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Obituaries- alpha index
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Obituaries- Alphabetical List of Names

Note: Females are listed by their maiden surname; married surnames are in brackets. Comments in brackets [ ] within the text of obituaries are those of this compiler. These comments were added to further expand the genealogical information contained therein.

Dawson, Thomas, 1860-1945, husband of Sarah Rebecca Russell
Forsyth, Alexander Dickson, 1864-1944, husband of Alma Emma Russell
Forsythe, Clellan Scales, 1895-1953, son of Alexander D. Forsyth:
    Obit No. 1, accidentally killed on hunting trip (whole article)
    Obit No. 2, survivors mentioned (excerpted)
Forsythe, William A, 1906-1968, car dealer, son of Alexander D. Forsyth.
Grove, Eleanor H., 1920-2005, long-time teacher in Houtzdale, PA
Haas, George, 1864-1907; From Alsace; 1st husband of Bertha Hohnke.
Haas, Nicholas, 1897-1920; WW I veteran dies in accident at Kyler Mines
Haas, Thomas H., (1928-2007); WW II Veteran
Heseltine, Robert, 1872-1950, Coal mine operator; noted choir singer.
Hohnke, August Carl (1882-1953), Coal mine supervisor, married twice.
Hohnke, Julius (1840-1908). Husband of Otillie "Tillie", nee. Sunburg.
Hohnke, Lewis H., 1885-1940, changed surname spelling to Hohnka.
Hohnke, Lewis Campbell, 1919-1984, Citizen of Philipsburg, PA, son of Lewis  H.
Hohnke, Wilhelmina "Minnie", 1848-1937, b. in Prussia; married 1st to Sheskie (Scheski, Sheskey) and 2nd to Srock (Schrock).
Jones, Sarah, 1846-1924, wife of Thomas Samuels, 1836-1906.
Kramp, Robert Carl, 1918-1974, son of Otto Streich and Emily, nee. Russell
Kramp, Robert William, 1873-1963, son of Johann and Hannah, nee. Marsh.
Lewis, Leah (Mrs. Lininger) (1885-1929); former wife of Julius Strike (Streich) and Mr. Rook.
Russell, Andrew Burt, 1877-1941, Primitive Methodist Minister
Russell, James Irven, 1908-1926, Artist, Architect and Adventurer
Russell, John Owen, 1894-1963, son of James F. and Mary Ellen, nee. Hughes
Russell, James Frederick, 1869-1957, son of Thomas and Jane, nee. McCallum (need to find)
Russell, Robert, 1849-1940, son of Thomas and Jane, nee. McNally
Russell, Thomas W., 1847-1928, son of Thomas and Jane, nee. McNally
Schrock, Ella Marie (Mrs. Johnson), 1893-1924, dtr. of Wilhelmina, nee. Hohnke; married to David A. Johnson.
Sherwin, Matthew H., 1847-1921, of Barnesboro, PA, patriarch of Sherwin family
Stempfly, Joseph John, 1862-1925. Swiss immigrant; husband of Amelia Streich.
Strike, Martha V. (Mrs Hebden), 1904-1907, only daughter of Julius Strike and Leah Lininger.
Strike, Otto Karl, 1877-1946, Born in Posen, Prussia; coal miner.
Stryke, Russell Otto, 1907-1996, son of Otto Streich and Emily Russell
Sunburg, Ottilie, 1841-1923. Wife of Julius HOHNKE
Wagner, Alice  (1909-2002). Well known teacher in Houtzdale area; a "book" of our family history is gone.
Wagner, August, 1852-1925, b. in Krauzlamburg, Pommern (Pomerania), brother of Charles M. WAGNER
Wagner, Charles Michael, 1849-1926, second husband of Henrietta Streich, nee. Hohnke

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