Some Ancestors Of Susannah KISER EVANS

Some Ancestors Of Susannah KISER EVANS

Some Ancestors of Susannah Kiser Evans

Compiled by Marie Evans Davis-McQueen

Generation No. 1

1. Susannah Kiser, born about 1806 in Anson County, North Carolina and died
1872 in Itawamba County, Mississippi - New Salem Community. The ganders got
in the stable with a horse and were fighting the horse. In an effort to
separate them, Susannah got too hot and had a stroke. She is buried New
Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, Itawamba County, Mississippi. She married
Parrot Evans who was born 1802 in Anson County, North Carolina, and died
April 25, 1860 in Itawamba County, Mississippi - New Salem Community. The
father of Parrot Evans has not been proven. His mother was Rebecca. It is
thought that she married second a Burnette. Parrot had one known sibling,
Elizabeth Ann Evans, who married Leonard Hartsell. The Hartsell family and
the Evans family lived near each other in Itawamba County, Mississippi.
Children of Parrot and Susannah were: Jane M. Evans, John T. C. Evans,
Parrot Alexander Evans, Susan E. (Em) Evans, Mary Alvretta (Polly) Evans,
Thomas P. Evans, George H. Evans, Zilpha Adaline Evans, Frances Isabella
Evans and William Henry Evans. Susannah Kiser was the daughter of 2. George
Alexander Kiser, Jr. and 3. Debbie Weatherford.

Generation No. 2

2. George Alexander Kiser, Jr., born April 1, 1779 in Mecklenburg (later
Cabarrus) North Carolina and died before October 1822. He was the son of 4.
George Alexander Kiser, Sr. and 5. Mary Dove. The Cabarrus County PQS
Inquest on october 1822, report from jury: death by falling sickness. He
married 3. Debbie Weatherford August 11, 1803 in Cabarrus County, North
Carolina. She died before 1830. Children of George Alexander Kiser, Jr. and
Debbie Weatherford were:

1 i. Susannah Kiser was born about 1806 in Anson County, North Carolina,
died 1872 in Itawamba County, Mississippi - New Salem Community. She married
Parrot Evans.

ii. Sarah (Sally) Kiser was born about 1812 and died after 1900. She married
Joseph Heinseman January 31, 1840.

iii. Archibald Kiser, born 1813 in North Carolina; migrated to Georgia and
married Lucinda Daniels born 1813. Their children were Mary Kiser, Sarah
Jane Kiser, Lucinda Kiser, George N. Kiser, William Kiser, James Kiser,
Joseph Kiser, Thomas Kiser and Wiley Kiser.

iv. George Mark Kiser, born about 1814; married Mary Crayton. Their children
were Martha Kiser and James E. Kiser. George Mark Kiser murdered James
Russell in 1842. Records do not indicate that he was apprehended and his
whereabouts after that were not known.

$250 Reward

Stop The Murderer

The above reward will be given for the apprenhension and delivery to the
sheriff of Cabarrus County, North Carolina for a man by the name of Mark
Kisor who committed and atrocious murder upon the body of James S. Russell
of this county on the 5th instant at the home of Allen Bost in Cabarrus
County. Said Kisor is about 30 years of age, 5 ft. 10 in. high, dark hair,
square shouldered, dark skin, large mouth and has some appearance of scald
head and large whiskers, speaks quick, is a blacksmith by trade and has the
very looks to indicate the rascal. He was badly dressed in homespun, but it
is presumed he will change his clothes. He wore a new pair of broguce with
stays around the heels. He is so much in the habit of carrying his rifle
that it is supposed that he will take it with him, it has a plain stock and
double trigger - he has a common case knife around in the shape of a butcher
knife attached to his pouch by his leather string through the handle. He has
a brother living in Georgia and two sisters in Mississippi one of them
married to Parrot Evans and the other to a Collins formerly of Anson County
where he will no doubt attempt to go. Kisor is fond of drinking and when the
least tight he is in the habit of singing dirty blackguard songs such as
nine times in the night, etc. Anyone apprehending said Kisor and delivering
him as above shall receive the reward.

