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My Lines - Source Page 26
  • [S28] Letter from Stephen J. Stalcup (Plano, Texas) to Robert Stewart, 1998; unknown repository (unknown repository address). Robert: I looked Harriett and George up in the 3 volume STALCUP FAMILY HISTORY (1986) by Earl E. Jones. This is the most complete reference work I've found on this family. We are all descended from the `original ancestor' John Andersson Stalcop who arrived in New Sweden Colony in 1641 at age 14. From the Jones work I found a Hattie M. Stalcup b-5/22/76 in Kansas who married a George Hollingshead. That's all the data on this couple Jones has, but it links her back to the original ancestor thru her father's line. Our first common ancestor is my 3rd Great Grandfather, ELI STALCUP (b- ca. 1772) in Orange Co.,NC. He later lived in Sumner Co.,TN and migrated to Greene County, IN about 1821. Harriett is a descendant via his first wife--name not yet discovered-- who he probably married in Tennessee. My family comes down via Eli's second wife REBECCA OSBORN who he married in Sumner Co.,TN in August,1808. Harriett's lineage from Eli is thru -- Stephen Stalcup (1794-1867) and his 3rd wife, SARAH SMOCK, whom he married in Indiana before 1833.----his son STEPHEN G. STALCUP (11/4/1839-2/15/1889) and his second wife, MARY JANE HOOVER, married 9/15/1869 in Greene County, IN were parents of HATTIE M.STALCUP (b-1876). Hope this helps. Steve Stalcup
    Plano, TX.
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