Ulster-Scot Research

Ulster-Scot Research

A study of our ancestors.

The Ulster-Scots or Scotch-Irish (preferably the former) were a hearty people who went to Northern Ireland during the reign of James I and then emigrated to the colonies starting in 1718 to 1750.  It is said that around 250,000* Scottish people from Ulster, Northern Ireland came to the colonies.  There were many reasons why so great a number of people left Northern Ireland for a land in the midst of rebirth, a place of hardship and a place where the unknown overshadowed the known.  Aside from the turmoil of picking up their lives and moving half-way across the globe, the colonies offered them a freedom they would never have experienced in Ireland.  Because of high rents, religious turmoil,  small-pox outbreak, large losses of livestock, lack of hard currency, weak trade, poor crops poor due to bad weather, the Ulster-Scots decided to pick up their lives and move to a new land.

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* Ulster Sails West by William F. Marshall, 3rd ed. published 1950.

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