Robert Van Tine Bible




  • Robert Vantine md to Mary Beach Chapin and E.L. Dickenson

    The following items are on Bible Record, Page 2
  • Bogardus-Van Tine Bible Record  
  • John Vantine and Frances Phillips Bible Record (Bible record transcription in 1812 pension file and transcription in DAR records of original Bible in possession of Franklin G. Van Tine 1930.) 
  • Vantine Family History - written about 1895-1902 (original in possession of Sharon Van Tyne) 
  • Samuel Vantine and Ann Elizabeth Cobb Bible Record (original Bible in my possession) 
  • Cone-MacAdam Family Bible Record Not Available
  • McKellip-Kipp Family Bible Record
  • Samuel Vantine and Maria Snedeker Family Record (VanWickle Papers #4032/4033 - The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey) 
  • Vantine-McColm Bible (The Smallwood Bible)

Robert Vt Jr, HB Title page

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Robert Vantine, Jr., md to Mary Beach Chapin and E.L. Dickenson Family Bible Record  

Title page of Bible: 
Holy Bible, Hartford: published by R. White & Co., 1834  

Photocopy provided by Harriet Beach. Unknown if she has the original. Image is a low resolution GIF. 

Robert Vt Jr.,  HB Births page 1 Births  
First Column  
Robt F Van Tine  
28th Oct 1796  

Mary B Chapin (looks like Van Tine overwritten)  
August 28th 1798 (looks like 5? overwritten)  

E. L. Dickinson  
Feby 23rd 1847 (under the 1847 is written 1807)  
(written in on photocopy in blue ink is Born at Berlin Ct.)  

Second Column  
(written in on photocopy in blue ink is Born at Troy, N.Y.)  

Married 1816  

Married March 16th 1844

Robert Vt Jr., HB Births, page 2
First Column  
Lydia Ann Van  
Tine August the  
28th 1818 - - - -  

William Henry  
Van Tine  
March 19th 1820  

Cornelia Van Tine  
March 24th 1822  

Hellen Van Tine  
May 17th 1824  

Uriel Chapin  
Van Tine  
July 17th 1826

Second Column  
Francis Robert  
Van Tine  
February 8th 1829  

Laura Chapin  
Van Tine  
December 2nd 1832  

George Adolphus  
Van Tine  
October 11th 1836  

By 2nd wife  
Helen M. Van Tine  
April 23rd 1843  
(written to the side in red ink: my husband's great-grand mother)  

Albert Eugene  
Van Tyne July 18th 1849

Robert Vt Jr, HB page 4 Marriages  
First Column  
W H Van Tine 
Feby 16th 1842  

Lydia A. Van Tine 
June 22nd 1842  

F R Van Tine  

Cornelia Van Tine  

U C Van Tine  

(names of spouses not given)

Robert Vt Jr, HB page 5 Deaths  
First Column  
Mary B. Van Tine  
Died Jany 24th 1843  

Hellen Van Tine  
Died Sept 12th 1844  

Laura C Van Tine  
Died August 9th 1848  
(1848 written clearer above)  

L A Van Tine wife  
of D. Holbrook Died  
March 25th 1858  

Second Column  
Robt F Van Tyne  
Nov 27th 1868  

Elvira L Van Tyne  
August 10th 1887