Ashley A. Vantine

Papers found in the wallet
of Ashley A. Vantine

From photocopies provided in 1984 by Toni-Anna Tindall, owner of originals

Set 1 - written about 1890 by unknown person
This is transcribed pretty much as written. ^indicates words inserted above the line
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Genealogy of the Family of 
David Vantine of Chazy, N.Y. 

David Vantine son of Abraham and
Jane Merrihew Vantine was born
April 15-1789. Married Dec 31-
1817 Polly Houghton (B. July 18-1795] 
She died Dec 16-1867. He died Feb --1873.

1-Lester S. Vantine B. Dec 5-
1818 - M. March 10-1845 Maria
Weeks (Born Nov 30th 1820) She
died April 5-1859-- Remarried
Nov 10-1859 ^Mrs.^Mary Irish. He died
Sept 20-1865. She is now in 
Minneapolis, Minn.

Children of L.S. and Maria Vantine
(1)Darwin DeWitt, B. Jan 21-1848
M. Emma McFall ^Oct 13-1879^ of Danville, Ill. 
(B. April 10, 1857) ^lives at Whitewater, Wis.^ Children--

Page 2

Chaley[sic] L. B., July 18-1876 - D. Nov. 7-187[8]
Ralp [sic] E. B., Apr. 18-1878 - D. Nov. 2-1878
Eva A. B., Aug 28-1879 - D. July 25-1880
Roy E. B., Aug 23-1882 - D. May 18-1885

(2) Ashley David B., May 26 - 1854
M. Jan'y 31-1875 Nettie Whitmore
of Spring Prairie Wis. (B., ----)
Lewis Ashley B., Oct 5-1877
Gertie Evaline B., Aug 13-1883
^lives at Lyons, Wis^ inserted at side

2-Mary Jane Vantine B.,
Nov. 15-182-. M. Geo. Anderson
^Mrs. Mary Randall - Chicago
....[Marie] Bronson - Deceased
Mrs. Geo. Anderson - Deceased
....Chas Anderson - Deceased
....Ashley Anderson - [Willaminton, Conn]
Mrs. Ella Bryant - Kasas[sic] City^
this appears to be inserted in another handwriting

Page 3

3-Ashley A. Vantine B. Oct 12-
1822 M. at Marysville Cal. May
27-1846, Harriet Macy (B. Jan 11
1825) ^lives at N.Y. City^ They have the following children.

(1) Lottie. B. Oct 15-1858. M. Daniel
Bacon Nov. 10-1878. (They have
two children, Lucile and Daniel)
(2) Amy E. B. Oct 7-1864
^married Gilbert Parker of London Eng.^
this appears to be inserted in another handwriting

4-Marie Vantine B., Oct 27-
1824. M., Dec. -- 1844-Philemon
Bugbee (B. ----) He 
died May 30-1860. She lives at Chazy N.Y.

(1) Cornelia B., ---- M. Claudius Bugee
(2) Isabella B., ---- Married --- Miller
(3) Byington B., ----

Page 4

5-Charlotte A. Vantine B., Sept
2, 1827. M. Jan'y 1st 1850, Samuel
Otis Weeks. (Brother to Maria Weeks
Vantine)-- B. Norwich, Mass. June
28-1824-She died July 3, 1872 at
Lyons Wis. The following are their children 

(1) Mary Adeline. B. March 6-1851. M.
Miles H. Spery [sic] Dec 25-1882, Resides
near Helena Montana. They have two 
children, Wilber Frederick B. March 19-
1885-H[o]bert Gl[ee]n B., Sept 24-1887.

(2)Irene Keziah. B. Jan 3-1853. 
M. Nov. 25-1880. Lenard Cobb of 
Elkhorn Wis. They have two children.
Pliny Virgil B. Jan 30-1882
Mary Beatrice B. Aug. 27-1886.

(3)Frederick William B. March 16-1855 
Died Jan'y 22-1860

(4)Hobart Orin B., March 11-1857. 
M. July 3-1876 to Clara E. Hickok. 
(B. July 5-1857)^D. Feb 5, 18[69]^ Residence at
Whitewater Wis. Rena May their 

Page 5

only child was B. Sept. --1885 
Died March 22-1888

(5) Wilber George B. March 23-1859 
M. Aug. 23-1882. Beatrice Tilden
(B. Aug 23-1863) lives at Delevan Wis. 
They have two children.
Fred Burrows B., Aug 28-1883
Charles Tilden B., Sept 29-1885. D. Dec 2-1886 

6-Elizabeth M. Vantine B., Nov. 19-1829 
M. Geo. Barber Aug 27-1856. They 
have two children. He D., Mar. 22-1866.
Nettie B., ----
Charles B., ----
She M.---- Huse. One 
child. W. D. Huse. B.,---

7-Marriette Vantine B. Oct. 25-
1832. M. Sept 28-1857. Pliny F. Waters 
(B., May 11-1832) P.O. Glendale. Ohio.

