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Unless otherwise noted, the following abstracts are from History of Perquimans County by Ellen Goode (Mrs. Watson) Winslow (Raleigh, NC: Edwards & Broughton Co., 1931).


Page 56. Thomas JACOCKS, & Ann his wife, of the Co. of Albemarle, "assigned within mentioned Sale of land" unto Wm. BARTLETT. 29-11mo 1689. Test’ Henry WHITE, James DAVIS. (Wm. BARTLETT above, married Elizabeth DURANT, dau of George, & Ann MOORWOOD.)

Page 59. Robert SMITH assigns right to within mentioned "bill of Sale" to Wm. BARTLETT. April 18, 1689. Robert, & Ann SMITH. Test’ Henry WHITE. Samuel PRICKLOVE Reg of writings for Perq Pre’ct.

Page 67. John BENTLEY, Cooper—(son of Richard, of Perq Pre’ct, Cooper, Dec’d) sold 100a (part of a grt unto his father Richard BENTLEY, 15000a, Mar 29, 1680) unto Joyas (Josiah) FENDALL, adj Cornelius LEARY, & Henry NORMAN. Feb 4, 1691. Test’ John HARVEY, John PHILPOTTS, Alexander LILLINGTON.

Page 70. Articles of agreement; between John FOSTER, of Perq Pre’ct, planter--& Stephen PAINE of afsd—"Joint Partners from henceforth, during their natural lives" each binds himself unto the other, in the sum of £50 Sterling. Test’ Peter GRAY, Richard DAVENPORT. Ack in Court Aug 7, 1693.

Page 71. *George DURANT of Albemarle, Mariner-assigned to Hon’ble Seth SOTHEL right of Land, "at a Creek called Lilleys Creek, which issueth out of Perq River," down sd River to Perq Point, & along Sound side, "Eastward of his now Cleared Ground, by virtue of a certain writing of George CATCHMEYD, dated Mar 13, 1662, now upon Record" 200a. Dec 20, 1687. At a Court at Capt WOOLARDs, Jan 6, 1689-90. John WINGATE Clerk. Test’ Wm. WILKERSON, John HARTLEY, John DAVIS, Henderson WALKER.

*(This was probably the land George DURANT deeded to Seth SOTHEL, "unlawfully taken from him, while in durance." One of the charges brought against said Seth SOTHEL, when he was impeached.)

Page 189. Wm. GODFREY of Perq precinct, to Thomas BARTLET of same, for £30 pd by said BARTLETT, assigns plan’ upon the Banks of Little River, now in poss’ of said GODFREY, adj lands of said BARTLET on the North, & on the South the Dower Lands of Mrs. Elizabeth HECKLEFIELD—300a. Test’ John FALCONER, Wm. BARCLIFT, Wm. GLOVER, Joseph GLOVER. Ack in Gen’l Court Mar 3, 1702. Nath’l CHEVIN Clk.

Page 286. John HALLUM of Perq Pre’ct, for a Val’ Con’ in hand, to Thomas BARTLETT, "Right of Land at the head of Lilleys Creek," adj Wm. GODFREY—150a. Mar 10, 1709. Test’ Harris WILLOUGHBY, I. DARM.


Page 246. William MAN, of Perq, Planter—sold unto John BARTLET of same, Planter--:An Island known by the name of William MANs old Plan’" on S. W. side of Little River, part of 120a "Due said MAN for Trans" three persons, by Patent May 1, 1694. Seal Feb 20, 1724. Test’ Tho. WEEKS, Anne WEEKS.

Page 247. John BARTLET, of "Little River," in Perq Pre’ct, Planter—for £25 pd by John PARISH, of same, sold 599a, adj John NEWBY, & Jacob OVERMAN, a patent from Lords Pro’ of N. C. Oct 11, 1726. Test’ Jo. OATES, William MAN.

Page 248. John PARISH, of Perq, Planter—for £25 pd by John BARCLIFT, assigns Land, "on the Head" of Deep Creek. 150a. Oct 11, 1726.


