Fishkill DRC Transcription

Comparison of two transcriptions of the First Dutch Reformed Church of Fishkill.

If nothing else, this serves to illustrate how difficult a transcription can be even for two experienced and good transcribers. I put Worden's transcription ONLY if there was a difference between the two versions.

Records of the Dutch Reformed Church of Fishkill, Dutchess County, N.Y.
1731-1850, unknown, 1989. (

*First Reformed Church, Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York,
copied, typed, and indexed by Mrs. Jean D. Worden


Marriages Groom Bride
p. 3
30 Sep 1739 Abraham Fontyn, Y.M. Anneke Rouser, Y.D.
*30 Sep 1739 Abraham Fontyn Anneke Rouser
*15 Mar 1740 Cornelius Garrison Mary Precket
Note: I forgot to copy this entry from the first transcription. Cy
p. 4
29 Nov 1741 Willem Fonteyn, Y.M. Kniertje Wiltsie
*29 Nov 1741 Willem Fonteyn Kniertje Wiltsie
31 Oct 1742 Isaac Vantyn Jr., Y.M. Mollie Poogardis, Y.D. {sic}
*---------- Isaac Vautyn Mollie Bogardes
p. 6
7 Jun 1746

Koenradt Applie wid Eliz. Dobbel, Switzerland
K(r)iertje Wiltsie wid William Fontyne, Long Island

*7 Jun 1746 Koenradt Applie (wid. Eliz. Van Dobbel), Switzerland Kriertje Willsie (wid William Fonteyn), Long Island
15 May 1796 James Vantine Mary Kipp
* Note: Page missing in Worden. cy
p. 21
23 Oct 1796 Samuel Vantine Anna Hilleker
p. 23
10 Dec 1797 Hazel Thrasher Eve Vantine
Worden, p. 24
*6 Feb 1799 David Skinner Elizabeth Vantine
Note: Missing from other transcription? I need to doublecheck. cy
p. 26
18 Aug 1799 Henry Van Vleck Polly Vantine
Baptisms Parents Child Sponsors
p. 54
19 Dec 1731 Willem Lem Mary Jacob Titsoort
Agnietje Fonteyn Sara Van Heyning
24 Dec 1731 William Cort Maria Isaac Fonteyn
Maria Fonteyn Henne Dolff
*24 Dec 1731 William Cots Maria Isaac Fonteyn
Maria Fonteyn Henne Dolff
p. 56
29 Apr 1733 William Cort Cattryna Hendriyck Phillips
Marya Fontyne Marya Oostrom
*29 Apr 1733 William Coots Cathrynia Hendrick Phillips
Marya Fontyne Marya Oostram
p. 58
5 Apr 1735 William Schoots Jeams Abram Dalson
Marytye Van Tyne Marya Slot
*5 Apr 1735 William Schorts Jeams Abram Dolson
Marytje VanTyne Marya Slot
p. 63
10 Sep 1740 Abraham Fonteyn Marragrieta Abraham Dolsen
Anneke Ranser Marya Slot
Note from copy: These children (Cathrina & Marragrieta) are reversed in the handwritten transcript.
*10 Sep 1740 Abraham VanTyne Cathrina Abraham Dolsen
Anneke Rouser Marya Slot
Note: I don't know which of these two transcripts is correct. On the two generation lease Abraham had in 9 Partners, he named Catharine as the third person and she would be the oldest child cy.
10 Sep 1740? William Lem Willem Isaac Fonteyn
Angeniet Fonteyn Lena Dubois
p. 64
31 May 1741 Isaac Fonteyn Dorothea Dorothea Lent
Angeniet Fonteyn
Note from copy: (William Lamb married Angeniet Fonteyn, widow of Wm. Prikket, April 1730, Kingston Reformed Church records, by Hoes -- CWB) see p. 51 (71) for Issac
Note: I have no idea what this p. 51 reference means. What I do know is that Isaac was not the father, but one of the witnesses. cy
p. 66
10 Apr 1743 William Van Tyne Willem Cornelius Hegeman
Kniertje Wilse Marya Wilse
Worden, p. 68
*28 Apr 1745 Cornelius Garson Marya Isaac VanTyne
Marya Prickard & Marya Brouwer
Angienietje Joseph Gail
Docia Foeder
Note: I forgot to copy this entry from the first transcription. cy
2 Sep 1744 Isaac Van Tyne Catharina Cornelius Bogardus
Marya Bogardus Catharina Foeder
*2 Sep 1744 Isaac VanTyne Catharine Cornelius Bogardus
Marya Bogardus Catharine Tudor
p. 70
2 Feb 1746 Isaac Fontyne Rachel Joseph Garson
Mally Bogardus Rachel Bogardus
9 May 1746 Abraham Van Tyne Margreta Johannis Dolsen
Anneke Rouser Elisabette Buys
Note: Child is Marya in The Dutchess transcription. cy
*9 May 1746 Abraham VanTyne Margaret Johannes Dolsen
Annetje Rouser Elisabeth Buys
p. 72
28 Oct 1769 [sic] Isaac Van Tyne Robert Joseph Galleson
Marytie Bogardus & Marritje Catharina Bogardus
Note: This record has 28 Oct 1769 in the transcript, but all the surrounding dates are 1759. Worden has 1759. cy
*28 Oct 1759 Isaac VanTyne Robert Joseph Gallison
Maryte Bogardus & Marritje Catharina Bogardus
p. 75
3 Nov 1761 Isack Van Tyne Elisabeth
Mallie Morrie
Note from copy: Should be Bogardus, see bp 1764
*3 Nov 1761 Isack Van Tyne Elisabeth
Morrie Bogardus
p. 79
19 Aug 1764 Isack Van Tyne Margrieta
Marya Bogardus
*19 Aug 1764 Isaak Van Tyne Margrieta
Marya Bogardus
p. 85
15 Nov 1772 Cornelis Britt Frances
Raghel Van Tyne born July 21
*15 Nov 1772 Cornelius Britt Francis
Rachel VanTyne b. July 21, 1772
Worden, p. 91
*25 Dec 1784 Ezekiel Feby (?) Barent
Ariantje Van Tyne b. Oct. 16, 1783
Note: I believe this was transcribed as Van Dyne in the other version. I'll recheck. cy
p. 91
4 Jun 1785 Henry Scouten Sally
Polly Vantine Oct. 12, 1785 {sic}
*Worden the same
p. 97
15 Oct 1786 Henry Schouten Isaac
Polly Van Tyne Oct. 8, 1785
p. 113
28 Oct 1792 Robert Vantine Henry
Sarah Carpenter May 14, 1792
* Oct 1792 Robert Vantine Henry
Sarah Carpenter b. May 14, 1792
p. 136
30 Aug 1801 Henry Van Vleck Peggy Lingo
Mary Van Tyne July 25, 1801
p. 140
5 Jun 1803 Henry Van Vleeck John
Mary Vantine Jany 19, 1803