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Monday, 31-Jan-2000 15:30:40 MSTThe farthest back I can go on my Morrison line is Gabriel Morrison of Pennsylvania. Gabriel was born in Londonderry (possible Coleraine) around 1710. He came to the colonies around 1735. I would especially love to hear from descendents of Gabriel! Gabriel's descendents can be viewed via the index or through Nancy Ranck's "Descendents of Gabriel Morrison" I have also put Gabriel Morrison's and Alexander Morrison Sr.'s wills online.
Crystal Lampl Gabriel -> Alexander -> Gabriel -> Alexander Wilson -> James -> Joseph -> James

Nancy Ranck - researching the following Morrison's -> Gabriel, Alexander, Samuel, James G, Samuel Wilmer, James Harry.

Jim Morrison - researching Alexander Morrison (not the same Alexander as above) of New London, Pennsylvania.

Dianne [Harley] Wintch researching ->Joseph Morrison Harley -> Laura Edna Morrison -> Benjamin Abbott Morrison -> John Wesley Morrison -> Andrew Morrison -> ?

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