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Garnet, Mr
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Garnet through Pringel

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Name Entry Date Synopsis
Garnet, Mr 25 Aug 1878 resides Coxey; attend camp meeting
Grame, Mis 25 Jan 1878 resides at West Hartlepool
Gray, William 10 May 1879 travel agent, 5 North Rd, Durham
Grenwell, John 30 Nov 1877  
Grenwell, Margaret 29 Sep 1879 died; sister of Thomas Grenwell
Grenwell, Thomas 24 Nov 1877 Thomas butchers TG's pig
Grenwell, Thomas 27 Nov 1877 Thomas kills pig for TG
Grenwell, Thomas 30 Nov 1877  
Grenwell, William 30 Nov 1877  
Haggerty 15 Oct 1881 owner of Haggerty's Mill, Houtzdale
Hartley, William 24 Jun 1878 moved into Thrisel Nest
Hartley, William 11 Aug 1878 mowing a farmer's field
Haswell, Henry 19 Aug 1878 William Hartley pays for rent to Haswell
Hegegton, William 17 Jan 1878 companion of Thomas at work
Henderson, John 2 Feb 1878 sold pig to Thomas
Heseltine, John Thomas 11 Dec 1877  
Heseltine, Mary Ann 24 Nov 1877 travels to Wingate Station to visit parents
Heseltine, Mary Ann 11 Dec 1877  
Heseltine, Mary Ann 17 Dec 1877  
Heseltine, Mary Ann 26 Dec 1877 shifted to Hard Bushes
Heseltine, Mary Ann 1 Jan 1879 gives Nicholson Russell a present
Heseltine, Mary Ann 19 Jan 1879 visit from Station Town
Heseltine, Mary Ann 2 Apr 1880 gives birth to a daughter
Heseltine, Nickelson 11 Dec 1877  
Heseltine, Robert 11 Dec 1877  
Heseltine, Thomas 11 Dec 1877  
Heseltine, Wm Tennet 11 Dec 1877  
Heseltine, Wm Thomas 11 Dec 1877  
Heseltine, Wm Thomas 17 Dec 1877  
Howie, John 7 Dec 1877 suicide note?
Howie, Robert 15 Dec 1881 visits Thomas in Houtzdale
Johnson, of Gateshead 11 Jan 1878  
Jones, aberam, William Edward 26 Sep 1877 died in mine accident, Wheatley Hill Colliery
Klley, James Attick 26 Sep 1877 died in mine accident, Wheatley Hill Colliery
Lister, John 27 Oct 1877 embezzles from Relief fund?
Love, Mathew 13 Aug 1882 his horse breaks arm of Henry Farrow
Mason, Master 14 Dec 1880 bought pig from Thomas
Nelson, Richard 24 Oct 1881 resides Houtzdale, PA
Patterson, John 8 Dec 1879 rescuer in mine accident
Pattinson, Andrew 6 Sep 1879 death notice
Pece, Charles 27 Feb 1879 begs for drink of cold water
Powell, John 15 Nov 1877 death notice; resided at Morley
Pringal, Thomas 11 Feb 1881 charge man in mine