Conewago Records

Records of the Reformed Church at Conewago, Pennsylvania


Records of the Reformed Church at Conewago - Marriages 1789 to 1793
Contributor: Jack Middaugh

"The following is a register of the marriages performed by the Rev. George G. Brinckerhoff while pastor of the Reformed Church at Conewago.

Mar 23, 1790 - Cornelius Bodine to Annatie Fonteyn
Apr, 1793 - James Fonteyn to Sally Fonteyn

The spellings given above are as they appear in the document. The list of marriages appears to be records of marriages that are not included in the list of Conewago marriages published in the Somerset County Historical Society Quarterly in 1914.

The location of the original of the above list at the present time is unknow but back in 1915 it was in the possesion of a Miss Mary A. Demerest of New Brunswick, NJ whose family had been loaned the document by Mr. John M. Brinckerhoff of Moravia, NY who apparently was a descendant of the Rev. George Brinckerhoff who performed the marriages."

Conewago Baptisms
There are several sources for the baptisms at Conewago. I have photocopies of the Vantines in Conewago Baptisms:: in Alphabetical Order, by Betty Yenne, July, 1963. Of course there is the SCHQ list in 1914, and there is an online abstract at

Conewago Colony, Pennsylvania

Conewago Baptisms

When I am next at the Family History Library, I will make copies of the Somerset County Historical Society Quarterly for comparison.

Vandyn  Elizabet  4 Jul 1779  Charel  Maria Amerman I have this Charles as son of
  Antie 21 Dec 1781 (Seharel Fontyn)   Charles and Elizabeth Smock Fonteyn.
  Suttie 15 Feb 1784    
  Thomas 16 Jul 1786    
  Genny 17 Apr 1790    
Van Tien Annatie 31 May 1772 Serrel Elizabeth Smock I have this Charles as son of
  Saartie 17 Apr 1774 (Searel Vandyen)   Charles and Unknown wife Fonteyn.
      (Sarel Fonteyn)
Vanteyn Antie 28 Apr 1776 Saral Arreiantie Van Nuys I have this Charles as son of
  Maria 2 May 1779     Jacques and Neeltje Bouman Fonteyn.
  Catline 9 Mar 1783
Vantyn  Neeltie  2 Mar 1783  Thomas  Annatie Hoogtely I have this Thomas as son of
  Hezekiah 10 Apr 1785     Jacques and Neeltje Bouman Fonteyn.
  Maria 14 Oct 1787    
  Wilhelms Hoogteling 15 Nov 1789 This child isn't listed online or in the Yennes copy, but I believe is in SQ.
  Wilhelmus Hoogteling 15 May 1790
Bornet  Neeltie 26 Nov 1760 Jerse  Maries Vantein I have this Maria as daughter of
  Jaques 8 May 1763 (George)   Jacques and Neeltje Bouman Fonteyn.
  Johannis  22 Oct 1775     
  Johanes 22 Apr 1778    
  Thomas 30 May 1790
Arriantie *** Sep 1792
Bodyn  Antie  8 Nov 1789  Abraham  Neetie Fontyn I have this Neetie as daughter of
  Arrietta 19 May 1793 Sponsor: Larnie Smook   Charles and Ariantije Van Nuis Vantine.
Demarest  No Name  20 Dec 1789  Albert  Maria Fonteyn I have this Maria as daughter of
  Elizabeth 22 Jan 1792     Charles and Elizabeth Smock Fonteyn.
Jansen  Toomas  18 Oct 1772  Toomas  Anneatie Fontyn I have this Anna/Hannah as daughter
  Liesebet 5 Sep 1779   (Vantien) of Charles and Unknown Wife Fonteyn.
Smock  Jacob  27 May 1770  (Jan)  Lena Van Teyn This is a problematic family.
  Hendreck 3 Mar 1776     There is an older Lena, daughter of Charles and Magdalena Reynerse, who married a Jan Smock, but her family is well accounted for in NJ. This is generally thought to be the Sally, daughter of Charles and Unknown Wife Fonteyn, who married John Smock and died in Mercer county, Kentucky, but that could be wrong. I wonder if there is a missing daughter for Jacques and Neeltje Bouman Fonteyn.
  Abraham 14 Feb 1779    
  Jacobus 23 Sep 1783    
  Isaac 4 Jun 1786    
(Willemse) Wilein  1769 Williampe  (Blank) Fonteyn ** No idea who this is.
The following are probably Van Duyns and not Vantines
Casart  David  23 Oct 1769  David  Saetie Van Duin *
  Pieter 31 May 1772  
  Maregrita 13 Mar 1774  
  Danys 10 Mar 1776    
  Jacob 8 Mar 1778    
  Ride 17 Jan 1780    
Maria *** 20 Jan 1787
Williamm  Peter  27 May 1770  Jores  Gesyes Van Duyn **
*The web abstract has a note that "Saetie is sister to Dennis & Charles Van Duin."
Dennis is certainly a Van Duyn (and vs spellings), but there is no Charles Van Duyn.
The only Charleses are Vantines (and vs spellings). It would be interesting to know
how the conclusion that Saetie was a sister was drawn. Which family is she
really related to? I believe she is a sister to Dennis Van Duin, not to Charles.
**I don't know who these are. Van Duyn or Vantine, or if Vantine, which family.
*** From the Betty Yenne transcription. There are differences in the transcriptions.