Will Records Abstracts-Warren Co., NC

VOLUME 14 1807-1809
Page 114
Nov. 3, 1807. Will of William BARTLETT; wife Elizabeth, eldest son Samuel 5S; son Thomas 5S; beloved son Richenson 5S; plus all Iíve already given them; daughter Mary, wife of William KELLEY of Edgefield county (SC) all my cattle, etc.

VOLUME 16 1811-1812
Page 5
February, 1811. A list of strays from February 1810 to February 1811. Elizabeth BARTLETT purchased a stray heifer.

Page 120
Lists of taxables for Warren County for 1811, shown by districts. [See Tax Lists]

VOLUME 17 1812-1813
Page 106
List of taxables for Warren County for 1812. [See Tax Lists]

Page 164
Estate Sale of William BARTLETT; total of L27. [See Wills and Estates]

Page 166
May, 1813. Estate sale of Elizabeth TUCKER; items purchased by William BARTLETT, Spious BARTLETT and Edmund MAYFIELD.

Page ?
List of taxables for Warren County for 1813. [See Tax Lists]

VOLUME 18 1813-1814
Page 290
List of taxables for Warren County. [See Tax Lists]

VOLUME 20 1816-1817
Page 27
Feb., 1816. William BARTLETT, William DAVIS and Michael W. PASCHALL post bond of L1000; William BARTLETT as guardian to Judah BARTLETT, a minor orphan girl. [See Wills and Estates]

Page 29
Feb., 1816. Account of the estate of Fanny BARTLETT by William BARTLETT. [See Wills and Estates]

Page 167
May, 1823. William BARTLETT, his accounts as administrator of Samuel BARTLETT, deceased; amount of estate at $455.

VOLUME 26 1824
Page 192
May, 1824. Thomas PASCHALL, as executor of Robert PASCHALL, receipt of $1.90 from William BARTLETT in 1821.

Page 248
May, 1824. Thomas PASCHALL as executor for Thomas [?] PASCHALL; William BARTLETT paid $112.95 to estate in 1821 and purchased a negro. Also Joseph and Edmund MAYFIELD purchased negroes. Mentions Shocco creek.

[From LDS Microfilm. Researched and contributed by Judi Dyckman, 1998.]

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