNDSON.)
Four Gudmundson brothers, 4th great-grandsons (through "Rye" and A.D. Gudmundson.  


KINSMAN -- through Hannah [Perry] Bingahm(2)
The Helen Maria Kinsman (photo 1) (photo 2), great-great-granddaughter. 
    (PAF Data on Helen Maria Kinsman.)

Albert George Perry, grandson -- through Nathaniel Green Perry(2).
    (PAF Data on Albert George Perry.)
Eben Butler Perry, great-grandson -- through Nathaniel Green Perry(2).
    (PAF Data on Eben Butler PERRY.)

James Madison Perry, grandson -- through Nathaniel Green Perry(2).
    (PAF Data on James Madision PERRY.)
Nathaniel Green PERRY, youngest son of Capt. David & Anna [Bliss] Perry.
    (PAF Data on Nathaniel Green PERRY.)  

(Please note:  If you have a photo or image to submitt, please send as an attachment or through postal mail, and include 1) your sources; 2) a brief biographical sketch of the descendant(s), as in the photos above; and 3) permission to use the image(s) on this site.  Thank you!)
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