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The following is from: Cotton, Jane Baldwin., "Maryland Calendar of Wills", (Baltimore, MD: 1904). The numbers in brackets are the Will Book number: page number. The first date is date of the will; second date is date of probate.


[21: 288]. THOMPSON, John, Dorchester Co., 10th Jan., 1734; 20th Feb., 1734. To wife Jane, extx., dwelling plantation during life; at her decease to John son of Joseph THOMPSON, personal estate during life; at her decease to be divided between cousins Joseph and John. To cousin John and hrs., parts of "Thompson Meadows," "Brotherly Kindness" and "Partnership." To William BARTLETT, 100 A. "Amboy;" and personalty. To Sarah MACKGOVERY and sister Reb. RITCH, personalty. To John son of Abraham KEMEY, "Luck by Chanoe," except 5 A. adjoining the mill which is bequeathed with the mill to wife afsd. during life; at her decease to brother Charles. To brother Charles, "Mount Pleasant." To cousin Joseph and hrs., 235 A. "Thompson's Addition," 50 A. "Prevention" and residue of real estate. Test: Thomas THOMPSON, Grace THOMPSON, Thomas HICKS. (Probated in presence of Joseph, eld. brother of testator.)
[MD Calendar: Vol. 7: p. 121]


Sarah BARTLETT renounces administration on estate of late husband Nicholas BARTLETT, of Kent Co., to Richard COLE; 5th April, 1723.
[MD Calendar: Vol. 5: p. 172]

[22: 458]. TOPPIN, Sarah, widow, Kent Co., 4th Dec., 1741; 14th Dec., 1741. Son John BARTLETT and dau. Rachel (TOPPIN) to be under care of John CARVILE, ex. during minority. Dau. Elizabeth (TOPPIN) to be under care of Mary WILLIAMSON during minority. To daus., afsd. entire estate in equal parts. Test: Henry ENLOWS, Thos. THOMAS, Mary HARVEY.
[MD Calendar: Vol. 8: p. 257]

     Nicholas, of KE Co. [Kent Co.], d. by 19 June 1725, when his est. was admin. by Richard COLE of QA Co. [Queen Annes Co.], admin. [MD Administration Accounts 6:365]
[Ref: The Maryland Indexes]


[22:132]. BARTLETT, Thomas, planter, Somerset Co., 28th Sept., 1739; 21st Nov., 1739. To wife Margrett, 1/3 personal estate and entire real estate during life. To sons Paskque, ex., and hrs., Thomas and hrs., estate at death of wife. To child. of son William, 1s. To Paskque and Thomas and daus. Sarah and Hannah, residue of estate. Test: John HANDY, William VENABLES and Robert MEARS.
[MD Calendar: Vol. 8: p. 63]


[4:289]. DAVIES, Thomas, Island Ck., Great Choptanke R., Talbot Co., 10th May, 1687; 4th Feb., 1687-8. John SAYWELL, Talbot Co., ex, and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. WOODWARD, Jno. POPE, Jno. ALDRIDGE, Sarah BARTLETT.
[MD Calendar: Vol. 2, p. 21]

[11:327]. STANTON, Francis, Talbot Co., 22nd May, 1703; 5th July, 1703. To sons Thomas, Francis and John and to dau. (unnamed; a young infant), personalty. Wife Susanna, extx. and residuary legatee. In event of her death during minority of child., sons afsd. to be in care of Jno. BARTLETT, Jno. TIBBALLS, and Dan'l WALKER. Test: Thos. SMITHSON, Rich'd WILLIAMS, Lawrence HACKETT.
[MD Calendar: Vol. 3: p. 12]

[3:1]. MORRISON, William, Claiborne's Island, Talbot Co., 20th Dec., 1703; 24th Jan., 1703. To son William, ex., at majority, entire estate, real and personal. Jno. THOMAS of Lowes Island and Hugh SPEDDEN guardians of son afsd. In event of death of sd. son during minority or without issue, estate to be used for the poor of the parish. Test: Jno. OLDHAM, Jno. BARTLETT, Thos. GRUNDY.
[MD Calendar: Vol. 3: p. 31]

[13:451]. BARTLETT, Thos., blacksmith, Tredhaven Creek, Talbot Co., 5th Nov., 1711; 23rd Nov., 1711. To eld. son Thomas and hrs., 200 A., part of "Radclife Manor" called the plantation. To 2nd son John and hrs., 300 A., part of sd. manor called "The Great Neck," lying next his brother Thomas' land; also, 50 or 60 A., lying next Thomas BROOK's land, he paying to Mary LOWE, dau. of John LOWE, 20. To youngest son James, 300 A., part of manor afsd. To eld. dau. Mary, wife of John LOWE, and her hrs., 150 A., part of sd. manor. To dau. Hester, wife of Howell POWELL, certain money. To wife Mary, personal estate and plantation during life. To young. sons John and James, exs., personal estate. Test: Jonathan TAYLOR, Eliza. WILSON, Ennion WILLIAMS.
[MD Calendar: Vol. 3:p. 231]

