The Volturno Ship Disaster - October 1913

The Volturno Ship Disaster - October 1913

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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  LONDON, Oct. 14. - "The crew of the Volturno, most of whom were Dutch, behaved in a cowardly manner and were brutal to the passengers," is the verdict of most of the thirty survivors of the Volturno who arrived at Gravesend on board the Minneapolis this evening.
  All the survivors are man, Russians, Hungarians and Poles.  They are to proceed to their destination on board the Olumpia tomorrow.
  Stuart J. Fuller, United States Consul at Durban, who was a passenger on board the Minneapolis, said he had gathered from the survivors that there was no panic on board the burning ship and that on the whole good order had been maintained, though the passengers had been herded aft like a flock of sheep.
  One survivor told consul Fuller that the first boat lowered from the Volturno which was clashed to pieces against the steamers side and all its occupants drowned, was loaded mainly with women and children which indicated that the men had acquiesced in giving them precedence.
  Several of the survivors agreed when talking to Mr. Fuller tha the fire originated in an explosion of grease in a galley as a result of which several cooks and their assistants were killed.  Later a number of the crew and several passengers lost their lives fighting the flames.

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