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Lucinda Arabella FLOSSBINDER married George Arthur THROCKWINTER on 23 Sept 1824 in Crabapple County, Alabama <>

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* Charles Wesley AARON to IV GILES 20 Dec 1913 Winston Co AL<>
* George Washington AARON to Margaret W. POWELL 11 Jun 1882 Cullman Co AL<>
* George Washington AARON to Mrs. Lenora Otta BEARDEN 20 May 1900 Winston Co AL<>
* John AARON Jr. married Martha J. KING in Walker Co, Al. 6/23/1878 <>
* Reuben AARON married Mary E. AKINS in Walker Co, Al. 12/28/1879 <>
* W. C. AARON married Susanna AARON in Walker Co, Al. 3/20/1881 <>
* Hugh M. ABEL married Martha CLAYTON September 12, 1865 at the home of Little Berry Clayton in Jefferson County, Alabama. <>
* Albert Gaines ABBETT married Dolly BECKETT Nov. 8, 1896 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* George ABBETT married Emma MaLEAR on Oct 25, 1882 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* Jackson W. ABBETT married Ophelia VINES on April 25, 1891 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* James E. ABBETT married Nancy E. DUCK on Jan. 27, 1888 in Tallapoosa Co., AL. <>
* John Jordan ABBETT married Sarah Elizabeth DUCK on Dec. 14, 1882 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* Seaborn F. ABBETT married Susan A. S. MEADOWS on Sept. 24, 1876 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* Alexander ABBOTT married Elizar O. PAINER in Walker Co, Al. 7/21/1879 <>
* John H. ABBOTT married Isadora MCCLELLAN on March 6 1873 in St. Clair County <>
* Mr. Joseph ABBOTT md. Francis PLEASANTS, 18 May 1852, Greene Co. Ala. by J.S. ABBOTT, M.G. <>
* Marke ABERNATHA - Margaret PHILLIPS 3-18-1840 Bond-Henry Willingham, Ceremony by William Moore, Blount Co. AL <>
* William W. ABERNATHY married Parthena LOVELESS 15 Aug. 1853 in Jefferson Co., AL <>
* Elijah ABSTON married Nancy PREWITT  February 13, 1856, in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama <>
* Alexander ACKER married Nancy MOSES on Dec 10, 1833 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama <>
* Joseph P. ACKER and Anna Rebecca JENNINGS (nee WHITAKER) were married 18 Oct. 1866 at the residence of Daniel Hicks by Elder Jasper Acker Pickens Co.AL <>
* Charles ACTON married Ophelia K. PAYNE 5/23/1909 in Shelby Co., AL. She is the daughter of William Kirkpatrick and Sarah Carter.<>
* Edward Martin ADAIR to Mary Bruce VARDAMAN 22 August 1852. Tallapoosa County, Alabama. <>
* Elijah / Elisha ADAMS married Malinda Caroline SCOTT August 24, 1849, Lauderdale Co. AL <>
* John ADAMS married Martha Jane PRICE April 3, 1852, Lauderdale Co. AL<>
* John ADAMS to Nancy HOWELL, Tallapoosa County, 8 Sep 1865, Wm. Porch, J.P., J. H. Beard, bondsman <>
* Joseph Mann ADAMS married Martha F. BOUCHER 22 Sept. 1852 Shelby County, Alabama Martha F Boucher was Martha Frances Morgan widow of Joseph Boucher. <>
* Joshua Doc ADAMS to Martha Ursula JOHNSTON 10 Apr 1827 Chambers Co AL<>
* John H. ADAMS (John Homer ADAMS) Married M. E. ALLEN (Martha Ella ALLEN)  on 12 October 1884 in Henry County, AL.  The ceremony was performed by Dan Gordon J.P. <> * Jno. W. ADAMS m Louiza V. DAVIDSON 11 Oct 1845/54 Benton / Calhoun Co., AL <>
* Lewis G. ADAMS married Laura M. ANTHONY on 8 March 1866 in Butler County, Alabama. <>
* Nipper ADAMS, III to Ann THOMAS 2 Dec 1826 Morgan Co., AL <>
