Marriage Affidavit

Marriage Affidavit for 
Carel Fonteyn and Catherine de Baile

copyright 2002 Carol V. Yocom

Marriage Affidavit for Carel Fonteyn

This document is in private (and very capable) hands in Florida. The holder's husband is a descendant of Jacques Fonteyn, son of Charles, through the Vantine line in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

The reverse of the document is unreadable although it is evidently an address. How interesting that information might have been. I have tried to provide the best possible image for you to download if you wish. The original photocopy is about 5.25 inches high by 6.25 inches wide. I don't know if that is the size of the original. This image file was enlarged to 8.5 x 11 and then reduced to fit a browser width. (At least that was the intention. Let me know if it isn't working.) 

Translation provided by a Family History Library International Desk Librarian and my son, James Yocom. I would certainly love to hear from anyone who can provide a better or more complete translation. Monsieur, 
Monsr Delafontaine sept retire [vers moy] 
suivant quil me lafe.t entendre afin d'avoir 
une attestaon de [son?] mariage [----]. Jay 
fest recherche dans le registre du feu Sr. Cure 
Msr. [-----] le Monn[----]. Les mariages qui y sont 'ne pasent point l'annee 1645. C'est  
pourquoi quil ma dit quil fut marie en  
1647 et ca a 'ete vous meme quil l'avez 
marie in les [------------] St. Catherine, vous 
pouvez  sans defit(tue) donner attestation 
en qualite de vic(caire) en cette ?comme 
vous avez celebre son mariage avec Catherine  
Bally en ladite eglise en l'annee 1647. Je suit  
[.....] j'ay toujours este votre tres humble serviteur. 

[signed by an attorney] 

[a Honnechy------] 
le 25 Mars 1658 

Mr. Delafontaine retired about seven years ago which is why I, who follow him answer, am given to understand that you want a proof of marriage. I have researched in the register of the late parish priest Mr. Le. Monn---- The marriages of which are not written past the point of year 1645. This is why [??] marriage in 1647. ----marriage in this -----[St.?] Catharine -----able----to give an attestation of -----this----you celebrated in marriage with Catherine Bally in the aforementioned church in the year 1647. ---I have always been ----- I am your very humble servant...... 

at [Honnechy]----- 
25 March 1658 

Well, it's better than nothing.