Vantine Photographs



Thomas H. Vantine and Esther Shoop, his wife. Est 1890ish because Thomas died in 1892.

Thomas is the son of Hezekiah Vantine and Anna Mary Phillips of Armstrong county, Pennsylvania.


This photo was removed because evidence was submitted that the two people were mis-identified. Please excuse the error.

Submitted by Terri Manning Hickey
26 April 2007

Joseph R. Phillips and his wife, Catharine Vantine Phillips
est about 1900-1910

Catharine is the daughter of Thomas Vantine and Mary Scott, of Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania.

Terri also has provided Catharine's death certificate which is under the death certificates.

Joseph and Catharine Vantine Phillips

Submitted by a researcher
2 Apr 2007

Amy (d. 1925) and Charlotte (d. 1945) Vantine
daughters of Ashley Abraham Vantine
Look at those marvelous hats!

Amy married Lord Horatio Gilbert George Parker, also known as Gilbert Parker, the novelist. He wrote a book titled Pierre And His People: The Works Of Gilbert Parker (Paperback), by Gilbert Parker. Supposedly, the stories (or some of them) are about the Vantine family in Grand Isle and North and South Hero but set as fiction.

Charlotte married Daniel Bacon, a New York City stockbroker. Her son Daniel died in Japan according to a researcher. Lucille married John Aspergren.

Amy and Charlotte Vantine

Submitted by Erik Wetjen

James Curtis Vantine and his wife,
Martha Reynolds.

Est. 1930's.

Submitted by Stephen Gillespie

George J. Vantine, circa 1893.
Son of George Washington and Louise (Cablish) Vantine of Maysville, Kentucky


This lineage has been dead-ended in Philadelphia for years. If you know more about little George's great-grandfather Allan Vantine, Sr., I'd be most grateful to learn it.

Composite made by Linda Hole
Orin Vantine and Mary E. Vantine
Original copy of the photo was given to Linda by Lawrence Piening - Orin's grandson.
Submitted by Shari Ainsworth Kroner

"My greatgrandmother was Mary E. Vantine b. 11/16/1858 d. 8/2/1942 or Aug 7 1949. Her family came from Michigan (at least during her birth time frame). She married Hiram Norton Ainsworth 4/17/1876 (I believe). Children Grace, Harry Hoagland, Phillip and Robert and a Theo who apparently died early. I have found her on the 1900 census, but cannot locate her on any earlier census. I do not have
a clue who her family is and seeking any possible help."

Mary E. Vantine

Submitted by Paul McKowan

Alfred Chesebrough Van Tine and his wife,Emma Durkee circa 1890ish


nb. This was an amazing man. He lost his right arm in the Civil War.

William H. Van Tine
Identity very uncertain, photo from Fairfield County, Connecticut

Probably William H. Van Tine md to Jannet Rowels, he b. 1826 d. 1896 buried Bridgeport, Fairfield County, CT

Parents Henry Vantine and Rachel Rogers of
Fishkill, New York

Photo found at a flea market. Estimated taken 1860-1870.

Image extensively retouched! Very!!! poor .tiff file.

T. H. Van Tine
chr. 11 Mar 1821 - 26 May 1885
Raritan, NJ - New York City, NY
Very faint writing at the bottom of the picture is T. H. Van Tine and a date of 186[8/9].

While we can't be 100% certain, this is probably Thomas Hartwell Van Tine/Vantine. According to Ron Bryant, Thomas's sister, Catharine Castner Vantine, married Isaac Van Ostrand and lived on a farm about 28 miles north of Peoria.

This picture was bought from Ford and Nagle and identified as found at Peoria. In the same batch of pictures, Mr. Nagle tells me were Van Ostrand pictures, one of which is still listed for sale on their web site.

Photo retouched by sizing, dust and scratch removal, contrast.

retouched - 1/29/99


Stevens and Vantines, circa 1945?
Provided by Willard Smith
I'll try to provide exact labeling soon.

Photo retouched by sizing, dust and scratch removal, contrast.

retouched - 5/8/99