* Nipper ADAMS, III to Harriet SELF 20 Nov 1830 Morgan Co., AL <>
* Oscar Lonnie ADAMS married Ida Elizabeth BALDWIN in Conecuh County, Ala. 2 December 1915. <>
* R. H. ADAMS and Lilly BOWLINE [BOLLING] probably Tuscaloosa/Bibb/Chilton area, September 14, 1902 (entry found in the notes of a Baptist minister by his grandson Eddie Ruddick at
* Simon M. ADAMS married Martha Ann MCEWEN on 16 Dec 1875 in Coosa Co., AL by A. G. Raines, Ordained Minister of the Gospel. Her parents were George Washington MCEWEN and Mary Catherine SEARS. <>
* William Franklin ADAMS married Cora AGEE on June 30, 1891 in Franklin County, Alabama. Daughter of William & Narcissa (Freeman) Agee. <>
* Wright H. ADAMS (b.1808, N.C.) married Anna Jane JONES (b.1817, N.C.) on March 8, 1836, in Montgomery Co., Alabama. Anna Janes JONES was the daughter of Reddick JONES . The couple settled in Lafayette Co., Mississippi, after 1838. <>
John William ADAWAY married Mary Ellen ISBELL on 1/20/1905 in AL <>
* William ADCOCK married on 12-08-1849 to Anna LAMBERT with Andrew Lambert as security and T. Burpe officiating, Monroe Co., AL.
* John ADCOCK married on 05-10-1839 to Elizabeth PITMAN with James E. Boyles as security and T. Burpe officiating, Monroe Co., AL.
* J. O. ADKINS & Lizzie GROSS, 05 Apr 1905, Wilcox Co., AL, <>
* Jasper M. O. AGEE to Martha Ann RODEN, November 21, 1878 Lawrence Co., AL. <>
* William Absalom AGEE married Narcissa Caroline FREEMAN on June 8, 1862 in Lawrence County, Alabama. <>
* James A. AGNEW to Susannah BUSBY 1826, Washington Co., AL <>
* Harold AHERN or AHEARN married Agnes H. LEE, daughter of George J. Lee, in Nov 1915 in Mobile County., AL <>
* J. C. AKINS married Sarah RICE in Walker Co, Al. 12/6/1882 <>
* J. H. ALDREDGE married Mary E. MATON in Walker Co, Al. 10/17/1878 <>
* George William ALDRIDGE married Margarell M. E. BAXLEY 9-8-1870 in Phoenix City, Alabama <>
* Nathaniel Madison ALDRIDGE married Martha Ann WOODARD on 01 Jul 1844 in Lawrence Co, Alabama, <> Click to visit site of submitter
* Alfred ALEXANDER to Christina HODGES abt. 1850 - Lowdnes Cty, or Calhoun Cty, AL <>
* J. B. ALEXANDER married I. E. COONER in Walker Co, Al. 10/6/1881 <>
* J.W. ALEXANDER married Laviny CAGLE in Walker Co, Al. 4/27/1879 <>
* Oliver F. ALEXANDER married Johnie Lula KING, 5 Sept 1909, Marshall County, Alabama. <>
* Robert M. ALEXANDER married Dorthula LAFEVERS in Lawrence County, Al after Nov. 12, 1881 marriage license was never signed. <>
* William B. ALEXANDER married Elizabeth SPRINGFIELD in St. Clair County, AL on Dec 24, 1852 <>
* William B. ALEXANDER married Frances LAWRENCE in Morgan County, Al on Mar. 1, 1882 <>
* W. O. ALEXANDER - Virginia GUNTER - 9 May 1909 - Blount Co., AL
* J. W. ALLBRITTIAN married Mary E. TAYLOR 11/8/1891, Blount Co., AL. <>
* John ALLEANST to Margaret E. NARRAMORE 12-Apr-1843 at Montgomery Co., AL by Robert PARKER, J.P. <>
* James Anderson ALLEN married Mary Alston ROBINSON in December 5,1865 in Robinsons Springs, which was in Elmore County, AL. This came from a Bible that was on microfilm in the archives in Montgomery. Seeking a marriage record. <>
* James Sexton ALLEN married Martha E. VICKERS on 25 Dec 1850 in Tallapoosa, (County?), Alabama <>
* Jeremiah ALLEN married Carolina RICE in Walker Co, Al. 8/27/1881 <>
* John ALLEN - Tabitha MONEY - 26 Nov 1848 - Montgomery Co., AL - pg. 469, by Lewis Jackson, J. P.
