Vantine Court Records
New Jersey Supreme Court Case File #13572 Fisher vs. Vantine

This may look a little off because I had to scan one half and then the other and then piece them together.

The other side:
By Virtue of the within Writ to one
directed??, by Abm Dumont & Elisha Drake
good Summoners, I Summoned the within named
Charles Vantine, that he be before the Justices of
the Supreme Court of Judicature for the State of New
Jersey at the Day and Place within mentioned to
answer the within named Hendricks Fisher and Elis-
abeth his Wife, in a Plea that he render unto
them her reasonable Dower, which to her belongeth,
? and the within mentioned Premises, as within
it is commanded _______

Signature ?{Peter Dubois ????, Sheriff?}

Fisher & wife}
Vantine}         Dower

1778 or 1773