Page 133. John BARTLET, Sen’r, of Perq, "for 13 Barrels of Pork, & a half Barrel of Hoggs fatt" pd by Jacob MULLEN, of same, Planter—sold 150a on head of Deep Creek, "Pattented by Richard ROOKS, & became due to his son Thomas, & of him purchased by John PARISH, of whom I purchased said land." July 23, 1733. Test’ John PARISH, Charles DENMAN.

Page 138. William STEVENSON, of Perq, yeoman—for £100 pd by John WILLCOCKS, of afore’ sold 50a at the "So Et Corner of land formerly belonging to George DURANT, Dec’d, on the No Side of Albermarle Sound." Mar 20, 1732/3. Test’ John STEVENSON, Jeremiah WILLCOX, Ter SWEENEY.

Page 184. Jonathan PEARSON of Perq, in con’ of £35 pd by Samuel BARTLETT, late of New England, Mariner—sold 50a on east side of Perq River, adj Thomas BAGLEY. Jan 19, 1756. Test’ Joseph WHITE, Cornelius MOORE, Robert BOGUE.

Page 188. Cornelius MOORE of Perq, for "love I do bear my brother Gideon," of afsd, have given 116a, adj Wm. BAGLEY dec, "now in possession of Benjamin MAUDLIN, & Joseph MAYO, near the main Road, plan’ where my father John MOORE dec’d did live, but if he die without issue, to my brother Joseph, provided he deliver up land at Ballahack unto my sister Bettie BARTLETT." Oct 27, 1755. Test’ Benjamin MAUDLIN, Joseph MAYO, Joseph RATLIFF.

Page 189. Cornelius MOORE, in con’ of love I do bear my brother Joseph, have given 150a in Balahac near sd Swamp, adj William MOORE, & if he die to my sister Bettie BARTLETT. Oct 27, 1755. Test’ Benj MUNDEN [MAUDLIN], Jos Mayo, Joseph RATLIFF.

Page 193. Aug 29, 1747. Jno. CAMPBELL of Edenton, Merchant—to John STEVENSON, of Perq, planter—Whereas; Elizabeth CHANDLER of St. Marys Parish, at Lambeth, in Co of Surry, Grt Britain, Widow—dau of Edward CATCHMAID dec, only son of Thomas CATCHMAID dec, who was brother, & devisee, named in the will of George CATCHMAID dec, of Nancemon, in America, who died seized of land called "Birkswear," in Perq Co, N. C. (3333a) by virtue of a "grt April 1, 1663, from Sir Wm. BERKELEY, Gov. of Vir." Did by letter of Att’, Feb 12, 1738, appoint Henry WINSLOW, Gent, of London att’ to take possession of sd land, & sd Elizabeth did "some time after recovery, departed this life," whereby it descended to William BERKELEY, of St. Pauls, Covent Garden, Co. of Middlesex; eldest son of sd Elizabeth, by her former husband John BERKELEY dec, & sd BERKELEY, did release sd land unto John HUMPAGE, of Gravesend, in Co. Kent, & Ann HINDS, of St. Helens London Widow--& they did sell same to George LOW, of London, & sd LOW did appoint John CAMPBELL, Att’ to dispose of sd land, for a Val’ con’ unto John STEVENSON, for £25. Test’ Jos. ANDERSON, John NICHOLS, Joseph SUTTON.

Page 228. Thomas BAGLEY of Perq, Planter—for £10 s10 pd by Sam’l BARTLET, of afsd, Mariner—sold 14a on East Side of Perq River, on lines of sd BARTLET, & BAGLEY. Mar 31, 1757. Test’ Dan’l SAINT, Jos. RATLIFF.

Page 229. Samuel BAGLEY, Bricklayer—for £50 pd by Robt EVANS, Jun, Planter—of Perq sold 100a, adj Thomas HOLLOWELL, Peter PIERSON, & Gideon BUNDY, to line of Aaron WOOD. Nov 9, 1756. Test’ Abner EASON, Jeremiah BUNDY.


