The Will of John Bartlett, Claiborne Co., TN 1847

Claiborne Co., TN 1839-1847

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following research is from my own records...many obtained from the dozens of trips to Claiborne County over the years. Barbara A. Bartlett Thomas, Great-Great-Great Granddaughter of John Bartlett and Nancy Mason.

Claiborne County, TN Will Book A 1837-1846
19 August 1839. John BARTLET was a purchaser of the Inventory of the Estate of Susanah O. DANIEL.

Claiborne County, TN Will Book A 1837-1846
31 December 1842. Years provision set apart to Malinda EDWARDS, widow of James P. EDWARDS, by Hugh JONES, John BARTLET, and Marcurious COOK.

Claiborne County, TN 28 October 1847

I John BARTLET do make and publish this as my last will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.
First I direct that my Funeral Expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my Executors.
Second I Give and bequeath to my beloved wife Nancy BARTLET all the remaining portion of my property after my Funeral Expenses as a law both real and personal during her natural life or widowhood and if in case of my wifes Second marriage it is my will and desir that all of my property be Equally divided between my wife and all of our children and provided She never marries a second time it is my wish that at her death She make such dispossion of my property as She may think to be equitable and right.
Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint Reuban MASON and my beloved wife Nancy BARTLET Executer and Executor in witness whom of I do to this my will Set my hand and seal this 28th day of October 1847.



Signed Sealed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names hereto in the presents of the Testator.


Claiborne County, Tennesee
Will Book "C" 1846-1854, Page 216

An Inventory of the Estate of John BARTLET Deceased as Returned By the Executors To Wit
4 head of Horses about 17 head of Cattle 25 head of Sheep 30 head of Hogs with household and Kitchen furniture Provision being made in the will of the Deceased that the Widow have the Entire Estate after all of his Just Debts are paid off The Executors is of opinion that the Debt can be paid without Sale of any of the property which is and will be Done and there will be no Sale of Said Estate. (typed as written in court record).

Nancy BARTLET & Reuban MASON, Executors

Contributed by Barbara Bartlett Thomas

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