David G. Russell

Robert L. Russell

Mecklenburg County. August 9, 1842

v. Deborah Kiser, born ABT 1816; married John Mark Kiser February 22, 1834
in Cabarrus County, North Carolina; born ABT 1807.

vi. Phoebe (Fibie) Kiser, born August 28, 1817; died December 15, 1904;
married Green Collins; born 1819 in Fayette County, Alabama; died March 13,
1895. They lived in Fayette County until their deaths. Their children were
Elizabeth Collins, James P. Collins, George Collins, Jesse Collins,
Priscilla Collins and Danny Collins.

Generation No. 3

4. George Alexander Kiser, Sr., born March 11, 1754 in Anson County, North
Carolina; died March 11, 1830. He was the son of 8. Peter Kiser, Sr. and 9.
Fanny, last name thought to be Garman. He married 5. Mary Dove, born about
1756, died April 27, 1836. He owned and operated one of twelve Cabarrus
County mills on Rocky River in the early 1800's. His was just north of the
Cabarrus/ Union County line. Apparently several of his neighbors objected to
his dam as evidenced in the Pleas and Quarter Sessions of October 6, 1806
which read as follows: "agreeable to the petition of a number of the
inhabitants on Rocky River it is ordered that Kiser be admitted to keep his
mill dam on Rocky River closed for the ensuing year from this date." (Ref.
"By The Old Mill Stream The Story of Early Industry in Cabarrus County" by
Stephen Cabarrus History Club, Harrisburg School). He was also one of the
early members of High Hill Primitive Baptist Church (Ref. "The Great Road
Through Cabarrus County" by J.K. Rouse p 88). George also transacted many
sales of property the last of which was to John Reed his sister's husband
and owner of Reed's Gold Mine. Children of George Kiser and Mary are:

2 i. George Alexander Kiser, Jr., born April 1, 1779 in Mecklenburg (later
Cabarrus) North Carolina and died before 1822, married Debbie Weatherford
August 11, 1803 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

ii. Elizabeth Kiser, born August 27, 1771 in Mecklenburg (later Cabarrus)
North Carolina; died April 27, 1828; married George Long. Elizabeth was
killed by one of her father's slaves.

iii. David W. Kiser, Sr., born March 20, 1781 in Mecklenburg (later
Cabarrus) North Carolina; died before 1869; married Rachel Kiser October 17,
1804 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina; born about 1783; died December 23,
1872. Their children were Susanah Kiser, an unknown female, John Mark Kiser,
Margaret Melissa Kiser, Irvin Kiser, William L. Kiser died July 1862 in
Civil War, Ellen Kiser, Thomas P. Kiser and Matilda Kiser. Rachel Kiser had
a will and left everything to her daughter, Ellen Hartsell, widow of Noah W.

iv. Levi Kiser, born February 16, 1783 in Mecklenburg (later Cabarrus) North
Carolina, died before February 16, 1830.

v. Esther Kiser, born April 29, 1785 in Mecklenburg (later Cabarrus) North
Carolina; died after 1860. She married Andrew Carriker.

vi. Marcus Kiser, Sr., born September 12, 1788 in Mecklenburg (later 
Cabarrus) North Carolina; died August 1872 buried Kiser Family Cemetery; the
name of his first wife is unknown; married second Polly Kiser October 6,
1830. It was a descendant of this line, Blanche Kiser Taylor Moore born
February 17, 1933, who was sentenced to death by the state of North
Carolina. She murdered her first husband, James Taylor, boy friend, Raymond
Reid, and assaulted her last husband, Rev. Dwight Moore. She was sentenced
to death on Nov 16, 1990 for the murder of Raymond Reed, her boyfriend (age
50) in Alamance County on Oct 7, 1986. A movie was made on her life in which
Elizabeth Montgomery played the part of Blanche.

vii. John Kiser, born January 5, 1790 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina;
died July 11, 1868 in Campbell County (Fulton), Georgia; married Elenor
Howell April 27, 1814 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina; born March 20,
1792 in Mecklenburg North Carolina; died May 25, 1845 buried Campbell
County, Georgia. Their children were Madison Washington Kiser, Pinkey
Lafayette Kiser, James Madison Kisser, John Franklin Kiser, Adeline Kiser,
Eleanor Kiser, Wiley JacksonKiser, Merewether Posey Kiser and Mary Ann

viii. Thomas Dove Kiser, born about 1793 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina,
died June 19, 1871 in Marion County, Oregon - married Mary Gurley, born
1793. She was the daughter of James Gurley of Montgomery County, North

ix. Mary Polly Kiser, born February 7, 1796 in Cabarrus County, North
Carolina, died after 1870 - married Nathan Green October 27, 1814 in
Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