[21:742]. DIXON, Isaac, planter, Talbot Co., ______, 1736; 22nd March., 1736. To son Christopher and hrs., "Ending of Controversy," "Bonnet Hill" and pts. of the tracts adj. thereto "ASHBY," "DIXON's Outlet" and "COTTINGHAM," which now compose dwelling plantation; should sd. son die before age of twenty-five and without issue, sd. lands to son Isaac and hrs., on condition he convey to youngest son John his rights in tract called "Jereusalem," hereinafter devised to son Isaac; shd. he refuse to do so, dwelling plantation afsd. to revert to son John, and hrs.; and personalty.

To son Isaac and hrs. "Jereusalem," pt. of which bon. of James RATCLIFFE; shd. sd. son die before age of twenty-five and without issue, sd. lands to son John and hrs.; and personalty. Care and tuition of son Isaac, with custody of his estate until age of 21, to Joseph BARTLETT.

To son John and hrs., land lying in Talbot Co., bou. of Anne COCKAYNE, sd. son dying before age of twenty-five, sd. lands to son John and hrs.; and personalty. To dau. Elizabeth, personalty; residue of personal estate to sd. children. Exs.: James RATCLIFFE, James WILSON, Jr., Joseph ATKINSON, Joseph BARTLETT. Test: James TILGHMAN, Farrill GALLAHER, William FLETCHER, John REYNOLDS.
[MD Calendar: Vol. 7: p. 205]

[22: 55]. HOPKINS, Dennis, planter, Talbot Co., 19th Feb., 1738; 24th Apr., 1739. To eldest son John, third son Richard, fourth son William, and fifth son, Samuel, 1s. each, they having received their portions. To second son Dennis and hrs., 100 A. of "Hopkins Point," where he now lives, that is to say, as far as the div. line bet. his bro. John and he, held now by Henry NICOLLS, and at upper end bet. line of Joseph HOPKINS and him which is now BARRETS. To sixth son Joshua and hrs., after decease of wife, dwelling plantation, being 106 A. of "London Derry," and personalty. To daus. Susannah PARRATT and Sarah BARTLETT, personalty. To wife Elizabeth, extx., use of dwelling plantation and personal estate during life, at her decease personalty to be divided among all children then living. Test: Lambert BOOKER, Russell ARMSTRONG, William PRICE.
[MD Calendar: Volume 8: p. 28]

[22: 98]. LOOCKERMAN, Magdalon, widow of Jacob, Talbot Co., _____, 173__; 30th Oct., 1739. To son John EDMONDSON, ex., to grandchild. William, James, Magdalen, Susanna, and Sarah, child. of son William EDMONDSON, to afsd. son William, to son-in-law Howel POWEL, husband of dau. Sarah, to grand child. Benjamin, Sarah and Elizabeth POWELL, to friends Union WILLIAMS and John STEVENS and to afsd. dau. Sarah, entire estate. Test: Thorna [Thomas?] BARTLETT, N. GOLDSBOROUGH, Edward BRUMEGEN.
[MD Calendar: Volume 8: p. 37]

[23: 438]. DARDEN, Rebecca, widow of Stephen, Talbot Co., 22nd April, 1736; 13th March, 1744. To son Joseph, ex., and hrs., test. int. in "Hopewell", Kent Co. and residue of personal estate. To dau. Rebecca, wife of Morgan BROWN, planter, Kent Co., 30, they are to release any claim on estate of test. or her late husband. To granddau. Rachel BARTLETT, to Rebecca ABNER, and Pheobe TURNER, John COX and Rebecca TROTH, dau. of George, 2. To Isaac, son of Edward TURNER, dec'd, personalty at 21 yrs. To granddaus. Sarah DARDEN and Rebecca _______, personalty. Test: William SHIELD, James WILSON, Jr. (Quaker), Edw. REESSON, John ERWIN, Shadrach BOLDFIELD.
[MD Calendar: Volume 8: p. 258]

     John, m. by 2 Nov 1720, Eliza'th, admnx of Edward WEBB of TA Co. [Talbot Co.]
[MD Administration Accounts 3:344]

     John, m. by 2 Nov 1720, Elizabeth, admx of Roger WEBB of TA Co. [Talbot Co.] [MD Administration Accounts 3:344]
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