Page 52. John HAWKINS of Bertie Co, Planter—for £16 pd by Joseph NEWBY, of Perq, Millwirght—sold 160a, adj John KINIONs line, which he bought of William LACEY, & was formerly John FLOWERS. July 16, 1762. Test’ Joseph MOORE, John LEAH, Joshua SUTTON.

Page 59. Feb 5, 1762. Thomas BAGLEY Sen, of Perq, for £55 s2 p4 ½ penny, sold 60a on No Est side of Perq River, to Samuel BARTLET, adj Daniel SAINT, & Jonathan PEARSON, "with all houses, & appurtenances." Test’ Jonathan PEARSON, Benjamin BAGLEY, Thomas BAGLEY Jr.

Page 66. Joshua MAULDIN of Perq, planter—for £50 pd by Joseph OUTLAND, Merch’t—of afsd, sold 80a adj Dempsey BARCLIFT, & Charles BLOUNT, to the head of Little River. Jan 30, 1762. Test’ Joshua FLETCHER, Foster TOMS.

Page 73. Sept 6, 1762. Jesse NEWBY, for £5 pd by Robert NEWBY, sold land "at the Mill Pond" next to land where Mark NEWBY formerly dwelt, on lines of Samuel, Robert, & Francis NEWBY, to the mouth of a branch, running out of the Mill Pont, "on the north side of Francis NEWBY’s house." Test’ Cornelius MOORE, Fras. NIXON, Joshua FLETCHER.

Page 141. Samuel BARTLET of Perq, Mariner—for £400 pd by Lawrence LEISLY, Mariner—of afsd—sold 124a on East Side of Perq River, near Jonathan PEARSONs plan’, on lines of Daniel SAINT, & Thos BAGLEY, to the River Pocoson; being land 50a, sold by Jonathan PEARSON, to Samuel BARCLIFT, Jan 9, 1756, & 14a, from Thomas BAGLEY to sd BARCLIFT, Feb 4, 1762. Seal Feb 20, 1764. Test’ Cornelius MOORE, Richard HATFIELD, Joseph MOORE.

Page 153. John, & Ann BARCLIFT, and John BARCLIFT Jr. (son of sd John, & Ann) of Perq, for £250 pd by James, & Sarah MCADAMS also £4 s10, pd to John BARCLIFT, Jr, by Joseph MCADAMS, (son of James, & Sarah) sold 200a on So West Side of Little River, adj William MEANS, & land formerly John PARISHOES [PARISH’s?]. Dec 3, 1764. Test’ Joseph MULLEN, Thos. NICHOLSON.

WILL BOOK C, 1762-1794

Page 17. 23 February 1762. Will of Gideon MOOR, the rest of my estate to be divided amongst my mother Mary MOOR, Joseph MOOR, Bettie BARTLET, Minnie MOOR and Sarah MOOR. Proved 30 May 1763.

[Transcribed from LDS microfilm and furnished by Judi Dyckman, April, 1998.]


William BARCLIFT had grt for land in Perq 150a on Little River, adj John GODFREY. July 23, 1694.

BARTLETT, William (s of William, & Elizabeth) & Ann DUREN [DURANT] (d of George, & Ann) were m. Oct. 6, 1698. Issue: 1. Thomas b Sept 25, 1699; 2. William b Feby 17, 1700/1; 3. John b Feb 15, 1703/4; 4. Samuel b May 18, 1706.

BARTLETT, William, Will Albemarle Co, p July 1698. Eldest son: William, (to whom he left a plan’ adj William ARNOLD) s Thomas, (to whom he left land adj Thomas GODFREY), Exrs. Elizabeth & William BARTLETT. Clerk of Court, William GLOVER. (This was father of above said William, who m Ann DURANT).

BARTLETT, John (s of Wm. & Ann) m Ann PARISH (d of John, who names her in his will, Mar 24, 1739). Issue: 1. John b May 13, 1724; 2. Ann b Dec 16, 1725. Will of John BARCLIFT p in Perq, July 1759. Wife Elizabeth (2d wife). Sons: Asa, Demson, Benjamin, John & Noah. Dau’s: Mary, & Elisa SANDERSON.

