Martha Frances DUNN Obit

Martha Frances DUNN Obit

From the Montgomery Herald April, 1949

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Oldest Resident of Montgomery County Succumbs After Heart Attack


The people of Montgomery county, and particularly those of the Troy and Mt.

Gilead communities will be deeply saddened to hear that Mrs. Martha Fannie

Dunn, late a resident of north Troy, has passed away. At the time of her

death she was doubtless the oldest person in the county, being a little over

ninety-four and a half years old. Had she lived till the tenth of September

of the present year, she would have been ninety-five.

A heart attack combined with her advanced age is said to have been the

cause of her death. She had not been feeling well for two weeks prior to

the end, but she was comparatively active and clearly conscious up to the

very last.

"Aunt Fannie," as she was affectionately know by her host of friends, was a

native of the Mt. Gilead community, and was a Miss Robinson before she

married. She was the wife of the late W. D. Dunn, and had lived the greater

part of her long life in the Mt. Gilead vicinity. For the past seven years,

however, she had made her home with her grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Bill

Dunn of north Troy. She was a life-long member of the Methodist Protestant

and Methodist churches, and was a devout Christian.

Mrs. Dunn was a remarkable woman. Any person who lives into the nineties,

carrying with them the spirit of youth and youthful optimism is remarkable.

And Mrs. Dunn carried those priceless qualities to the very end of the long

road. All through her latter days she was jolly and juvenile of spirit, and

interesting talker and with a refreshing and charming sense of humor. Hers

was the same adorable spirit that characterized Mrs. Emily Hix, Mrs. Ute

Allen, and others who have climbed close to the century mark in the count of

years. The younger people who would for their days to be long upon the

earth, might well study their example. It would seem that optimism, a

youthful spirit, and a sense of humor can do more for longevity oft times

than all the diets and apothecaries can. Mrs. Dunn was very much attached

to her grandson, Bill Dunn, and his wife, with whom she lived. And she was

very appreciative of the generous and kindly treatment they showed her. One

touching little incident just before her death which illustrates this, would

not be out of place here. One day she said to her grand-daughter-in-law, I'

m going to die, and I have something I want to say to you before I go."

The junior Mrs. Dunn remonstrated hopefully, telling the older woman that

she would be well again in a few days.

"No," said Aunt Fannie, "I won't get over it this time. And I have got

something to tell you."

After several choking efforts she finally said: "I love you as though you

were my own grand-daughter. And you couldn't have been any better to me if

I had been your own grandmother. I've never wanted for anything since I

have been with you. And God will bless you and Bill for being so splendid

to me. I know he will."

Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon, April 14, at the First

Baptist church in Troy, after which interment was made in Sharon cemetery

near Mt. Gilead.

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