Family Album of George and Mary Jane Vantine Anderson
courtesy of Jean D.


Jane Vantine
daughter of David and Polly Houghton Vantine

b. 15 Nov 1820
d. 12 Jan 1870
buried Ingraham Cemetery, Chazy, Clinton county, New York

George Anderson est 1845

"There was Abraham, then Ashley David, then Jane, or Mary Jane, then Katie and Hattie Anderson, then Jessie Hart ... Jessie had an older sister, Cora, who had a big society wedding and a trousseau (remember trousseaux?)  So I'm sending pictures of Cora and Jessie, both Vantine descendants, and a couple with Cora bedecked in her trousseau ensembles." -- Jean D.

Jane Vantine
Anderson Twins (Katie and Hattie?) Anderson Twins
Katie Anderson Katie Anderson
Katie and Harry Hart on their honeymoon Katie and Harry Hart on Honeymoon
Samuel and Katherine Anderson Hart
Kate and Samuel Hart
Katie Anderson Hart before Jessie's birth Katie Anderson Hart
Katie Anderson Hart Katie Anderson Hart
Cora and Katie Hart Cora and Katie Hart
Cora Hart's Trousseau Cora Hart's Trousseau