* John ALLEN md. Ann SIMMONS 5/2/1825, Lawrence County, AL <>
* John ALLEN m. Calista Elizabeth ? sometime in the 19th century, county unknown. John Allen was listed in the 1850 census at age 22 in Alabama, Northern District #35. And he is my great grandfather! Any information you may be able to provide would be greatly appeciated. <>
* John ALLEN md. Ann SIMMONS 5/2/1825, Lawrence County, AL <>
* J. W. ALLEN married M.A. SELF in Walker Co, Al. 4/10/1881 <>
* Matthew T. ALLEN (Matthew Tolbert ALLEN) married Mourning F. BLACKSHEAR (Frances Mourning BLACKSHEAR) on 06 January 1853 in Henry County, AL. The ceremony was performed by W. E. Owens.  <>
* T. M. ALLEN married Mary Catherine HILL on 11/9/1899 in Coosa Co., AL <>
* George Washington ALVERSON m: Elizabeth (-?) HARRIS [2nd marriage for Elizabeth] on 6/11/1893 with A.A. Prisdy as security and R.W. Corris M.G. officiating, in St. Clair Co., AL. <>
* William ALLEN (William Tolbert ALLEN) married E. J. BARBER (Eliza Jane BARBER) on 03 January 1878 in Henry County, AL.  The Ceremony was performed by E. W. Knawls. <>
* Stephen C. ALLGOOD - Martha E. JONES - 12/16/1858 - Blount Co., AL - vol. D, pg. 157, by William N. Crump
* David Richard ALLISON married Emma Jane RIDDLE- 4 Oct 1887 in Coosa County, Alabama <>
* Dempsey ALLISON married Arlissa UNKNOWN- 1868 in Coosa County, Alabama <>
* Homer Dewey ALLISON married Mary Frances MURPHEE-28 Aug 1938 in Birmingham, Alabama <>
* James Alexander ALLISON m. Sarah Queen Ellen SALTER 2 May 1867 in Monroe County, AL. From Family Bible <>
* James Alexander ALLISON m. Callie TOLBERT 9 Nov. 1880 in Monroe County <>
* James Madison ALLISON married Nancy Elizabeth ROBERSON-4 Oct 1887 in St. Clair County, Alabama <>
* John Felix ALLISON married Myrtle CATES-22 Jan 1920 in Birmingham, Alabama <>
* Jonathan Baugh ALLISON m. Lucinda Eliza MOODY 12 July 1832 in St. Clair County. Family Bible <>
* Mack Edwin ALLISON married Sarah Elizabeth MASON-1 Dec 1923 in Birmingham, Alabama <>
* William Jackson ALLISON married Adele Emily Margaret GORFF- 28 Aug 1929 in Birmingham, Alabama,>
* Andrew ALLRED married Delilah COX 3/27/1843, Blount Co., AL. <>
* Andrew ALLRED married Latitia YIELDING 10 August, 1827 Blount County, Alabama. <>
* Carl ALLRED - Eva HARPER - Dec 16, 1917 - Cullman Co., AL - bk. 12, pg. 420
* James ALLRED - Eliza Ann HARPER -Mar 29, 1883 - Cullman Co., AL - bk. 1, pg. 368
* Lemuel Alec. ALLRED md. Delitha MURHREE, Nov. 20 1856 Blount county Al. <>
* Lemuel Alec. ALLRED md.#2 Jane CHILDERS, 1872 Lawrence county Al. <>
* Matthew ALLRED - Wash GUNTER - 9 Oct 1856 - Blount Co., AL - vol. D, pg. 696
* Anderson ALLUMS m Elizabeth LINDSAY, 05/05/1869, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* Lorenzo E. ALLUMS m Sarah E SWANNER, 02/24/1860, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* Floyd ALLUMS m Charloot BEASLEY, 09/29/1842, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* Diego ALVAREZ married Hypolitte WEATHERS on 22 Dec 1823 in Mobile County, Alabama
* Abner ALVIS married M. S. BLACKSTONE in Walker Co, Al. 11/27/1881 <>
* Henry J. ALVIS married Flora A. THOMAS 7/27/1890, Cullman Co., AL. <>AL.
