Will of John White, Henry Co., KY

Dated Nov 13, 1826, Proven Oct, 1828
Henry County, KY

Will Book 4, Page 33

In the name of God, Amen I John WHITE of Henry County Kentucky of sound mind and knowing that I must die, do make this my last will and testament. First my soul is immortal and I trust and hope that Christ has long since paid all my spiritual debts. And that through his death and merits and that only - I shall at the great day be admitted to take a seat at his Table.

As to the property which I am possessed of, I bequeath as followeth.

1st First as by my marriage contract with my last Wife She is entitled to the two negros named Winnys that contract I now ratify and confirm to do with as her Exors etc may be advised by her will~

2 Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Betsy BARTLETT one Dollar and would give her more but as she has been already fully provided for by me I give her no more

3rd Item I give to my son Thomas one Dollar and would give him more but as I have already given him his full share of my Estate I give him no more~

4th Item My son John and my son Archibald in their lifetime both received their full share of my Estate Therefore I give their heirs only one shilling~

5th Item I give to my daughter Sarah CASTLEMAN one Dollar and would give her more but my said Daughter has already received her share of my estate~

6th Item I give to my son William four hundred Dollars to be paid out of my Estate~

7th Item I give to my Daughter Polly SAMUELL the sum of Two hundred Dollars to be paid out of my Estate~

8th Item I will and direct notwithstanding the 4th Article of this Will that my Grandsons Morgan B. WHITE and Archibald WHITE sons of my son Archibald have One hundred Dollars each to be paid them out of my estate~

9 Item I also will and direct that my Grandchildren by my Daughter Sarah CASTLEMAN Six in number be paid the Sum of four hundred Dollars to be paid them out of my Estate the sd. Six children intended herein are Green__, Alfred, George, Jane, Francis and Sarah to them and each of them to be equally divided

10th Item It was my intention to have left a portion of my Estate to my son Richard but having understood and believeing it true that through his imprudence and gambling etc that he has contracted debts to an amount now owing more than I could or should have left him as a legacy and unwilling than any of my estate Should be disposed of in such way. I therefore leave the residue of my Estate both real and personal to my Son Thomas notwithstanding the 3rd Item in this will. He having pledged himself Satisfactorily to me to see that my said son Richard wants for nothing in the way of Support such as diet Boarding Clothing etc. I do hereby appoint Thomas WHITE and Robert SAMUELL to carry this will into complete effect hereby revoking all other wills signed sealed and delivered in the presents of us this 13th day of November 1826


William ROGERS

Henry County Court October Term 1828

An Instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of John WHITE decd was this day produced into Court and proven by the oaths of Joseph M.THOMASSON and James T. PAYNE subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be admitted to record which is accordingly done.
  Att    Edmd PTHOMAS c

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