The last will and testament of George Kiser was produced in open court and
the execution of the same duly proven by the oaths of William Waddington and
Alexander G. Waddington the witnesses thereunto, whereupon the executors
therein named David Kiser and Mark Kiser were duly qualified and received
letters testamenting of which said will the following is a true copy.

State of North Carolina

Cabarrus County

February the 16th 1830 as I feel myself on the decline of life but sound in
memory in the name of Almighty God I think but to make my last will and
testament. First I wish my body to be decently buried and my funeral
expenses to be paid. Second I wish all my just debts paid. Third I will to
my wife Mary Kiser my negro woman Rachael as long as she remains my widow
and after her marriage or death said negro Rachael not to be sold but her to
have her choice which of my children she pleases to live with and them she
chooses to live with is to have her and all the rest of my property, land
and negroes and horses cattle and all my other property is to be put to sale
and the money to be kept in the hands of my executors without any interest
for the support of my wife as long as she lives and she to have it as she
may need for her support and after her death or marriage if the money is not
all made use of what remains is to be equally divided among my sons and
daughters that is now a livin David Kiser, Mark Kiser, John Kiser, Thomas
Kiser, Esther Caraker and Polly Green. And I appoint my two sons David Kiser
and Mark Kiser to execute this my last will and testament.

Whereunto I have set my hand and fixed my seal in the presence of

Wm. Waddington

Alexander G. Waddington

George Kiser (seal)

Generation No. 4

8. Peter Kiser, Sr., died 1785. He married 9. Fanny. It is thought her name
was Garman.

Children of Peter Kiser and Fanny were:

i. Frederick Kiser, died before January 1839.

ii. Margaret Kiser

iii. Catherine Kiser

iv. Peter Kiser, Jr.

v. Rachel Kiser

vi. Elizabeth Kiser, married Alexander Klingaman

4 vii. George Alexander Kiser, Sr., born March 11, 1754 in Anson County,
North Carolina; died March 11, 1830; married (1) Mary Dove

viii. Sarah Kiser born 1761 married John Reed. Their children were
Frances (Fanny) Reed born 1785 who married William (Billy) Crayton born
1778; and Conrad Reed.

Reed Gold Mine

John Reed (Johannes Reith) who married Sarah Kiser, daughter of Peter Kiser III
and Fanny Garman, was a Hessian soldier who left the British army near
the conclusion of the Revolutionary War and came to settle near fellow
Germans living in the lower Piedmont of North Carolina. Most of the people
dwelt on modest family-run farms in rural areas, where they raised small
grain crops such as corn and wheat.

The life of farmer John Reed would have been long forgotten had it not been
for a chance event one Sunday in 1799. On that day Reed's son, Conrad, found
a large yellow rock in Little Meadow Creek on the Reed farm in Cabarrus
County. This rock reportedly weighed seventeen pounds and for three years
was used as a doorstop at the Reed cabin.

In 1802 a Fayetteville jeweler identified the gold nugget. He purchased it
from Reed for the asked-for price of $3.50, though the actual value was
around $3,600.

The following year John Reed began his mining operation by forming a
partnership with three local men, Frederick Kiser who was the brother of
John Reed's wife, Sarah; James Love and Martin Pfifer. The partners supplied
equipment and workers to dig for gold in the creek bed, while Reed provided
the land. The returns were to be divided eqaully. The men mined mainly in
the off-season from farming, giving first priority to raising their crops.
Thus the Reed Gold Mine was the site of the first documented discovery of
gold in the United States. Before the end of the first year, a slave named
Peter had unearthed a twenty-eight-pound nugget. Using only pans and rockers
to wash the creek gravel, the part-time miners recovered an estimated yield
of one hundred thousand dollars by 1824.

