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County Limerick
Surnames & Queries
Jack Reidy is no longer adding new queries here because he has begun a new GenConnect Limerick Query Board (see next). Still, stop by, scan the old posts & check out his other links, including the new Limerick e-mail list & a partial transcription of southwest Co. Limerick's Griffith's Valuation!
Region of Limerick,
Ireland Query Forum
Post your County Limerick queries here. GenConnect is globally searchable & part of RootsWeb, ensuring the greatest visibility, thereby increasing your odds of making connections!
[email protected] A forum to post queries to each separate county. Search Limerick posts & add your own.


Limerick Post On The Web County Limerick's latest news, arts, events, weather, etc.
Limerick-Leader County Limerick's latest news, sports, etc. plus searchable archives.


The Irish News
Irish news and searchable archives plus gateway to Irish Ancestors, a well organized & excellent source for Irish genealogical research.
Irish Emigrant News, sports, politics, arts & a whole lot more. Searchable 11 year archive.
For the Irish in all of US
Links to Irish radio, television and newspapers.


Searching Ireland
Brand new (2000) META search engine that searches 10 Irish specific search engines at once! (See many more general META search engines below.) "Directory of web sites and businesses in Ireland, North and South."
Click here for free Irish resources Another Irish-specific search engine with freebies.
Swift Guide to Ireland Still another Irish-specific search engine.
Doras Directory Yet another Irish-specific search engine with a neat & helpful twist; they review and rate every site in their index.
Searc's Web Guide Searc's - " annotated Index of the best sites on the Internet on Irish subjects." Includes free simple queries or more complicated queries for a fee.
NiceOne Ireland's Internet Directory An Irish-specific search engine with a genealogy section, lots of links to County Limerick, etc.


UK & Ireland Genealogy
An excellent starting point for Irish genealogy.
Ireland GenWeb Another good starting point with links to all counties.
Irish Ancestors "A comprehensive genealogical guide for those interested in exploring their Irish heritage."
Fianna Guide
to Irish Genealogy
A marvelous & exhaustive source for Irish genealogy.
"Digging Up Your Irish Roots"
by Colin R. Chapman
Quick read - good guide for the basics of Irish research.


Townland Database
Search for townlands and determine what county, barony, civil parish & poor law union it is located in.
Irish Ancestors
Placename Locator
Based on the 1851 "General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland."


Len. & Add. Co. GenWeb A GenWeb site with plenty of useful information for Lennox & Addington County researchers provided by Bruce Murduck.


"Missing Link Newsletter" Archive
Editors: Myra Vanderpool Gormley and Julie Case
After you browse this archive, you'll probably elect to join the ranks of satisfied subscribers to this free E-mail newsletter, packed full of research advice, insightful articles & refreshing wit.
"Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter"
by Dick Eastman
Another exceptional and free E-mail newsletter that will keep you up to date on a variety of genealogical programs, web sites, books, issues, etc.
"RootsWeb Review "
Editors: Julia M. Case and Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG
The definitive guide to all things RootsWeb & another helpful free resource for the genealogical community. Over 270,000 readers and growing!


RootsWeb Surname List The Internet's best genealogy site & it's free, although voluntary contributions help to keep their gears oiled! Search for your surnames & get them listed here. Genealogy Terri Lamb's guide to genealogy includes a cornucopia of useful articles on everything from genealogy gadgets to privacy concerns to GenTrek: TNG (genealogy for kids and teens)!
I Found It Deb Kinneer's well organized & easy to use Genealogy Search Engine. Add your genealogy related pages.
Common Threads Deb Kinneer does it again! Search for your surnames & add your ancestors.
Genealogy is my hobby Got some time left? Check out this huge list of "Links to add Surnames, Queries & Family Homepages".
Jodenoy's Free Resources A pointer to tools useful for Internet genealogists.
GenFree Another list of freebies for genealogists.
Genealogy Anonymous FTP FTP for genealogy programs & utilities.
The Genealogical Home Page
Check out their newly designed site. Advice for newbies, listings for genealogy home pages, web site searchable by keywords or phrase, etc.
Genealogy Forum
on Compuserve
Several forums available to everyone on the web.


Although we live in this marvelous 'Age of Information' and in many ways benefit by it, there are some dangerous not-so-marvelous Age of Information byproducts, that seriously compromise our right to privacy. I'm aware there is considerable debate both for & against publishing (on the Internet or otherwise) personal information regarding living relatives yet consider this; how is your lineage enhanced by revealing details about your living relatives? An interesting and worthy published genealogy need not contain one byte of living relative's information but can be chock-full of intrigue, oral histories, anecdotes, Great Gramma's diary, political history, pictures, maps, infamous ancestors, the family's black sheep, etc. regarding ancestors that have passed on without loosing it's informative or entertaining value. Following are a few excellent sources concerning privacy issues so you may be aware of the dire potential of freely sharing personal information. Once informed, you might decide to take whatever steps you deem necessary to jealously guard and perhaps prevent further loss to your right to privacy as well as your relatives' rights. If you agree that your living relatives have a right to privacy, please use my logo that represents this philosophy and help get the word out to others.

"Exposing Our Families To The Internet"
by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG.
The author cuts right to the bone and offers a few related links.
"How Much Is Too Much?"
by Terri Lamb
Terri Lamb targets 6 important reasons genealogists shouldn't tell all.
"Home-page Snoops"
U.S. News Online
Additional cautionary advice - read on...
Identity Theft
Prevention & Survival
Mari J. Frank. Esq., an identity victim herself, offers concise advice to help you fight back, should you find yourself a victim of this fast growing crime. She currently estimates there are 500,000+ identity theft victims each year! Considering the phenomenal growth of the web, I cannot imagine what this figure might be next year!
Privacy Survival Guide
How to Take Control of Your Personal Information
Although this site was written for California residents & mostly references California law, it is still an excellent list outlining what any individual can/should do to safeguard their privacy.
(Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility)
Addresses privacy in computing and the Internet. Includes many links to other web sites dedicated to privacy issues.


"Horror on the Web"
by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG.
Please read the best explanation I've found so far about copyright issues specifically relating to genealogy.
"Who Owns Genealogy?
Cousins and Copyrights
by Gary B. Hoffman
Yet another well-written primer on copyright basics & their genealogical application.
Copyright Links List A short list of some of the best web sources for copyright information.


Cyndi's List for Ireland The backbone of the web is links. The backbone of Internet Genealogy is Cyndi's List. She is truly the Genealogy Link Master!



Search engines are plentiful on the web but if you've never tried a META search, now is a good time to start. They combine the results of your keyword(s) search from several major search engines without any noticeable lag time in comparison to single search engine queries. Pretty nifty. Highway 61 does a great job injected with a wee bit o' humor.

Highway 61

Highway 61 is a metasearch engine that will submit your search to Yahoo, Lycos, Infoseek, Excite, etc., and then list the results on a single page.
Search for:    

            Your patience level:


Try a boolean search for Irish genealogy on SavvySearch!


Search for Irish Canadian genealogy on ProFusion


Go to Limerick genealogy on MetaCrawler at Go2Net


How about Cregan and Irish on MetaFind.




How about Cregan and Limerick on C4.


Freely browse donated lineages plus new databases (added daily) searchable free for the 1st 10 days. In addition to all the free stuff, membership will give you access to their entire collection of 1700+ databases. Should you decide to join, please use a RootsWeb link, such as this one to, which will help support RootsWeb - the biggest & best completely free source for genealogical data on the web!

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