BARTLETT, Thomas (brother of John) Will p in Perq. Jan 1750. Names sons: Wm., Thomas, Joseph. Daus: Sarah BIDGOOD, Eizabeth WRIGHT, Mary JACKSON, & Anne GORDEN, wife Elizabeth.

BARTLETT, William (2), William (1) m Sarah WEEKS, (gr-dau of Thomas WEEKS Esq, 1771). His will Perq p Dec 19, 1733, names only one son William (3), and wife Sarah.

BARTLETT, William (3), s of William (2) William (1) Will Perq. P Jan 1748. Sons: Joshua, Samuel, Joseph, Thomas, John, dau Mary GIBSON, Gr-son William (4), (s of Joshua).

BARTLETT, Joshua, will p Perq. Jan 1756. Sons: William (4), James, Blake. Daus: Miriam & Ann, wife Mary. (She was probably dau of Blake BAKER, as the name of Blake appears in that family as a given name.)

Eliza SANDERSON, d of John BARCLIFT, m 2d _________TRUMBALL ( of William) before Feb 4, 1774. John BARCLIFT, in his will, bequeathed to his wife his "brick house." As there is only one very old "brick house" in Perq, the one on the road to Harveys Neck, this may probably be the same one here mentioned. No one seems to know when this house was erected.

BARTLETT, William (4) m. Ann CLAYTON April 16, 1792. (Mar bonds, Perq Co.)

Ecursus, FOSTER: "William FOSTER, & Diana HARRIS was Married by Rev. Mr. Taylor, 1675." And had according to his will Oct 9, 1687, son Francis, d Elizabeth.

John FOSTER & Ann WILLIAMS "were Maried at a Meeting, held at ye house of Hanah PHILIPS in Perquimans the 1st of May, 1689." m 2d Elizabeth _________. Issue: 1. Susannah, b Dec 17, 1695; 2. Elizabeth, b Oct 17, 1698; 3. Richard, b Oct 20, 1701.

Francis FOSTER, by wife Frances had issue: 1. Hannah, b Jany 6, 1715; 2. Elizabeth, b Apl 1, 1717.

Francis FOSTER, of Accomack, (son of William & Margaret) m Mrs. Hannah GOSBY, relict of John (nee NICHOLSON, d of Christopher & Hanah) "were m. Aug 14, 1694 by Mr. John WHIDBY." (Justice)

Frances FOSTER (wife of Francis) made her will in Perq, p Jan 27, 1763, naming son William, dau’s Elizabeth BARCLIFT, & Frances HALL, gr-dau Elizabeth FOSTER. (Elizabeth FOSTER, d of William & Ann was b Jany 16, 1741/2).

Frederick FOSTER (relationship uncertain) will p in Perq. April 23, 1784, names: Brother Francis FOSTER’s children, and children of Gilbert LEIGH, Joseph BATEMAN, children of brother John FOSTER, sister Sarah NIGHT, brother Ellsberry FOSTER, sister Winnifred FOSTER, Francis PITS, Demsey NEWBY’s widow, Mary BATEMAN’s children, Mary MAUDLIN, widow STEVENSON.

John FOSTER was granted land in Chowan Co. (200a) on Yawpim River. Sept 15, 1694.

Francis FOSTER was granted land 160a in "perquimans precinct," on SUTTONs Creek, Nov 11, 1719.

William FOSTER died Oct. 10, 1687. His wife Diana m 3d Thomas WHITE (Her 1 husband was Thomas HARRIS).

Ann FOSTER, wife of John, died Oct. 30, 1692.

Elizabeth FOSTER was drowned April 25, 1688.

Will of Francis FOSTER (Minute Book, 1755-1761, Perq. Co.): To son William, "plantation whereon I live, and two negro men, a negro woman, & two negro boys." To dau Frances HALL, "a negro wench, and two negro boys. To dau Elizabeth BARCLIFT, "A Negro wench, and a negro woman." Son William Ex. Test’ James GIBSON, Abraham RIGGS, Richard WHIDBEE. Probated Apl 1761.

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