Page 6

Children of Pliny & Marriette Waters
(1) Minnie. B., Aug 6 1859. D. Aug 6-1859
(2) Charles Pliny B. July 29-1860 D. Apr 20-1867
(3) Seward Elvi[r]us B., July 18-1864
(4) William Byron B., Dec 30-1870
(5) Pliny Howard B., Dec 19-1873
(6) Marriette Blanche B., Jan'y 9-1877

8-William D. Vantine B., May 11-1836 
M.----1864 Caroline Cos-
grove (B.,----) He died in 
---- 1869. They have one child 
Ashley Vantine B., Dec 22-1867. 
She lives at Portland, Oregon.

9-William Seward Vantine B., 
Feby 23-1838. M.---- Hannah 
Shoag [sic]. He was drowned in Lake 
Champlain ----1880. 
She M. ---- in ---- who was 
also drowned in the same lake.

Set 2- written 1 July 1920 or 26 by unknown person

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In the early 1700s three brothers came
from Holland to New York. Vantine
by name. In New York they seperated[sic],
one going West one remained in 
New York. The other went North
to Lake Champlain. And this is a 
record of the Decendants[sic] of Abraham
and Jane Merihew Vantine of Chazy, N.Y.

(Photocopy missed slight part of left edge)
David Vantine. Born Apr. 15-1789 -^1794?^
M. Polly Houghton, Dec 31-1817 B. July 18, 1795 - D. Dec 16, 1867
Children of David & Polly H. Vantine

1. Lester S. Born Dec 5 1818. Died Sept 20, 1865
M. Maria Weeks. B. Nov. 20-1820. Died April 5 1859
-- Mrs. Mary Irish Nov. 10-1859 ----

2. Mary Jane B. Nov. 15-1820
M. Geo. Anderson

3. Ashley A. B. Oct 12-1822. Died 1890
M. Harriett Macy. B. Jan 11, 1825 Died ----

Page 2

4. Maria. B. Oct 27-1824. Died May 30, 1860
M. Philemon Bugbee ---- 1844

5. Charlotte A. B. Sept 22-1827. D. July 3, 1872
M. Sam'l Otis Weeks Jany 1st 185[0] D. ----

6. Elizabeth M. - B. Nov 19-1829. D. --1866
M. George Barber Aug 27, 1856

7. Marrietta - B. Oct 25-1832
M. Pliny F. Waters B. May 11-1832

8. William D. - B. May 11, 1836. D. ----1869
M. Caroline Cosgrove

9. William Seward. - B. Feb 23-1838. D. ----1880
M. Hannah Hoag 

Page 3

Grandchildren of David and 
Polly H. Vantine that are living at the 
present time. July 1st 192[6]

1. Lester S. and Maria Weeks Vantine
Darwin D. ....................Ashley D. Burlington, Wis.

2. Mary Jane Vantine and Geo. Anderson
Chas. ...........................Ashley
Ella Bryant-Kansas City. .......Hattie [?Porier] Chicago
Katy [Haa]rt - Schriveport[sic]. La.

3. Ashley A. and Harriett Macy Vantine
Lotta Bacon New York City

4. Maria Vantine and Philemon Bugbee
Isabelle Miller Rochester, NY. ..........Byington

5. Charlotte A. and S. O. Weeks
Mary Sperry Milwaukee, Wis.
Hobart O. Weeks FonduLac Wis

Page 4

6. Elizabeth M. Vantine and Geo. Barber
Nettie B. (Dr.) Glen Falls, N.Y.........Charles

7. Maryette Vantine and Pliny F. Waters
Seward E. Orlando, Fla. .........William B. [Evelith] Minn
Nettie B. Waters - [Evelith] Minn.

8. William D. and Caroline Cosgrove Vantine
Ashley J. Portland, Ore.

9. William S. and Hannah Vantine
Merritt [Grand Isle, Vermont] 
Seward Grand Isle, Vermont