* Joe AMASON-- Hannah DAVIS- -Sept. 10,1882, Sumpter Co., AL <>
* M. M. AMERSON married Martha J. NELSON in Walker Co, Al. 2/23/1882 <>
* Bud ANDERS married Lizzie Love WATT in Walker Co, Al. 10/30/1881 <>
* Andrew M. ANDERSON to Ada MIDDLETON 24 Oct 1859 in Monroe Co., AL <>
* C. R ANDERSON to Matilda A. FALKENBERY, 19 Sep 1866, [Monroe Co. Ala.] <>
* David A. ANDERSON married Dyanthia Belle HOOD on 30 Apr 1843 in Tallapoosa Co., AL <>
* Ernest ANDERSON to Ruth Maybelle STREET April 19, 1925 Etowah County, AL <>
* Gregory ANDERSON  to Lewser MENSHAW on December 28, 1851  Barbour County Any information will be appreciated <>
* James William ANDERSON married Elizabeth LOTT, December 28, 1843, Benton County, Alabama by D. W. Ledbetter. <>
* Joel ANDERSON to Jane MIDDLETON, 1 Aug 1838, Monroe Co., Ala. <>
* Mathew ANDERSON to Drucilla B. ROSS, 3 Jan 1833, Lowndes Co., Ala. <>
* Robert ANDERSON & Harriett WOFFORD, 03 May 1871, Etowah Co., AL, <>
* Roper ANDERSON married Dorothy Mae RUE, Butler County, AL (1947--1949 A-5 Butler County, Marriage Records page 157) <>
* Seaborn ANDERSON to Lavina SELLERS, 22 Dec 1844, Lowndes Co., Ala. <>
* William Harrison ANDERSON married Susan Catherine FINDLEY on December 2, 1877 in Jefferson County, Alabama at William Tyler's(?) The preacher was W.J. Lee, M.G. <>
* W. B. ANDERSON married Mamie HUMPHREY on 10 Jan 1889, recorded in Madison, AL (posted to Humphrey-L by Gene Wagner)
* Berry ANDERTON married Nancy THOMAS 9/30/1862, Blount Co., AL. <>
* Fred ANDERTON married Ida Leigh HURST in December 1917, in Florence, Alabama. <>
* Felix ANDRY married Ceoline DUFRENNE on 06 Feb 1824 in Mobile County, Alabama
* William G. ANDREWS married Linnie BLEDSOE on Sept. 18, 1890 in Limestone Co, Alabama <>
* Mathew B. ANGER married Margaret TARVIN on 27 Apr 1813 in Mobile County, Alabama
* Joaquim ANTUNES married Mary GIRARD on 27 Aug 1823 in Mobile County, Alabama
* Annual ARANT married Mary Ann CHAMBERLAIN on Jan. 18, 1844 page 117 Russell County , Al. Marriage records 1834-1886 married by Brant Ducan. <JMRGN144@AOL.COM>
* Jacob ARBOUGH to Sally WINN on 06 Sept, 1817, in Madison Co, AL. <>
* John ARCHER married Sabrina C. DAVIS on 11 Mar 1824 in Mobile County, Alabama.
* Jacob ARNOLD m. Elizabeth LABOROUS on August 14, 1841 in Henry Co., AL. <>
* George H. ARMSTEAD married Lucinda A. SELLERS on 4/11/1860 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* James ARMSTRONG md Martha SIMONS 4/6/1854, Lawrence County, AL <>
* Jesse T. ARMSTRONG married Mary Elizabeth YARBOROUGH-5 Feb 1880 in Birmingham, Alabama <>
* John Bell ARMSTRONG married Rosa Melinda WILSON at Dora, AL on September 27,1923. <>
* J. J. ARMSTRONG married Alice CULWELL 5/16/1886, Blount Co., AL. <>
* Nathaniel W. ARMSTRONG married Salina J. HUMPHREY on1 Mar 1853, recorded in Chambers Co., AL Salina's mother was Louisa HUMPHREY. (posted to Humphrey-L by Gene Wagner)
* William John ARMSTRONG married Susan Rebecca JULIAN in Lowndes Co. AL <>
* Amos ARRINGTON m Sarah C. COLE, 05/22/1851,in Barbour Co., AL <>
* Forest H. ARRINGTON married 21 Sept 1889, Mobile, to Elizah BUSBY, born 1853, Mobile. Michael Lee Busby is seeking information on these family lines; please contact Michael if you know something.
