COCHRAN Cemetery Founded 1862 Dawson Co., GA

COCHRAN Cemtery Founded 1862 Dawson Co., GA

This work was done by Mr. Frank Broderick and donated to me for use on this website. Please email him at [email protected] for permission before using in any manner. I am sure that he would not mind but it is always nice to ask before taking and please make sure to give him credit where credit is due. He has done a lot of work in restoring and maintaining many gravesites and to him we all owe many thanks. Thank you, Mr. Broderick for passing this on and for taking care of those who have gone before us. God willing, I will try to keep up the good work that you have started and if I should go, I pray that someone will step in my place and continue the effort for all our family lines. Below is Mr. Broderick's words.

From Dawsonville, Ga. Take C.R.. 224 which runs in front of the Court House, go about 3 miles to the intersection of C.R. 136.  Turn left onto 136 and go about 2 mi. to 1st paved crossroad which is Bailey Waters Rd.  Turn right on Bailey Waters Rd.  and go to the stop sign at Hwy 52.  Continue across 52 to Wesley Chapel Church Dr.  Take Blackhawk Dr., ford the creek, about .3 mi. to a fork.  Take the right fork for .2 mi. to the end of the road.  A trail marker sign leads toward the graves about 50 yards into the woods.  This cemetery is obviously well maintained.

The names and dates are as they appear on the headstones.

MINCEY, Isaac N.  

Co. F. 66 Ga. Inf. CSA

MINCEY, Clifford

No Dates


B. 1888 D. 1890

MINCEY, Mary Ann Cochran (Polly)

B. 2 Apr. 1835  D. 8 Apr. 1817

COCHRAN, Abraham

B. 6 July 1793  D. Jan. 9, 1877

War of 1812

COCHRAN, Jim (1)

Baby, No Dates

COCHRAN, Jim (2)

Baby, No Dates

MATHIS, Elizabeth Davis

B. 1817

COCHRAN, Rebecca Luther

B. 1805

(Wife of Abraham)

COCHRAN, Abram Van Buren

B. 23 Dec. 1840  D. 27 Oct. 1862

Co. D. Cav. CSA

COCHRAN, Arminda

B. 1828  D. 1923

COCHRAN, Jacob Burton

B. 27 Feb. 1843  D. 23 Apr. 1863

Co. D. 6 Ga.Cav. CSA

COCHRAN, Matilda

B. 1828

CLAYTON, Elizabeth, "Betsy" Cochran

B. 1818  D. 1898

COCHRAN, Rachael

B. 1820


No Dates


B. 1867 D. 1867

Age 3 mos. 20 days

COCHRAN, George W.

B. 1830

COCHRAN, Alfred William

B. 1841  D. 1914

Co. D. 6 Ga. Cav. CSA

COCHRAN, John Russell

B. 1822  D. 1910

COCHRAN, Mary Kaiser

B. 1820 in N.C.

Wife of John Russell COCHRAN

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