Within a short time several other nuggets, weighing up to 28 pounds each,
were found on the Reed farm. After exhausting the surface gold, Reed and his
partners opened a vein mine in 1831. By 1849, it is estimated that more than
$10 million in gold had been taken from the Reed property alone. A family
squabble resulted in a court injunction that closed the mines for a decade.

John Reed was a wealthy man when he died in 1845. Soon the Reed mine was
sold at public auction. The mine changed hands many times through the years
until 1912, when the last underground work took place there. Placer miners
found the last large nugget at Reed in 1896.

That nugget weighed approximately twenty-three pounds.

There was a court battle about the wealth of John Reed. This happened nearly
20 years after John Reed died. In the 1860's the court records named all
living grandchildren of John Reed. If a grandchild was deceased, then the
record showed that.

The Reed Gold Mine is now an historic site.

Will of Peter Kiser

Peter KISER Sr.

WILL: 05 APR 1780, Mecklenburg Co., NC [S000173]

In the name of God amain. I petter Kizeyr of the State of noarth carolinea
and County of macklinburg Coardwinder being for some time Ealing in body and
finding myself still on the declinging hand and as it heath pleased an
alwise God to bliss me with a numirouss fammaly and a littel of the good
things of this life and finding myself of a sound disposing mind and memory
think proper to make this my Last Will and testiment and first I recommaind
my soul to almighty God who give it beging he would be greaicously pleased
to accept the saime for the mirits Sake of the Ever-blissed Jesus in whome I
disire to trust and with respect to my worldly affirs first I allow all my
Just and Lawful Debts to be payed ____________________ I bequaith unto my
wife fannie Kizyer the one third of all my movabel Estate together with a
beed and furnituer and hir spining whiel her wearing apperl and seaddel and
from the mouth of the Stillhouse branch where it runs into the river and
forty roods from the said mouth of the branch ["forty roods" crossed out] up
said branch thene forty roods downwards keeping forty roods of Said river
till teen acers are compleated Incluidin house barn and orchard and likewise
the one third of all the reent of the remaind of the plantation as long as
she is a widdo but no longer and a boot jack and my big bibel duering hir
["life" crossed out] widdo houde. Itam I will or order that my mill on rocky
river and the Land adgioying Said mill be sold in Six months after my decess
and all my other moveabel Estate to be put to publick Seal as well as the
above named mill and at the death or mairage of fannia my wife I order and
authierise my Exactor to put the plantation I now live on at this deate to
publick Seal and what Ever it is sold for I allow it to be devided ["with"
crossed out] in the following mannar that is to say I allow or order that
all of the movabeall Estate and ["and" crossed out] the prise of the mill I
order what it be divided in Eight Equal Shearrs between my Loving Sons and
daughters viz Elisabeth Clingingman my Eoldest doughter peeter kizeyr
margreet teatter

George kyzer fridriek kyzer Cateran keyzer Sarah kyezer and reachel kyezer
and the Same Equal divide of all the money that the above named place at the
death of my wife or mairage to be divided and an Equal divide of all rents
as above to my loving sons and daughters that is my loving daughter
Elisabeth Clingman my son petter kyzer margret tatter George kyzer fridrick
kyzer Catren kyzer Sarah kyezer reachel kyezer all my beloved Sons and
daughters. Itam I bequaith unto my wellbeloved Son petter Kyezer my big
bibel at the marige or death of my wife. Itam I order that all ["order"
crossed out] my just debts be Justly dischargid with my funral Chargess.
Itam I nomnate and apoint my trusty and well beloved brother in Law George
Germon and my trusty frind William Heans to be my only Exeactor of This my
last Will and testment and do by these presents revock disanoll all other
wills whatsover acknowlidging this to be my only Last will and testment.
Sinned with my hand and Sealed with my Seal and deated this fifth day of
aprile in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty.

peetter his X mark kyzer Seal [with heart drawn around it]

Sinned Selled and acknowledged
as the last will and testement of ye above

named Petter kyzer in presence of

Conrad Hartwig

Jean hir X mark German

Archibald White Jurat

Will of Peter Kiser transcribed by Lila Garner

DEATH: 1785 [S000153]


Peter Kizer's estate was recorded 1799. (Ref Cabarrus Co. Estate Records
Index p 17)

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