* Francis M. ARRINGTON m Sarah E. STEPHENS, in Barbour Co., AL 06/14/1854, <>
* James ARRINGTON m Margaret E. SMITH, 08/14/1867, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* James E. ARRINGTON m Martha STEED, 1868, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* Thomas ARRINGTON m Catherine P. ROBERTS, 06/11/1878, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* William R. ARRINGTON m Seney DIKES, 03/21/1841, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* Charles D. ARTHUR married Lucinda BALL on 7/23/1833 in Talladega Co., AL <>
* Freelen Wesley ARTHUR married Olga Irene BELL, 06 January 1905 in Pickens Co., AL <>
* George ARY married C. C. HERRON in Walker Co, Al. 5/4/1879 <>
* M. E. ARY married Louisa J. FOSTER in Walker Co, Al. 2/18/1879 <>
* John Franklin ASHCRAFT married on 14 Oct 1875 to Margaret Elizabeth WILSON, born ca 1854, AL, daughter of John Wilson and Hulda Hughes <>
* Orman Knox ASHCRAFT to Twillie Grant SHELTON 28 Oct 1928 Fayette Co AL<>
* Thomas ASHCRAFT to Sarah Sally VAILS 18 May 1873 Fayette Co AL<>
* Samuel G. ASHTON married Sarah Amanda TUCKER on 27 October 1856 in St. Clair Co., AL, <>.
* George W. ASSEY married Jarusha MORRIS in Walker Co, Al. 7/19/1882 <>
* James Oliver ATTAWAY married Sara Nell CADDELL on 1 Sep 1962, Winfield, Marion Co., AL <>
* Joshua ATKINS married Georgia A. BURTON in Walker Co, Al. 6/13/1881 <>
* R. A. ATKINS married Nancy M. GOODWIN in Walker Co, Al. 3/1/1883 <>
* Thomas J. AKINS married Sarah A. SWAN in Walker Co, Al. 4/24/1879 <>
* Daniel O. ATKINSON married Mary Cassandra DRAPER on November 6, 1871 in Morgan County, Alabama. <>
* Frans A ATKINSON married Emily C BROWN 22 Feb 1843 in Talledega Co., AL <>
* Robert R. ATKINSON and Martha Jane KEENER, daughter of Abram and Elizabeth Keener were married 12 September, 1861 Chilton Co., AL <>
* William I. ATKINSON married Joe A. SELLERS (Miss) on 12/25/1900 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* William AUSTIN married Marcia STODDER on 25 Nov 1824 in Mobile County, Alabama
* James Elbert AUSTON married Virgie Pastola (KINSAUL) KINSEL, on July 28, 1904, Geneva, Geneva County, AL (
* William Jefferson AUSTON married Ollie Leona (KINSAUL) KINSEL, on May 3, 1908, Geneva, Geneva County, AL <>
* G. B. AVERY to Annie Lou SANDS on 5 Jan 1907 in Chamber Co <>
* J. F. AVERY married Ola HOLLEY on 8 Jan 1905 in Houston Co., AL. Book 1 page 221. <>
* W. G. AVERY married Victoria BRACKIN on 26 Nov 1908 in Houston Co., AL. Book 2 page 167. <>
* William Walter AVERY married Mamie HOOPER 19 Dec 1909 in Houston Co., AL. Book 2 page 365. <>
* James AYCOCK married Martha ALEXANDER in Morgan County, Al on Jan 15, 1873. <>
* William H. AYCOCK married Sarah MORROW (Daughter of Jasper Morrow and Martha Sandlin) on 9 Nov 1887 in Cullman County, Alabama <>

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