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Family of Robert MYNORS and Mary PARRY

Husband: Robert MYNORS (1721-1765)
Wife: Mary PARRY (1735-1777)

Husband: Robert MYNORS

Name: Robert MYNORS
Sex: Male
Father: Robert MYNORS (1692-1742)
Mother: Thomasin GOUGE (c. 1698-1761)
Birth 1721
Baptism 4 Oct 1721 (age 0) All Saints, Hereford, ENG
Occupation -; Sherriff of Hereford 1757
Death 7 Feb 1765 (age 43-44)
Burial 15 Feb 1765 St Weonards Herefordshire

Wife: Mary PARRY



Name: Mary PARRY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1 Aug 1735
Baptism 1 Aug 1735 (age 0) Kingstone
Death 24 Jun 1777 (age 41)

Note on Husband: Robert MYNORS - shared note

Took name Gouge by Act Geo ll (1756) in accordance with will of uncle Nicholas Gouge DD Source: Treago & the Mynors Family: H.C.B.Mynors revised edition 1998

Note on Wife: Mary PARRY - shared note

Left Life interest in Treago to Charles Morgan with remainder to eldest son of Peter Rickards of the City of Hereford so long as he took the name of Mynors.