Will of Anthony Bartlett, Henry Co., KY, 1819

Dated May 24, 1819
Henry County, KY

Will Book 2, pp. 281-282

I Anthony BARTLETT of the Town of New Castle and State of Kentucky do make and declare this my last Will and Testament

To-wit - First I desire that all my just debts be punctually paid.

Secondly, I give to my wife Nancy BARTLETT during her life the house & lott whereon I now live in the Town of New Castle aforesaid - commensing [sic] 10 feet South of the South corner of said house on Main Street thence North on Main Street 15 feet north of the north corner of said house to same back to the lott I conveyed to Isham HENDERSON; also all my household furniture and six slaves towit - Thornton, Oliver, Lucy, Winney?, Jupitor, and Charlotte, all which property at her death to be equally divided amongst my children, except the furniture aforesaid which she may dispose of as she pleases.

Thirdly, I give to my son George BARTLETT and his heirs forever one hundred acres of land near New Castle on Drennons Creek to include the brick house which he has lately built thereon the said 100 acres to be laid off, in such form as he may chose [sic] - with the amount of my Exors herein after named or a majority of them -

Fourthly, I desire and empower my Exors to sell and convey all or any portion of my lands whether in or out of the State of Kentucky. Also all or any portion of my lotts in the Town of New Castle aforesaid. Also to settle by compromise any disputes or enterferances that may exist on any of my land claims and to make conveyances if necessary, and to make conveyances to any person or persons entitled thereto by Virtue of any instrument or instruments of writing whereby I have bound myself, to convey any portion of my lands or Town Lotts.

Fifthly. After the payment of all of my just debts, I desire that my estate (except what I have above disposed of) may be equally divided amongst my children the value of said 100 acres without improvements is to be taken as so much of my son George’s share, and if that value shall be more than his equal share he is to pay to the rest of my children so much money as will give to them an equal share of my estate with himself.

Sixthly, As to that portion of my estate ^which^ shall fall to my daughter Prudence MOORE (all other provisions to the contrary not withstanding, I desire that the title thereof shall shall [written twice] be Vested in my son George in trust for the use and benefit of my said daughter Prudence and her children if any she may have.

Lastly, I do appoint my wife Nancy BARTLETT, James BARTLETT, William BARTLETT, George BARTLETT, William BLACKBURN, George BLACKBURN Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal this 24th May 1819.

  (Signed) Anthony BARTLETT {Seal}

Signed, Sealed and Delivd in the presence of us and Witnessed by us at the request of Testator in his presence of [sic]

Henry County July Term 1819.

The Last Will and Testament of Anthony BARTLETT Deceased was produced in Court proven by the Oaths of Isham HENDERSON, John COWAN, John SAMUELL and Robert SAMUELL subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.


Transcribed by Sandra G. Taylor from LDS microfilm-1997.

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